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Gunman shot him twice in the head then yelled, you're not so tough now are you? THE DON ASSASSINATED: DAUGHTER WITNESSES SHOOTING.


SLAIN crime lord Eamon Dunne was taunted by his killers seconds before they riddled him with bullets.

His masked gunman mocked: "You're not so tough now," before opening fire with his semi-automatic 9mm handgun.

The gangster, 34, whose 17-year-old daughter is also believed to have been in the pub, was the most feared criminal of his generation.

He was top dog in one of North Dublin's most notorious gangs and controlled a huge chunk of Ireland's drug trade.

Dunne, who was responsible for more than a dozen gangland murders and the robbery of a string of cash-in-transit vans, was shot dead in the Fassaugh House in Cabra in north-west Dublin on Friday night. One of Dunne's bodyguards was sitting near him when the shooting started, but he stayed rooted to the spot.

Other members of his trusted gang were drinking in a different pub in nearby Finglas.

The two masked killers walked into the lounge at 10pm and singled Dunne out.

One of the killers ordered drinkers in the packed pub to stay down while the second approached Dunne, calling out: "You're not so tough now."

The first gunman opened fire blasting Dunne - who was also known as The Don - in the head several times. Once his magazine was empty, the second gunman approached the stricken Dunne and delivered another round of shots.

One underworld source told the Irish Sunday Mirror: "They were sitting at a table known as the cross. It is a long wooden table. Most of Dunne's own gang were drinking at the Jolly Toper in Finglas. He had his right-hand man sitting near him. The right-hand man sat there when the shooting started. After the gunmen escaped he ran out of the bar. He was s****** himself."

The two killers escaped in a silver saloon car about the size of a Volkswagen Passat or a Ford Mondeo. Gardai do not know which way the men escaped.

A third member of the gang remained in the car as the hit took place.

The source continued: "It was an inside job. Anyone sitting in that bar could have sent the text message to arrange the hit. It is easy enough to get your hands on a gun in this town. The murder looks highly professional, but more than likely it was a couple of junkies full of cocaine.

"That's how Dunne himself arranged murders. He would offer a junkie EUR2,000 and an ounce of cocaine for a hit. If you didn't take the contract he would have you killed instantly.

"Dunne wasn't the type of fella you could say no to. He was a complete scumbag." The source said that two notorious criminals who cannot be named for legal reasons were seen driving past the Fassaugh House just minutes after the murder.

The insider added: "I saw them in their car driving from Finglas. I was a bit surprised that they were not at the party inside the Fassaugh House. I don't know who would have ordered the hit, but the list would be as long as your arm.

"Dunne had a lot of enemies. I suppose it had to happen at some time. The guy was pure filth. He took over from Marno Hyland.

"I don't know why all you called him Marlo because he was Marno. Marno helped lots of people around the area, but Dunne was an animal, an absolute psychopath. I don't think that very many people will mourn his passing.

"His family might be sore but they have to remember that there are an awful lot of other families in mourning because Dunne had ordered a hit.

"This murder is massive. Everyone knew that it was going to happen at some stage, but Dunne always seemed to have a sixth sense which kept him safe. Paul Farmer Martin tried twice to kill him, but it was Dunne who managed to have Farmer killed first."

Superintendent Sean Ward of Mountjoy Garda station is leading the investigation into the murder.

He said: "Shortly after 10pm on Friday a silver car pulled up outside the Fassaugh House on Fassaugh Avenue in Cabra. Two men got out of the car and went into the lounge. The two men were wearing balaclavas. A number of shots were discharged and an individual died at the scene.

"Gardai were alerted immediately and senior officers took charge of the scene. The scene was preserved for a technical examination and a murder investigation was launched.

"The body has been removed to the City Morgue in Marino for a post-mortem. The State Pathologist's Office has also been informed.

"We want to talk to anybody who was in the Fassaugh House between 8pm and 10.30pm on Friday.

"Also we want to speak with anyone who was in the Fassaugh Avenue area between 8.30pm and 10pm."

Detectives from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation have been called in to help with the investigation.

Already, officers are downloading CCTV footage to determine which direction the killers came from and where they escaped.

The getaway car has not yet been found and gardai have been warned to look for any burnt-out cars. Also, they have yet to recover the murder weapons.

Yesterday, members of Dunne's family laid flowers at the scene of the his death.

But locals in Cabra were less forgiving. One said: "He had it coming. He was asking to be get killed. Anytime you would see him he would have at least a couple bodyguards with him. He would also normally have a bullet-proof vest on him.

"But a vest isn't much good when someone is shooting you in the head."

The crime lord from Dunsoughly Drive in Finglas was feared in the Dublin north-west area. As well as fellow criminals, the gangster would threaten journalists and photographers who would work on his story.

Forensic officers working at the scene have recovered up to a dozen shell casings ejected from the handguns as the killers riddled Dunne with bullets.

Another eyewitness said: "It was over in a matter of seconds. It is only by the grace of god that no one else was killed. They certainly knew who they were looking for."


Cloak and dagger... Eamon Dunne leaves Court in Dublin last month Heavies... Dunne always had at least two bodyguards Cold comfort... Two girls embrace after leaving flowers and cards with gardai at the scene where Dunne was shot Floral tribute... A woman weeps as she leaves flowers and with a garda at the Fassaugh House bar Remain calm... A garda ushers family and friends at the scene as a murder investigation is launched Fine tooth comb... Gardai outside the Faussagh House in Cabra, Dublin, yesterday, after leading organised crime figure Eamon Dunne was gunned down by masked assassins
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 25, 2010
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