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We must teach tech children they're Earth's stewards; Robert Llewellyn Jones spoke to the head of WWF-UK David Nussbaum about climate change, sustainable development and making our world fit for future generations. Apr 23, 2014 1317
"Save The Earth Day" Song Raises Awareness on Earth Day. Apr 22, 2014 479
LG And Team ENERGY STAR Invite Youth To Join Fight Against Climate Change On Earth Day. Apr 22, 2014 925
Australian Mining Billionaire Clive Palmer Opposes Tony Abbott's Direct Action Plan, Thinks It's 'Hopeless'. Apr 22, 2014 329
Earth Week 2014 - Recycle Across America and Celebrities Announce Simple yet Profound Solution to Curb Climate Change and Stimulate U.S. Economy. Apr 22, 2014 1597
U.S. Mayors Not Waiting on Washington to Tackle Climate Change. Apr 22, 2014 939
Oakbio and OSU Awarded $500,000 Grant to Develop System for production of Butanol and Plastics from CO2. Apr 21, 2014 530
Turning up the heat: new warnings from scientists say the effects of climate change could be drastic if nations don't act quickly. Smith, Patricia Apr 21, 2014 2462
The 'ice queen' at the heart of climate change study; Tyneside woman Miriam Jackson works in, literally, one of the coolest science labs in the world - located within a Norwegian glacier. She tells MIKE KELLY how she got there. Apr 19, 2014 1416
Sentinel Awards to Honor Entertainment That Gives Voice to Topics of Health and Climate Change. Apr 17, 2014 900
New Zealand Bids Goodbye to Ozone-Depleting Substances in Response to Climate Change. Apr 17, 2014 351
Skyonic Receives $500,000 CAD to Support SkyCycle(TM) Pilot Plant. Apr 16, 2014 592
EU Climate Partnership Chief Executive: Private, Public and Academic Sectors Can Beat Climate Change Together. Apr 15, 2014 580
EU Climate Partnership Chief Executive: Private, Public and Academic Sectors Can Beat Climate Change Together. Apr 15, 2014 584
Major Efforts to Mitigate Climate Change Well Under Way in Europe. Apr 15, 2014 902
EU Climate Innovation Chief Executive: Private, Public and Academic Sectors Need to Come Together. Apr 15, 2014 311
Call for action to reduce emissions. Apr 15, 2014 102
Provision of Environment Impact Assessment/Strategic Environment Assessment that Integrates Climate Change and Biodiversity. Apr 14, 2014 110
Germany : IPCC Presents Assessment on Measures to Mitigate Climate Change. Apr 14, 2014 425
NIC10-00080595 - Regional Focus on climate change, adaptation and reduction of vulnerabilities in the region of the Segovias - Nicaragua. Apr 14, 2014 316
NIC10-00082509 - Sustainable Housing Project Adapted to Climate Change. Apr 14, 2014 219
Denmark - INTERCLIMA : Inter-hemispheric Coupling of Abrupt Climate Change. Apr 14, 2014 340
'There is still time to save the planet'. Apr 14, 2014 462
UN panel says major steps required to combat climate change. Apr 14, 2014 205
'Leaked' IPCC report warns of 'devastating rise of 4-5 C'. Apr 13, 2014 197
Have green opinions, but pass on the facts; Views of Wales. Apr 12, 2014 309
IMF, World Bank push for price on carbon. Apr 12, 2014 565
Philippines : Filipino research managers to convene against climate change. Apr 12, 2014 435
United States : UN Secretary General discusses post-2015 MDGs, climate change at IDB. Apr 12, 2014 348
Job of Independent evaluation of fao s work in climate change in agriculture. Apr 12, 2014 298
United Kingdom : UK introduces long awaited domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. Apr 11, 2014 251
United States : WORLD BANK is spending $1 billion on exploring new fossil fuels in 2013. Apr 11, 2014 319
8th Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum - 2014. Apr 11, 2014 444
Canon Europe Supports WWF and NPI Expedition to Svalbard to Investigate Impact of Climate Change on Polar Bears. Apr 10, 2014 631
Less than Half of Americans Believe Humans are Cause of Global Climate Change. Apr 10, 2014 1334
