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Great Plains Software Delivers Two Choices to Customers: DOS Upgrade or Windows Migration; Great Plains Accounting Version 8 Includes New Module; Dynamics LAN Migration Moves Key Data to Windows.

FARGO, N.D.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- April 3, 1995 -- Great Plains Software today released two major products that deliver on its long standing commitment to its installed base.

As a result of parallel development efforts, two options are now available to legacy Great Plains Accounting customers Great Plains Accounting Version 8 and migration to Dynamics LAN Release 2.0. Great Plains continues development and support of its award-winning DOS product line, Great Plains Accounting, with a major upgrade and new module. As an alternative for its installed base, Great Plains now furnishes a path to Windows with the Dynamics LAN Migration Kit. The kit converts DOS Great Plains Accounting data to Dynamics LAN, its Windows accounting software solution.

"These two product options provide our customers more choices than ever before. The Version 8 upgrade gives Great Plains Accounting customers added flexibility and functionality to further increase their productivity," says Sherri Bellefeuille, Product Marketing Manager for the Middle Market. "For those Great Plains Accounting customers ready to move their accounting systems to Windows, the Dynamics LAN Migration Kit protects their investment in key financial data."

Great Plains Accounting Version 8

Great Plains Accounting Version 8, now shipping for DOS, is highlighted by a new module, more full-featured printing and reporting capabilities, and more than 100 performance and feature enhancements which focus on usability as well as system and accounting functionality.

The new Window Editor module provides system-wide flexibility by allowing master record and transaction entry windows to be modified. This includes the ability to alter, move and remove prompts, such as changing the term "Customer" to "Client" on the Customer Maintenance window, and the ability to rearrange and hide data fields on data entry windows. Default values, such as a discount amount in Order Entry, can be set throughout the system to save repetitive data entry.

"The Window Editor provides the flexibility customers have requested to customize the software to fit their businesses," reports Judy Thomas, Manager, The TM Group in Michigan. "It helps them increase the efficiency of data entry by cutting down on the number of keystrokes needed to complete a given transaction."

More than 100 product enhancements have been implemented in Version 8, improving all modules in the Great Plains Accounting product line, with major enhancements to System Manager, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Inventory. Overall system enhancements include quick inquiry, mouse support and network print queues, providing greater usability.

Dynamics LAN Migration Kit

Great Plains Software is now shipping the DOS Great Plains Accounting to Dynamics LAN Migration Kit, and will release the Macintosh Great Plains Accounting to Dynamics LAN Migration Kit in April. Using the Migration Kit, customers can transfer data, including all setup and master files, plus General Ledger history, from Great Plains Accounting to Dynamics LAN, the most widely used Windows accounting system. Now on Release 2, Dynamics has leading market share in the Windows environment with more than 2,000 customer installations.

"Our customers are ready to move their accounting systems to Windows," reports Anne Fosse, President, The Micro Group Inc. in Minneapolis, MN. "With the steadily increasing number of businesses using or planning their move to Windows applications within the next 12 months, the migration of accounting solutions is only natural."

Pricing and Availability

Upgrade pricing for Great Plains Accounting modules varies by the maintenance or support plan the customer is on and modules purchased. Version 8 modules will be priced from $295 to $1,295 for new customers. The Great Plains Accounting to Dynamics LAN Migration Kit is priced at $100.

Founded in 1981, Great Plains Software is a leading developer of accounting and financial-management software. The privately owned company offers solutions ranging from small-business integrated accounting software to corporate client/server systems.

CONTACT: Great Plains Software

Terry Kalil, 701/281-3130
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Date:Apr 3, 1995
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