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Globe Metallurgical, Inc.

In 1988, Globe Metallurgical, Inc., a leading producer of silicon metal and ferrosilicon alloys, set a standard for quality in the ferroalloy industry by becoming the first small business winner of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Five years later, the company continues to build on that tradition with the introduction of several new products and processes that ensure quality and cost savings for its foundry customers.

The first--and perhaps most significant--of these developments is a new casting process developed and patented by Globe engineers. This process, called Flocasting |TM~, operates according to the principles of continuous casting used in steelmaking. It also yields many of the same benefits, including improved operational efficiency and consistent product quality.

The world's only continuous caster of ferroalloys is in operation at Globe's Beverly plant in southern Ohio. The process begins with a careful mix of raw materials, which are reduced to basic elements in huge electrical furnaces.

Once melting is completed, a series of ladle treatments follows, during which additional ingredients are added to created highly specialized, custom alloys. The molten alloy is then poured onto the caster, where it is simultaneously cooled and broken into chunks of varying sizes.

A truck, stationed at the end of the caster, receives the alloy and deposits it into designed holding bins, where the alloy continues to cool before it is sized and prepared for shipping.

Other Products

Along with the introduction of its Flocasting process, Globe recently added to an already impressive stable of specialized foundry products. Last year, the company became the exclusive sales agent for TENBLOC, a new mold inoculant developed by Tennant Metallurgical of Sheffield, England.

A prealloyed blend of pressed and sintered silicon-based materials, TENBLOC can be shaped and sized to fit virtually any type of mold. Since the TENBLOC alloy is mixed to precise grades and chemistry, it is virtually guaranteed to eliminate chemical segregation, slag, blow hole, cold lap and shrinkage defects common to other solid cast inserts.

TENBLOC, along with specialty alloys and patented foundry processes such as INMOLD, FLOTRET AND SIGMAT, gives Globe the most comprehensive product line in the international foundry industry.

Use of these exclusive products and processes enables Globe customers to cast iron with improved ductility, as well as increased tensile strength, impact strength and corrosion resistance.

Because of their consistently high quality, Globe products are vital in the casting of critical components for a variety of industries, including automotive and space.

Technical/Customer Service

In addition to its superior products, Globe provides outstanding technical and customer service support. Laboratories in both Globe plants--in Beverly, Ohio, and Selma, Alabama--are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment. Together, these two labs are recognized as the source of most of the ferroalloy standard material generated in the world.

This renowned technical expertise is made available to customers through a program that encourages them to challenge Globe with their toughest foundry problems. When this requires a product with a special or experimental composition, Globe can often cast a sample alloy the same day and provide quick delivery--usually within 24 hours.

Globe actively solicits customer involvement in the development of new products as well. This builds partnerships and ensures the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction.

Largely as a result of its emphasis on product quality and customer service, Globe has emerged over the past few years as an international leader in the ferroalloy industry. Just five years ago, international sales represented a small percentage of Globe's total sales volume. Today, sales in markets outside the United States are increasing steadily, with the company exporting its products to more than 30 countries.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Globe Metallurgical is the world's largest producer of foundry alloys and one of the leading manufacturers of silicon metal in the United States. The company operates plants in Beverly, Ohio, and Selma, Alabama, and owns a subsidiary in Ardingly, England.

Globe Metallurgical, Inc. 6450 Rockside Woods South, Suite 390, Cleveland, Ohio 44131; 216/328-0145; fax 216/328-9416.
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