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Gunmen kill three at Syrian TV news channel.

Summary: Terrorists have stormed pro-government news channel Al-Ikhbariya in Syria Syria (sēr`ēə), officially Syrian Arab Republic, republic (2005 est. pop. 18,449,000), 71,467 sq mi (185,100 sq km), W Asia. It borders on Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea in the west, on Turkey in the northwest and north, on Iraq in the , planting explosives The law of explosives covers dangerously volatile substances, including gasoline, oil, dynamite, and blasting caps filled with highly explosive compounds. Under the Police Power given to the states through the Tenth Amendment to the U.S.  and killing three employees.

At least three people have been killed after gunmen stormed a pro-government news channel in Syria.

The terrorists ransacked ran·sack  
tr.v. ran·sacked, ran·sack·ing, ran·sacks
1. To search or examine thoroughly.

2. To search carefully for plunder; pillage.
 the headquarters of Al-Ikhbariya, damaging studios and completely destroying the newsroom, before planting explosives in the satellite channel's building.

State media said: "Three colleagues were killed as a result of the brutal terrorist attack," but did not give details as to how the employees died.

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Publication:Independent Television News Limited (ITN)
Date:Jun 27, 2012
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