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 BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Hauser Chemical Research Inc. (NASDAQ: HAUS) announced today it has opened its new state-of-the- art flavor production facility at Hauser Park in Weld County, Colo. The new facility was designed and built to meet the projected market demand for Hauser's unique flavor extracts. Hauser will transfer the production of 10 current flavor extracts to the new facility immediately. Eight new flavor extracts, including spices and pepper, will be introduced by Hauser's marketing partner, Tastemaker, this month. Over 50 other flavor extracts are in development. Natural flavors, currently the fastest growing area of business at Hauser, are sold to a variety of markets including ready-to-drink beverages.
 Hauser has a long term arrangement to develop and manufacture natural flavor extracts for Tastemaker, the fifth largest flavor company worldwide. Tastemaker supplies high quality flavors for any application in the food and beverage industry and provides expertise in marketing, distribution, applications and sensory technology. Tastemaker and Hauser are currently negotiating to strengthen and extend their contract.
 The new 33,000 square foot processing plant will accommodate Hauser's rapidly growing flavor business for the next several years. Hauser's chief executive officer, Dr. Dean Stull commented, "It is very advantageous to the growth of our flavor business to have sufficient space designed for our proprietary technology. It will enhance our effectiveness and speed up the development of the many exciting new natural flavors." Hauser's technology is ideally suited for flavors because it captures virtually all of the comn?ents of a flavor, including the volatile "top notes."
 According to David Martin, Hauser's general manager of Flavors Production, "We estimate we will need over 30 employees at the new flavor facility within a year. The facility is the first commercial building constructed according to new building codes in Weld County and was designed to ensure a safe and efficient work environment."
 Hauser is the leader in specialty products from natural sources using its proprietary technologies. In addition to natural flavor extracts for the food and beverage industries, Hauser produces natural compounds for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary applications. Hauser is the only commercial producer of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) bulk Taxol for cancer treatment. Hauser also recently announced two National Institutes of Health grants for continuation of work on compounds under study as potential AIDS treatments. Additionally, the company provides interdisciplinary laboratory testing services, chemical engineering services and contract research and development through Hauser Laboratories. The company is based in Boulder.
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 /CONTACT: Dean P. Stull or the Investor Relations Department of Hauser Chemical Research, 303-443-4662/

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