First global solar flight to start and end in UAE. Apr 10, 2014 569
CO2 Solutions Successfully Completes Second Oil Sands Project Milestones. Apr 10, 2014 875
Project for local development and adaptation to climate change impacts in the lagoon area of the Thua Thien Hue province. Apr 10, 2014 351
Adaptation to Climate Change in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (KACCAL) project. Apr 10, 2014 486
Felipe Calderon emphasizes importance of generating economic growth while fighting climate change during IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings. Apr 10, 2014 728
Implementation of climate change adaptation measures Hongcheon detailed planning services. Apr 9, 2014 113
UN calls for Plan B on climate change due to nations' non-action on carbon emissions. Apr 9, 2014 278
Aluminum's Environmental Superiority in Automotive Reaffirmed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Apr 9, 2014 979
Climate Change Report IPCC-UN is too Negative. Apr 8, 2014 530
Climate Change Report IPCC-UN is too Negative. Apr 8, 2014 534
environment (including climate change). Apr 8, 2014 108
Jury is still out on [...]; LETTERS. Apr 7, 2014 137
Exxon sees little climate change risk. Apr 7, 2014 342
Southampton Varsity project to help delta residents adapt to climate change. Apr 7, 2014 515
Europe must act if we're to save planet; Views of Wales. Apr 7, 2014 252
Coastal Resilience to Climate Change: Developing a Generalizable Method for Assessing Vulnerability and Adaptation of Mangroves and Associated Ecosystems. Apr 7, 2014 141
Encouraging sustainable use of coral reef ecosystem goods and services and increased resilience to climate change in Small Island Developing States. Apr 7, 2014 459
Arid areas absorb unexpectedly high amounts of atmospheric carbon. Apr 7, 2014 425
Wildlife camera ace with keen eye for climate change; Wildlife cameraman Doug Allan talks to BARBARA HODGSON about his globe-travelling job and the impact of the planet's extreme weather systems. Apr 5, 2014 1271
climate change leaves me cold. Apr 5, 2014 640
Integrated management of wetland ecosystem services for water and food security and climate change adaptation in India. Apr 5, 2014 115
Creating a community botanical garden as part of ameliorating climate change impact in Gwandara. Karu L.G.A, Nasarawa State. Apr 5, 2014 480
Building mangrove forest communities and csos response to climate change and mangrove conservation in esuk mba community in akpabuyo lga of cross river state, nigeria. Apr 5, 2014 466
Tame greenhouse gases, cautions UN. Apr 5, 2014 657
Joint EU-China Climate Statement: Chief Executive of EU Climate Initiative Responds. Apr 4, 2014 851
UN Chief: 'Heavy Lifting' Needed to Combat Climate Change. Apr 4, 2014 431
C40 Welcomes Boston to its Growing Network of International Cities Committed to Tackling Climate Change. Company overview Apr 4, 2014 628
American Geophysical Union Reacts to Latest IPCC Report. Apr 4, 2014 559
GM Earns More ENERGY STAR Awards. Apr 4, 2014 801
United States : EPA Honors New Mexico Gas Company 2014 ENERGY Star Partner of the Year. Apr 4, 2014 346
Community based climate change adaptation for enhancing livelihoods and wildlife conservation in longido district. Apr 4, 2014 386
Climate Change Mitigation through small holder organic tea cultivation in Baddegama by Nature Resource Conservation. Apr 4, 2014 270
Understanding the responses of taro and cassava to climate change. Apr 4, 2014 363
WB invites representatives of Tajikistan to attend regional forum on climate change in Almaty. Apr 3, 2014 127
Climate-KIC Innovators Respond to IPCC Climate Change Report. Apr 3, 2014 927
Importance of support for food production. Apr 3, 2014 257
United Kingdom : EBRD acts on adaptation to climate change. Apr 3, 2014 404
Kiribati - Strengthening Governance and Aid Effectiveness to address Climate change and disaster risk management. Apr 3, 2014 144
Second National Communication Climate Change Guatemala. Apr 3, 2014 202
