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Greenhouse gas reduction.

The Environment Secretariat announced that it will establish a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM 1. CDM - Content Data Model
2. CDM - Code Division Multiplexing
) office as part of its obligation to reduce greenhouse gas greenhouse gas
Any of the atmospheric gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

greenhouse gas 
 emissions under the Kyoto Protocol Kyoto Protocol: see global warming. . The office will promote investment in projects involving renewable energy Renewable energy utilizes natural resources such as sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal heat, which are naturally replenished. Renewable energy technologies range from solar power, wind power, and hydroelectricity to biomass and biofuels for transportation. , energy efficiency, fuel switching or carbon sequestration sequestration

In law, a writ authorizing a law-enforcement official to take into custody the property of a defendant in order to enforce a judgment or to preserve the property until a judgment is rendered.
 in the forestry sector.

The estimated market value of CDM projects between 2008 and 2012 is US$500 million, based upon a projected reduction of 81 million tons, and will support the government's sustainable development Sustainable development is a socio-ecological process characterized by the fulfilment of human needs while maintaining the quality of the natural environment indefinitely. The linkage between environment and development was globally recognized in 1980, when the International Union  efforts.

The federal government formed a committee--consisting of representatives from several secretariats, including Energy, Agriculture, Economy and Communications and Transportation--to study and promote greenhouse gas reduction. In addition, the Canadian government and the World Bank will work with Mexico on the design and operation of the CDM office.


According to the World Resources Institute Founded in 1982, the World Resources Institute (WRI) is an environmental think tank based in Washington, D.C. WRI is an independent, non-partisan and nonprofit organization with a staff of more than 100 scientists, economists, policy experts, business analysts, statistical , the CDM was created as part of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 to lower the overall cost of reducing greenhouse gas emissions released to the atmosphere and to support sustainable development initiatives within developing countries.

The basic principle of the CDM is to allow developed countries to invest in low-cost opportunities in developing countries and receive credit for the resulting emissions reductions.

Since many abatement opportunities are less expensive in developing countries, this increases the economic efficiency of achieving initial reductions in emissions. Because greenhouse gas emissions contribute equally to climate change irrespective of where they occur, the impact on the global environment is the same--hence the international cooperation on this domestic issue.

Edward M. Ranger is the only U.S. environmental lawyer licensed to practice in Mexico. Comments may be directed to
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Title Annotation:Clean Development Mechanism
Author:Ranger, Edward M.
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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