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HEE HAW SEX FOR DAN THE DONKEY; Tiny stud given a break.

Byline: Bob Dow

A TINY donkey will be getting hee-haw sex after being worn out by a string of conquests.

Danny Boy, a miniature donkey who stands only 33 inches tall, has been moved to Edinburgh Zoo after breeding with every female at his previous home.

The dad-of-seven has been a star stud at Blackpool Zoo as part of their breeding programme.

But in a bid to give him a breather, he will be resting north of the Border until September.

Edinburgh Zoo education officer Alan Gordon, who showed off the dark brown donkey yesterday, said: 'He is having a break from all his ladies.'

But the nine-year-old beast has found a new set of fans, with hundreds of children who love the Donkey character in the Shrek films queueing up to see him.

While miniature donkeys are almost extinct on their native Mediterranean island homes of Sicily and Sardinia, they have proved to be very popular as pets in the USA and Canada.

Top breeds can sell for more than pounds 2000 a time and the smaller the donkey, the more they cost.

Iain Valentine, head of animals and education at Edinburgh Zoo, said: 'He may be small but Danny Boy is a hugely important little donkey and I know visitors will enjoy seeing him.'

And referring to Srek, he said: 'I'm just hoping no lone Scottish ogres take a fancy to him and whisk him far, far away on a quest for a princess.'

Miniature donkeys are one of the most affectionate, social and friendly animals of their kind.

They grow to an average height of 34 inches and live for up to 30 years.

The most common colour for the miniature donkey is grey with a black cross running over their shoulders.

Legends suggest this cross is a sign the donkeys have been touched by God.

Danny will join Jack the pygmy goat, and Bailey and Marble the miniature llamas as one of the zoo's top attractions.


SEX MACHINE: Danny is shown off by Edinburgh Zoo's Alan Gordon
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 4, 2004
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