European Union Launches Nordic Climate Innovation Centre. Apr 2, 2014 919
Australia : Adapting to change around the Indian Ocean rim. Apr 2, 2014 401
Belgium : EUR 200 million loan for climate change mitigation projects in India. Apr 2, 2014 282
Luxembourg : EUR 200 million loan for climate change mitigation projects in India. Apr 2, 2014 282
Govt calls for urgent action on IPCC report. Apr 2, 2014 196
Climate change raising risk of hunger, floods, conflict: UN report. Apr 2, 2014 754
Climate change guidelines for forest managers. Book review Apr 1, 2014 126
Climate Change in the Northwest: Implications for Our Landscapes, Waters, and Communities. Book review Apr 1, 2014 157
Climate Change Remedies: Injunctive Relief and Criminal Law Responses. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 108
Climate change brings business opportunities to Turkey. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 146
Adam Majcher: Climate Change Program Manager (Acting). Majcher, Adam Brief article Apr 1, 2014 322
NEHA's sustainability and climate change activities. Apr 1, 2014 594
2012 NEHA/UL Sabbatical Report: vulnerability to potential impacts of climate change: adaptation and risk communication strategies for environmental health practitioners in the United Kingdom. Ratnapradipa, Dhitinut Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 3529
A grim climate warning. Apr 1, 2014 655
CO2 emissions increasing at alarming rate in country. Apr 1, 2014 428
PCRET establishes Solar Test lab. Apr 1, 2014 317
Climate change risk will not go away. Apr 1, 2014 264
Global warning; Extreme weather threat to all, says UN; West faces climate change refugee surge; Higher food prices heatwaves to come. Apr 1, 2014 571
GLOBAL WARNING; Extreme weather threat to all, says UN; West faces climate change refugee surge; Higher food prices & heatwaves to come. Apr 1, 2014 564
IPCC report says effects of climate change occurre on all contingents. Apr 1, 2014 409
Study: Drying May Spread to a Third of Earth. Apr 1, 2014 706
'Clean industrial revolution needed'. Apr 1, 2014 247
United Kingdom : Foreign Secretary welcomes second IPCC report on Climate Change. Apr 1, 2014 272
States against the effects of climate change on people%s lives. Apr 1, 2014 185
Economics of Climate Change project. Apr 1, 2014 177
United Kingdom : Tropical forest soil carbon storage and microbial diversity under climatic warming. Apr 1, 2014 357
Wasting money on renewables leaves the poor by the wayside. Mar 31, 2014 1007
Climate change the biggest crisis. Mar 31, 2014 258
Climate change could 'lead' to extinction of humans, warns expert. Mar 31, 2014 171
Reducing meat and dairy consumption could help reduce global gas emission. Mar 31, 2014 383
Catlin Group Issues Statement on Climate Change Following IPCC Report. Report Mar 31, 2014 427
Flooding was portent of environmental crisis, warns Baron Williams. Mar 31, 2014 886
Climate change responses to face challenges with high warming of climate. Mar 31, 2014 390
Climate change boosts conflict risk, floods, hunger: UN. Mar 31, 2014 895
CPUC And ARB Announce The California Climate Credit, Cutting Electric Bills For Millions Of Households. Mar 31, 2014 767
Shareholders: ExxonMobil Takes Crucial Step Of Acknowledging Carbon Asset Risk ... But More Is Needed. Mar 31, 2014 1106
UN panel more cautious on Himalayan ice after blunder. Mar 31, 2014 450
Climate change boosts conflict risk, floods, hunger: UN. Mar 31, 2014 880
Arts and wildlife specialists join up to help with climate change battle. Mar 29, 2014 239
Obama considers new climate regulations for oil, gas sector. Mar 29, 2014 569
Second National Climate Change Communication project. Mar 28, 2014 254
Adaptation to climate change. Mar 28, 2014 140
Mainstreaming Environment& Climate Change Adaptation in the Implementation of National Policies project. Mar 28, 2014 299
