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Gravy jet.

Remember Bob Graham, the man who I said had collected $301,000 for running the senior service program for Wyoming County, WTVa. (pop. 25,000)? Well, 1 have to apologize. I got it wrong. He actually received a total of $463,000. It breaks down this way: $185,000 base salary, $44,000 overtime pay, $190,000 unused sick leave and personal days, and a Christmas bonus of $34,000.

To those who protest, Graham argues that the government can't regulate non-profits' It certainly hasn't been doing so. Cullen Murphy recently reminded us in The Atlantic of other examples of abuse by non-profits. "Item: in Massachusetts, a trustee of a family foundation reportedly increased his compensation in order to pay for a daughter's $200,000 wedding. Item: in Washington D.C., an audit of the local United Way revealed that the former chief executive had received some $1.5 million in 'apparently improper or questionable payments."' Murphy goes on to describe the nonprofit conference circuit, and the "privileges enjoyed by cosmopolitan thought leaders under the auspices of the gilded non-profit sector of the Western World--life on the gravy jet."
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Title Annotation:Tilting at Windmills
Author:Peters, Charles
Publication:Washington Monthly
Date:May 1, 2004
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