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HELLO FROM OUR BOYS; Squaddies send millennium messages to their loved ones.

BRAVE Scottish squaddies are stationed all over the globe, serving in areas as diverse as South Georgia, Kosovo, East Timor and Kuwait.

Often part of a multi-national force, they are helping to keep the peace as this new millennium kicks in.

And to celebrate the new millennium, they have sent message to their loved ones through the Daily Record.

Army spokeswoman Lesley Edgar said: "It's very sad that Scottish soldiers are apart from families and loved ones at this time of year. But they know they are doing an important job. It's heartening to know they haven't been forgotten by those back home."

In Kosovo, the Nato-led KFOR - Kosovo Peace Implementation Force - is helping to restore that country's institutions.

Elsewhere in the Balkans, the NATO-led SFOR - Stabilisation Force for Bosnia - is keeping a fragile peace.

Soldiers on Cyprus are still supervising the 1974 ceasefire between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Gurkhas were among the first troops to enter East Timor after the independence referendum.

In Northern Ireland, some 10,000 soldiers are watching over the Province.

Our forces are also currently stationed in the Falkland Islands, Kuwait, Germany, Belize, Brunei and North America and Canada.

Gibraltar is also a British outpost, guarded and staffed all year round, and a small team of soldiers remain in Kenya.

Here are some of their loving messages home ...GNR BARRIE GIBSON, 18, of the 40th Regt RA stationed in Bosnia, sends this message to his mum, Elaine, in Irvine. He says: "Hello to mum, dad and the gang."

LCPL PAUL ORZA, 27, of the RLC in Bosnia, says hello to his brothers, Peter, Andy and Craig, in Carluke, Lanakshire. He says: "I'll be thinking of you when I'm skiing in Austria."

SCG SCOTT DUFFY, 20, serving with the 259 SIG SQN in Cyprus, told mum, Janice Duffy, in Glasgow: "See you this month. Love, Scott."

LCPL SOLENA JANE COOPER, 26, of the IA and SH in Bosnia, sends best wishes to her family and friends in Dunoon. She says: "Thanks for the letters and parcels. Have a pint ready, I'll be home soon."

CFN DAVID WILLIAM FORBES, 20, of the 38 Engr Regt (REME) in Kosovo, sends his love to his girlfriend, Elaine Marrs, in Airdrie. He says: "I love and miss you loads. Love from David."

CPL DAVID THOMSON, 31, with the 1KOSB Regt in Cyrus, had this message for his parents, John and Agnes Thomson, in Airdrie. He says: "I'll see you in 2000. David. Hello to all in Greenairs."

CPL JAMES BATES, 28, with REME/MTW in the Falklands, sends this message to his dad in Bladnoch. He says: "Have a great time, I'll see you soon."

PTE RACHAEL BLAKE, 19, serving in Bosnia with the RLC 32 SQN, sends this message to her family in Kyle of Lochalsh. She says: "Have a great New Year. Thinking of you all. All my love, Rachel."

SGT STEPHEN BAIN, 29, in Bosnia with the Royal Military Police JAJCE, sends his message to his family in Barrhead, Glasgow. He says: "Wishing you the best. Sorry I wasn't with you to celebrate."

PTE STEPHEN TIMMERMAN, 19, in Bosnia with the RLC 3AFA, sends this message to his mum, June Anderson, in Glasgow. He says: "Your little boy's okay and hopes to be home soon."

CPL BRUCE GRANT, 36, with the RE in Kosovo, sends his love to his girlfriend Tracey and son Connor, in Glasgow. He says: "Looking forward to a great millennium with you and Connor. Lots of love and kisses to you both."

L/BDR STEPHEN CARRUTHERS, 27, in Bosnia with the 40 Regt RA, sends his millennium message to his sister Bev, in Lockerbie. He says: "Keep the beer cold for me. All my love to everyone there."

CPL ANDREW MURRAY, 26, in Germany with the Military Police, remembers his grandparents in Dumfries with this message. He says: "We will see you later this year with our new bouncing baby."

SIG MICHAEL SCHEIDECKER, 20, in South Georgia with the Royal Signals, sends his message to his girlfriend Julie Savage, in Bathgate. He says: "Life without you is unbearable. I love you, miss you need you, Mickey."

GDSM KEVIN BALFOUR,18, in Northern Ireland with the Scots Guards, sends his message to his sister Danielle, in Lochore. He says: "To wee Danielle and the whole family from Kev - happy New Year."

L/BOC LINDSAY IRVING, 27, is in Bosnia with the 40 Regt RA and has these best wishes for his mum, Lorna, dad, Dougie and wife, Mags, in Annan. He says: "See you soon. All the best for 2000 and take care. Love you all."

PTE EUAN BAIRD, 28, with the RAMC in Kosovo, sends this message to his parents, Brian and Christine, in Barrhead. He says: "Hi there, Basil and Tina. Thinking of you both. God bless. Euan."

CFN GARY CUNNINGTON, 21, out in Kosovo with the REME /19MBSS, sends a message to his girlfriend Linsey Ferguson in, Eastriggs near Annan. He says: "To my darling Linsey, see you very soon lots of love Gary."

SSGT AMANDA JANE CRAIG, 32, serving in Kosovo with the AGC(SPS) 38 Engr Regt, sends her message to her mum and family in Hamilton. She says: "Happy New Year. Lots of love from Amanda Jane."

GNR PHILIP SALKELD, 20, in Bosnia with the 40 Regt RA, has this messsage for his wife Brenda in Livingston. He says: "Hi Honey, hope you and Adele are okay. Lots of love, Phil."

CFN BILLY WHITE, 20, in Bosnia with REME, sends his millennium message to his wife and parents in Hamilton. He says: "To my wife Alex, I can't wait to come home and see you."

SGT STEPHEN FIDDES, 41, and his fiancee ROBERTA, are both serving in Gibraltar and they had this message for Stephen's parents in Helensburgh. They say: "See you in October."

The Scots Guards are currently stationed in Northern Ireland

The King's Own Scottish Borderers are in Cyprus and the Falklands

The Royal Highland Fusiliers are in Germany as part of the RRF

The Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders are in Kenya to train
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