Cyprus : The Minister of Energy met with the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change of Greece. Mar 28, 2014 406
Implementation of strategies for the conservation of biodiversity and resilience to climate change. Mar 28, 2014 270
Climate Change to Improve Survival Rates of British Bird. Mar 27, 2014 476
Specialist conducting review of the climate change partnership (Vietnam). Mar 27, 2014 126
PEM Inc. Announces Consultant Internships for Students and Recent Graduates in the Environmental Sciences and Management of the Environment. Mar 26, 2014 255
BAKED BRITAIN; Hot summers (and wet winters) to become norm, says Met Office. Mar 26, 2014 542
Climate change is putting world at risk of irreversible changes. Mar 25, 2014 420
climate change bring ging hunger; The severe floods and gales that destroyed parts of the Welsh coastline in January have brought the issue of climate change to our shores, Sally Williams reports. Mar 25, 2014 1083
y-stanbul at high risk from climate change, report finds. Mar 25, 2014 230
Scientists meet in Japan after grim climate forecast. Mar 25, 2014 537
UN Climate Change Report Predicts Dire Consequences for Australia, Rest of the World. Mar 24, 2014 360
Climate change less deadly in North. Mar 24, 2014 237
Climate change less deadly in the North. Mar 24, 2014 251
Supporting the Climate Change Commission of the Philippines to implement a national climate strategy. Mar 24, 2014 298
Adapting public investment climate change project. Mar 24, 2014 224
Climate change may be slowing down deep ocean currents. Mar 22, 2014 252
Climate Innovation Initiative to Scale Up Efforts Throughout 2014, Receives €63M EU Boost. Mar 22, 2014 908
Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture and Health. Mar 22, 2014 446
National Competence Centre for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Morocco. Mar 22, 2014 213
Enabling Regions X and Xi to Cope With Climate Change project. Mar 22, 2014 212
The EU Needs to Leverage Its Energy Efficiency Expertise to Compete Globally, Says Climate-KIC CEO. Mar 21, 2014 754
Ban delivers message marking 20th anniversary of U.N. framework convention on climate change. Mar 21, 2014 423
South Africa : The Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs Mrs Edna Molewa to launch the 2050 Pathways Calculator for South Africa and 'GHG Emissions associated with Shale Gas' Research Report. Report Mar 21, 2014 279
Supporting the Adaptive capacities of communities in Climate Change and sustainable land management in Mansin. Mar 21, 2014 458
Enhancing Community Resilience and Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change. Mar 21, 2014 477
Landmark Agreement With Shareholders: ExxonMobil Agrees to Report on Climate Change & Carbon Asset Risk. Mar 20, 2014 1076
Darkness at Caesars Entertainment Resorts and Casinos Illuminates Concerns About Climate Change During Earth Hour. Mar 20, 2014 1112
UN: Hundreds of Millions Will Relocate Due to Global Famine, Conflict And Violence. Mar 20, 2014 313
Project evaluation of plan international s child centered climate change adaptation. Mar 20, 2014 347
Belgium : European Commission joins forces with European cities to tackle climate change. Mar 20, 2014 182
New computer model could help better predict glacial response to global climate change. Mar 19, 2014 177
Ricoh transforms California sun into energy on the ground. Mar 19, 2014 686
Australia : New opportunities for farmers to take part in the Emissions Reduction Fund. Mar 19, 2014 302
United States : U.S.-China Climate Change Working Group and Ten-Year Framework for Energy and Environment Cooperation Meetings. Mar 19, 2014 405
Southern Ocean iron cycle provides new insight into climate change. Mar 18, 2014 240
Climate change set to displace hundreds of millions of people by end of century. Mar 18, 2014 337
Third National Comm to UN Climate Change Convention project. Mar 18, 2014 256
Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme. Mar 18, 2014 433
