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Good news; You Say

I READ with interest recent articles giving information on the possible development of the Penny Lane area themed with the background of The Beatles.

This can only be good for the area, and hopefully bring more tourists to Liverpool, but it would be a great pity if they come to the area and they see such as the pictures enclosed en·close   also in·close
tr.v. en·closed, en·clos·ing, en·clos·es
1. To surround on all sides; close in.

2. To fence in so as to prevent common use: enclosed the pasture.
. They would go away with a very poor view of Liverpool. While it is good to see that Sgt Pepper's is coming back into use as a restaurant, it was the public urinal urinal /uri·nal/ (u?ri-n'l) a receptacle for urine.

A vessel into which urine is passed.
, and there is a need for a public urinal in the area - and there would be a greater need should any new development take place. People have been using bushes on Church Road to relieve themselves.

Ian Hamilton Ian Hamilton may refer to:
  • Ian Hamilton (lawyer) (born 1925), Scottish lawyer
  • Ian Hamilton (nurse lecturer (born 1965), academic
  • Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton (1853–1947), British general
  • Ian Hamilton (footballer) (born 1950), English
 Burke, L15
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 21, 2009
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