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Govt. agrees to fuel talks.

GOVT Govt abbr (= government) → gvt . AGREES TO FUEL TALKS. Gas stations ran low on fuel after the country's largest fuel company refused to replenish re·plen·ish  
v. re·plen·ished, re·plen·ish·ing, re·plen·ish·es
1. To fill or make complete again; add a new stock or supply to: replenish the larder.

 supplies in a bid to pressure the government to increase profit margins, reports AP (March 11, 2006). The National Association of Gasoline gasoline or petrol, light, volatile mixture of hydrocarbons for use in the internal-combustion engine and as an organic solvent, obtained primarily by fractional distillation and "cracking" of petroleum, but also obtained from natural gas, by  Retailers (Anadegas) resumed fuel purchases after the government agreed to hold talks, said Juan Ignacio Espaillat, the company's president. Anadegas, which runs 80% of Dominican gas stations, also wants the government to grant it licenses to sell propane propane, CH3CH2CH3, colorless, gaseous alkane. It is readily liquefied by compression and cooling. It melts at −189.9°C; and boils at −42.2°C;.  and to correct alleged distribution violations, Espaillat said. Fearing shortages, the government raised the price of a gallon (3.78 liters) of gas from US$3.42 (euro2.87) to US$3.51 (euro2.95). Oil prices increased 1% to US$2.80 (euro2.35) a gallon. The nation of 8.8 million has faced chronic gas shortages in recent years. Gasoline prices rose by more than 25% last year and are among the highest in Latin America Latin America, the Spanish-speaking, Portuguese-speaking, and French-speaking countries (except Canada) of North America, South America, Central America, and the West Indies. . Officials are trying to bring the country's consumption down from an estimated 165,000 barrels of oil a day in 2005, while negotiating to increase fuel purchases from countries including Russia, Venezuela and the Middle East.
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Publication:Caribbean Update
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Date:Apr 1, 2006
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