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HAPSITE chemical ID system a boost for Inficon

DeWITT - Inficon's (SWX Swiss Exchange SWX Swiss Exchange

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) chemical-identification system continued bringing in revenue for the company on Oct. 6.

The firm, which develops and manufactures a variety of instruments, sensors, and software, announced on that day an order for its HAPSITE HAPSITE Hazardous Air Pollutants on Site (field portable gas chromatograph mass spectrometer)  Chemical Identification System that extends an ongoing relationship with the Department of Defense.

The order is worth $1.65 million. Inficon's HAPSITE system is a portable product that provides on-site detection and analysis of toxic chemicals in air, soil, and water.

The Defense Department uses the system to detect chemical-warfare agents and other toxic materials in the field.

"This significant order illustrates the importance of HAPSITE for U.S. military preparedness," Peter Maier, president of Inficon's intelligent sensor An intelligent sensor takes some predefined action when it senses the appropriate input (light, heat, sound, motion, touch, etc.). Description
The sensor has to do the following tasks:
  • Give a digital signal.
  • Be able to communicate the signal.
 solutions business unit, said in a news release. "We are pleased to extend our relationship with the [Defense Department] and gratified grat·i·fy  
tr.v. grat·i·fied, grat·i·fy·ing, grat·i·fies
1. To please or satisfy: His achievement gratified his father. See Synonyms at please.

 by the confidence they have in our technology, which can be applied for life-saving decisions."

Inficon received a $2.6 million order from the Defense Department for HAPSITE units in April. The units went to the U.S. Air Force for use in conducting health-risk assignments at military installations throughout the world.

Inficon sells HAPSITE units to the military, state and city governments, and to other private and public-sector organizations.

In December, Inficon announced a deal with the Chinese government's environmental-protection agency for 38 HAPSITE units. Another order for 19 units followed in July.

The new units were used for emergency response in areas affected by the recent earthquake in China's Sichuan Province. Others were used in providing security for the Olympics, according to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.


Inficon saw demand for HAPSITE systems from the United States and Europe during the second quarter of 2008 as well, CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  Lukas Winkler Winkler may refer to:
  • Winkler, Manitoba, a Canadian city
  • Winkler (novel), by Giles Coren
  • Winkler (crater), a crater on the Moon
  • Winkler (surname), people with the surname Winkler or Winckler
See also
 said in a July conference call. The products are being used for applications in both security and environmental monitoring, he added.

Inficon will release its third-quarter results Oct. 21.

The company expects strong sales of HAPSITE systems to continue for the rest of the year, Winkler said.

In addition, the company recently introduced a new version of the HAPSITE system with improved software. The system is now easier and less expensive to use, according to Inficon.

"We believe these innovations will allow us to continue expanding our customer base in both emergency response and environmental monitoring," Winkler said.

Overall, sales in the company's emergency-response and security market, which includes HAPSITE, rose more than 38 percent in the second quarter to $6.8 million. Sales in Inficon's other markets grew in the period as well, with sales to the general-vacuum market rising more than 33 percent to $31 million.

The general-vacuum market is the largest chunk of Inficon's business and includes sales of instrumentation to companies and other customers that use vacuum technology in areas like research and development and life sciences.

Sales in the semi-conductor and vacuum-coating market, which involves sales of instruments to companies like semi-conductor manufacturers, rose about 17 percent to $22.9 million. And sales in Inficon's refrigeration refrigeration, process for drawing heat from substances to lower their temperature, often for purposes of preservation. Refrigeration in its modern, portable form also depends on insulating materials that are thin yet effective.  and air-conditioning business, which includes sales of products like leak detectors used in quality control, jumped 8 percent to $10.5 million.

The firm earned $7.6 million in the second quarter, up more than 37 percent from $5.5 million last year. Earnings per share in the period totaled $3.52, compared with $2.33 a year ago.

Sales for the quarter were $71 million, up 24 percent from $57.2 million in the second quarter of 2007. The company is headquartered in DeWitt and Switzerland, with other sites throughout the world.

"Our HAPSITE business was the most significant single factor driving Inficon's success last quarter," Winkler said.

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