ASEAN-Swiss Partnership on Social Forestry and Climate Change. Mar 18, 2014 406
Bahrain invited to attend Climate Change High-Level meeting in UAE. Mar 17, 2014 142
Climate change, urbanization damaging water reserves. Mar 17, 2014 1099
Foreign Minister invited to high-level meeting on climate change in Abu Dhabi. Mar 17, 2014 190
Creation and rehabilitation of access track to operationalize the central Ambodiriana contributing to the fight against climate change. Mar 15, 2014 378
Australia : South Australian action on climate change leading the nation. Mar 15, 2014 447
Head in the sand. Brief article Mar 14, 2014 172
Are there limits to limits? de Graaf, John; Pielke, Roger, Jr. Mar 14, 2014 2027
Australia : Vision to help guide South Australia s Climate Change action. Mar 14, 2014 337
Conservation of the environment for adaptation to climate change, environmental awareness. Mar 13, 2014 328
Climate Change and Resilient Forest Management project. Mar 13, 2014 263
Strengthening Capacity in Climate Change in Industry. Mar 13, 2014 158
Climate Change Not a Top Worry in U.S. U.S. concerns with the quality of the environment dropped in 2014. Riffkin, Rebecca Mar 12, 2014 876
Honley pupils to study climate change at Wessenden Reservoir; RESEARCH WORK. Mar 11, 2014 237
How sun plays part in climate change. Mar 10, 2014 481
Honeywell Introduces New High-Performance, Environmentally Preferable Solvent. Mar 10, 2014 734
Agroforestry project valuation of saline soils for better adaptation of vulnerable land salinization induced by climate change in the village populations in Faoye. Mar 10, 2014 302
Proposed agro-forestry-pastoral valuation of saline soils for better adaptation of vulnerable soil salinization by climate change populations in the village of Fadial in Thies. Mar 10, 2014 355
Environment, Climate Change , Energy & Drr. Mar 10, 2014 137
Warmer Temps Push Malaria to Higher Elevations. Mar 9, 2014 588
Kuwait to partake in UN climate change meeting in Bonn. Mar 9, 2014 328
Austral Insulation Strengthens Sustainability Program. Mar 8, 2014 455
Climate Week can show us the way; Edited by Nathan Bevan If you have an environment story contact Nathan on 029 2024 3631 or email Mar 7, 2014 391
Fight climate change on war footing. Mar 7, 2014 357
Mitigation Action Implementation Network (MAIN) Phase II: Implementing ambitious NAMAs in Latin America and Asia. Mar 6, 2014 379
Increasing the resilience of the Amazon biome project. Mar 6, 2014 297
Strategic alignment and implementation of climate change policy in Thailand. Mar 6, 2014 271
Biodiversity and climate change project. Mar 6, 2014 252
Biodiversity and climate change in the Mata Atlantica, Brazil. Mar 6, 2014 321
Training key climate change actors in the building sector. Mar 6, 2014 181
Creation of a comprehensive framework for NAMAs and MRV in Viet Nam. Mar 6, 2014 288
Capacity development for climate policy in the Western Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia - Phase II. Mar 6, 2014 206
Incorporating Environment Protection Measures and Alternative Livelihood Activities for Climate Change Adaptation in Bagatelle. Mar 6, 2014 516
Adaptation measures to climate change in the community Cachaco. Mar 6, 2014 389
United Kingdom : Climate change - DFID wins award for clean cooking initiative. Mar 6, 2014 441
LETTERS IN THE EDITOR'S MAILBAG. Letter to the editor Mar 6, 2014 1203
Canada and the United Kingdom join forces to tackle climate change in Africa and Asia. Mar 6, 2014 940
Canada and the United Kingdom Join Forces to Tackle Climate Change in Africa and Asia. Mar 6, 2014 931
Climate change focus for new Cat chief exec. Mar 5, 2014 287
Sustainable Management of Mountainous Forest and Land Resources under Climate Change Conditions. Mar 5, 2014 123
Increasing accessibility of Abaco and greater Bahamas community to sustainable options for island living that address climate change. Mar 5, 2014 356
