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Graham confirmed.

Graham is confirmed

Last week, 10 months after George A. Keyworth II resigned as presidential science adviser (SN: 12/7/85, p.358), the Senate confirmed William R. Graham to replace him. The electrical engineer was sworn in on Oct. 2. Graham, who was nominated for the White House post four months ago (SN: 6/14/86, p.372), had been NASA's deputy administrator.

A key issue for Graham will be to determine how federal research and development funds will be used, notes Philip Speser, executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based National Coalition on Science and Technology, the only registered lobby of scientists on science policy. The federal budget has seen "a big skewing of R&D funds toward defense," Speser says. As a former defense analyst -- at times working on strategic missile or nuclear weapons programs -- Graham is expected to be at least sympathetic to defense interests. In fact, the Strategic Defense Initiative is one of the few specific programs he went on records as supporting during his confirmation hearing.
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Title Annotation:William R. Graham, presidential science adviser
Publication:Science News
Date:Oct 11, 1986
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