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Good fishing now at Willow Beach.

Good fishing now at Willow Beach Baseball and football players have their halls of fame back East; rainbow trout anglers have their "Wall of Fame" at Willow Beach, Arizona. In scenic Black Canyon, hundreds of photographs of happy anglers, each holding a rainbow trout weighing 5 pounds or more, line the resort's entry hall and restaurant.

Started by W.E. "Butch" Webb in 1965, the wall grew steadily until July 1983. Then, when record runoff in the Colorado forced Hoover Dam to open its spillways, surging waters disrupted the trout.

Angling is getting back to normal now, though fish are running smaller than in trophy trout days.

November brings cooler, more comfortable angling weather to Willow Beach, about a 1-1/4-hour drive southeast of Las Vegas or northest of Kingman, Arizona.

Shore fishing is limited, so plan to rent a boat or bring one (launch ramp is free). Rental boats with outboard motors cost $45 to $70 for 8 hours. Boat fuel, tackle, and required fishing licenses are available. Most anglers use 4- to 8-pound-test line, a 2- to 4-foot leader of 2-pound test, and a #14 or #16 treble hook. Popular baits include cheese and nightcrawlers.

If you'd like to spend the night, motel rooms run $38 for a double. The restaurant is open from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. weekdays, to 8:30 P.M. Fridays and Saturdays.

For boat and room reservations, write to Willow Beach Resort, Box 187, Boulder City, Nev. 89005, or call (602) 767-3311.

From U.S. 93 at Hoover Dam, it's 14 miles south to the turnoff for Willow Beach, then 4 miles west to the resort.
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Title Annotation:Arizona
Date:Nov 1, 1986
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