Transferring experience on practical implementation of low-carbon technologies in Basen community of Shirak region. Mar 5, 2014 252
Climate change mitigation from the use of methane, other gases and waste produced in pools of effluent treatment plant cassava starch production. Mar 5, 2014 388
Community Supported Farming for Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and PovertyAalleviation. Mar 5, 2014 265
Oido climate change adaptation project. Mar 5, 2014 272
Technical Support to the Lou Island Coastline Rehabilitation Group Inco. to Implement Climate Change Awareness. Mar 5, 2014 329
Increasing Food Production through Traditional Sustainable Taro Patch Cultivation Practices and Climate Change Mitigation Efforts. Mar 5, 2014 234
Farming system as proposed Community adaptation to climate change in areas of the cooperative "Ruben Martinez Villena" AlquE[degrees]zar municipality, province of Artemisa. Mar 5, 2014 472
Sustainable management of natural resources as a proposal for adaptation to climate change in areas of the CCSF. Mar 5, 2014 461
Capacity building of community-based adaptation to climate change in areas of the cooperative "Viet Nam Heroic" GE-ira Melena municipality, Artemisa province. Mar 5, 2014 459
Community measures for adaptation to climate change in rural communities of the cooperative "Sierra Maestra" in the South Plain Havana-Matanzas. Mar 5, 2014 466
Management Niemen River Basin in Climate Change project. Mar 5, 2014 193
No doubts on climate change; Views of the North. Mar 4, 2014 435
Minister's climate change mission. Mar 4, 2014 135
Belgium : Turn to climate action for a job-rich economic recovery, Europeans say. Mar 4, 2014 489
United Kingdom : Transfer of Energy-Using Products work to DECC. Mar 4, 2014 198
The use of solar energy to provide hot water in a children%s rehabilitation center "Nadezhda". Mar 4, 2014 458
The sun%s energy for SOS-Children%s Village Borovliany. Mar 4, 2014 446
The introduction of energy saving technologies and renewable energy sources to reduce CO2 emissions. Mar 4, 2014 472
Look to the future project. Mar 4, 2014 440
Everything is possible. Mar 4, 2014 465
Community Based Solar Cooled Greenhouse Research Project. Mar 4, 2014 447
United Kingdom : Understanding the atmospheric circulation response to climate change. Mar 4, 2014 334
France : Atmospheric flow Analogues and Climate Change. Mar 4, 2014 337
Sustainable Guarani communities adapted and resilient to climate change project. Mar 3, 2014 339
Institutional Based Natural Resource Mangement to Combat Climate Change, Pemagatshel project. Mar 3, 2014 308
Despite climate change, Africa can feed Africa. Mar 2, 2014 1428
Editor's note. Bardi, Jennifer Column Mar 1, 2014 613
Attention climate change deniers who are also luge enthusiasts. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 126
Women for results: local solutions in addressing climate project. Mar 1, 2014 475
My responsibility on climate change project. Mar 1, 2014 260
Minimizing land degradation in seupitiya GN division to facilitate community based adaptation to climate change. Mar 1, 2014 266
Minimizing land degradation in Naula GN division to facilitate adaptation to climate change project. Mar 1, 2014 256
Development of the Puliyankulam tank cascade as a mechanism to adapt to climate change project. Mar 1, 2014 260
Creating Sustainable Communities - Building Local Capacity for Adaptation to Climate Change project. Mar 1, 2014 303
Sustainable community based climate change adaptation and environmental degradation campaign in Agriculture. Mar 1, 2014 396
Capacities of Adaptation to Climate Change coffee producers Municipal District River Clean project. Mar 1, 2014 259
Development Initiatives Climate Change Adaptation in Cabeza de Toro, El Granado and Guanarate. Mar 1, 2014 277
Trends in green tire manufacturing. K.A., Job Mar 1, 2014 5441
