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Gold standard golden anniversary.


To celebrate the golden anniversary of automated amino acid amino acid (əmē`nō), any one of a class of simple organic compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and in certain cases sulfur. These compounds are the building blocks of proteins.  analysis, Biochrom is introducing a special edition Gold Standard Biochrom 30 Amino Acid Analyser n. 1. an instrument that performs analyses.

Noun 1. analyser - an instrument that performs analyses

instrument - a device that requires skill for proper use

Dedicated amino acid analysis is the gold standard technique for the separation of amino acids. The technique is based on ion exchange ion exchange
A reversible chemical reaction occurring between an insoluble solid and a solution during which ions may be interchanged, used in the separation of radioactive isotopes.
 liquid chromatography chromatography (krō'mətŏg`rəfē), resolution of a chemical mixture into its component compounds by passing it through a system that retards each compound to a varying degree; a system capable of accomplishing this is called a  with ninhydrin nin·hy·drin
A poisonous crystalline oxidizing agent used as an analytic reagent.

ninhydrin Triketohydrindene Clinical toxicology An oxidizing reagent that reacts with amino acids and proteins, used to screen urine
 detection and is used in a wide range of applications areas.

The Gold Standard Biochrom 30 Amino Acid Analyser comprises the instrument, a 84 position cooled autosampler, an analytical column with top-up resin, a prewash column, operating software, EZchrom Elite data manipulation Processing data.  software, a chemical kit with calibration calibration /cal·i·bra·tion/ (kal?i-bra´shun) determination of the accuracy of an instrument, usually by measurement of its variation from a standard, to ascertain necessary correction factors.  standard, ninhydrin and buffer bottles, instruction manuals, a tool kit and spare parts/consumables kit. The system comes complete with a Pentium PC and Deskjet printer.

50 years on, although the underlying principles of amino acid analysis remain the same, analysis times for full profiles now take less than two hours to perform. To analyse certain families of amino acids can take as little as 10 minutes. The accuracy of the gold standard amino acid analysis technique means that it remains the choice of thousands of laboratories worldwide.

"Modern automated amino acid analysers are now compact bench top units with 'load and go' operation, optimised for convenience and performance. Although these days there are several methods used for the determination of amino acids there remains only one gold standard technique that provides accurate data suitable for diagnosis or exact determinations. The Biochrom 30 is the Gold Standard System for Gold Standard applications," explained Sally Bee, Binchrom's Amino Acid Analysis Marketing Manager.

Biochrom has been the leading manufacturer of amino acid analysers for over 30 years with a large installed base of instruments. The company's continued product development over the decades has improved the speed of data output, increased sensitivity and minimised operator times for its new generation of automated amino acid analysers.

Contact Biochrom on tel 01223 423723 or visit
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Title Annotation:Plant and Equipment; Biochrom
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Mar 1, 2008
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