Associations between extreme precipitation and gastrointestinal-related Hospital admissions in Chennai, India. Bush, Kathleen F.; O'Neill, Marie S.; Li, Shi; Mukherjee, Bhramar; Hu, Howard; Ghosh, Santu; Balakri Report Mar 1, 2014 6444
Invasive fungal infections after natural disasters. Benedict, Kaitlin; Park, Benjamin J. Author abstract Mar 1, 2014 5383
Changes in climate, catchment vegetation and hydrogeology as the causes of dramatic lake-level fluctuations in the Kurtna Lake District, NE Estonia/Muutused kliimas, valgla taimkattes ja hudrogeoloogias kui dramaatiliste veetaseme koikumiste pohjused Kurtna jarvestikus Kirde-Eestis. Vainu, Marko; Terasmaa, Jaanus Report Mar 1, 2014 10218
Wind energy trends for composites: economic and social forces are driving trends in material innovation and applications. Rosato, Donald V. Mar 1, 2014 3257
Climate innovation center. Mar 1, 2014 264
Sceptical on climate; Views of the North. Mar 1, 2014 450
Switzerland : EU Backs New IOM Migration, Environment and Climate Change Project. Mar 1, 2014 394
Climate change effects on mwelu-luapula fishery ecosystem (cemfe ) project. Mar 1, 2014 449
82,000 homes at risk of flooding in region. Feb 28, 2014 379
Climate change may be causing a global coffee shortage. Feb 28, 2014 226
Climate change linked to Indus civilization decline. Feb 28, 2014 360
Climate Change Authority Not Taken Seriously by Australian Government and Tony Abbott. Feb 28, 2014 425
Kenya : United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programmes Make Progress Towards Climate Neutrality. Feb 28, 2014 451
Increasing the Capacity of Vulnerable Rwandan Communities to Adapt to Adverse Effects of Climate Change: Livelihood Diversification and Investment in Rural Infrastructures. Feb 28, 2014 118
Implementation of sustainable productive activities that promote local economic development and help mitigate climate change. Feb 28, 2014 367
Tourism Association ENA (ATURENA) project. Feb 28, 2014 459
Rural Biomass Utilization and Demonstration Project in Addressing Climate Change. Feb 28, 2014 467
Demonstration Project on Off-grid Zero Carbon Lighting and other Application at Farming and Pastoral Communities in Zhuoni County, Gansu Province. Feb 28, 2014 483
Introducing students to the fight against climate change project. Feb 28, 2014 446
Biodiversity conservation and recovery garbage to fight against land degradation and climate change Bertoua. Feb 28, 2014 391
Implementation of strategies for the conservation of biodiversity and resilience to climate change. Feb 28, 2014 460
Agro-silvo pastoral project for climate change mitigation and combating land degradation for smallholder farmers/Mbororo Pastoralist Fulanis. Feb 28, 2014 433
Project contribution to reducing the impact of climate change project. Feb 28, 2014 412
Climate change linked to Indus civilization decline 4,100 years ago. Feb 27, 2014 376
Climate change driving rural population to cities: Study. Feb 27, 2014 368
82,000 homes at risk of flooding across the region. Feb 27, 2014 499
Greenpeace co-founder says 'man not responsible for climate change'. Feb 27, 2014 156
Australia Not Committing To 15% Carbon Emission Reduction Target Despite CCA Review. Feb 27, 2014 367
Support for the Preparation of State Action Plans on Climate Change. Feb 27, 2014 350
Safeguarding water resource on Rotuma to sustain food security for climate change resilient island community. Feb 27, 2014 229
Rural women solar electrification project kadavu. Feb 27, 2014 465
Rural Women Solar Electrification Project in Macuata and Cakaudrove. Feb 27, 2014 389
Rural Women Solar Electrification Project in Bua and Cakaudrove. Feb 27, 2014 372
Rural Women Solar Electrification for Ra and Ba Communities project. Feb 27, 2014 469
The Use of SWHs to Reduce Climate Change in Minia. Feb 27, 2014 273
Towards DAPD%s Sustainability: Increasing the Ability of Persons with Disabilities to be Resilient to the Impacts of Climate Change with Information and Mechanisms for Income Generation. Feb 27, 2014 480
Rosalie/Grand Fond Vulnerability Capacity Assessment & Community Disaster Response Team training. Feb 27, 2014 458
Environmental Protection Agency Honors Boeing with Climate Leadership Award. Feb 27, 2014 422
Tonga : Climate Change Risk Management to Improve in Tonga with ADB Grant. Feb 26, 2014 350
Turkey : IFC and EBRD Study Identifies Climate Change Opportunities for Turkish Businesses. Report Feb 26, 2014 404
Turkey : EBRD and IFC study identifies climate change opportunities for Turkish businesses. Report Feb 26, 2014 440
United States : Cisco Systems honored by EPA for reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions. Feb 26, 2014 399
United States : EPA Honors Chula Vista, Calif. for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Feb 26, 2014 388
United States : EPA Honors Fruit of the Loom, Inc. in Bowling Green, KY for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Feb 26, 2014 273
United States : EPA Honors Mack Trucks in Greensboro, NC for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Feb 26, 2014 317
United States : EPA Honors Sprint for Corporate Leadership in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Feb 26, 2014 385
Ensuring Sustainable Livelihoods for locals from risks and affects of Climate Change Vaqriability on agricultural production. Feb 26, 2014 466
Building climate change resilience amongst the 21 communities of the Kanuku Mountains Protected Area (KMPA). Feb 26, 2014 252
Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation, Sustainable Land Management, Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Livelihood Activities. Feb 26, 2014 442
Enhancing Community Resilience to Climate Variability through Decentralized Solar Energy System in the Afram Plains of Ghana. Feb 26, 2014 454
Building community resilience to climate change through the adoption and training of women fishmongers in improved energy technologies and environmental education in Otuam in Mfantseman District of the Central Region. Feb 26, 2014 527
Third National Report to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change project. Feb 26, 2014 187
Climate change adaptation development and support service. Feb 26, 2014 167
Mushahid urges restoration of Climate Change Ministry. Feb 25, 2014 653
The development of Community Economic Program Based empowerment sub watersheds Wampu Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation. Feb 25, 2014 456
Implementation Dragonfly Biotic Index (DBI) as a Tool Monitoring Climate Change in Water Resources Kalongan, Banyuwangi. Feb 25, 2014 471
Climate Change Mitigation through Clean & Green Village Development. Feb 25, 2014 465
Volcanoes help planet cool down. Feb 24, 2014 221
Latest Texas vs. EPA Battle Goes Before U.S. Supreme Court. Feb 24, 2014 763
Job of National Consultant Integrating Climate Change in Education-Federation BiH. Feb 24, 2014 173
Job of National Consultant Integrating Climate Change in Education. Feb 24, 2014 179
The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the dissemination of knowledge about renewable energy sources among the rural population through their installation and increasing the energy efficiency of the building of a kindergarten inTendik village,. Feb 24, 2014 316
Reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the athmosphere by creating demonstrational greenhouse, operating on solar energy, on the southern slope of the mountain territory of Korul aiyl okmotu, Alay rayon. Feb 24, 2014 274
Reducing CO2 emissions through introducing renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency of a center. Feb 24, 2014 336
Sustainable implementation of solar energy in rural schools and communities to mitigate climate change to create educational & economic perspectives for rural Kenyan communities. Feb 24, 2014 274
Promotion of low-carbon technologies to combat climate change : South West Mt. Kenya region. Feb 24, 2014 229

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