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Philippines : PH Leads Disaster-prone Countries in Call for Financial Action vs Climate Change. Oct 6, 2015 442
Australia,United States : Maldives, World Bank, EU and Australia Launch Climate Change Partnership. Oct 6, 2015 492
Big Boost For The Climate Summit. Oct 6, 2015 684
Head of African Group of Climate Change appreciates outcomes of Khartoum meeting. Oct 5, 2015 303
Renforcement des capacites d'adaptation et de resilience du secteur agricole aux changements climatiques aux Comores (CRCCA) (Building adaptive capacity and resilience of agriculture to climate change in Comoros (CRCCA)). Oct 5, 2015 461
Renforcement des capacites de gestion des ressources en eau pour une adaptation aux changements climatiques (Strengthening water resources management capacities for adaptation to climate change). Oct 5, 2015 546
A Documentary Sweetly Confronts Climate Change. Oct 5, 2015 489
New Technologies Addressing Climate Change: Lowering Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations. Oct 5, 2015 606
New Technologies Addressing Climate Change: Lowering Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations. Oct 5, 2015 646
Pakistan in full compliance with Ozone Secretariat targets:' Hayat. Oct 4, 2015 400
Pakistan in full compliance with Ozone Secretariat targets:' Hayat. Oct 4, 2015 400
Renewables to lead world power growth to 2020. Oct 4, 2015 744
European Perceptions of Climate Change (EPCC). Oct 4, 2015 395
Supply communication services and products for its Copernicus Climate Change Service. Oct 3, 2015 183
Renforcement des capacites adaptatives des communautes cotieres d Haiti aux changement climatique (Strengthening adaptive capacity of coastal communities to climate change Haiti). Oct 3, 2015 500
Programme de Micro Financement (PMF) (Micro Credit Programme (SGP)). Oct 3, 2015 514
United States : Protecting Children s Health in a Changing Climate: EPA Region 7 Observes Children s Health Month throughout October. Oct 3, 2015 414
Charlotte Church defends comments blaming Syria war on climate change; Word on the web. Oct 3, 2015 105
Islam, faith and climate change. Oct 2, 2015 949
Companies calling for climate change action; ENVIRONMENT. Oct 2, 2015 300
Pleas to ditch fossil fuel investments kicked out. Oct 2, 2015 631
Aeromexico Signs Agreement with Mexico Carbon Platform, MEXICO2, to Invest in Carbon Projects. Oct 2, 2015 991
Climate Smart Agriculture: Capturing synergies between mitigation, adaptation, and food security. Oct 1, 2015 526
Meat's impact. Moyer, Lindsay Oct 1, 2015 305
Midland pensions fund 'fuelling climate change' Green campaigners'calls are rejected as too risky. Oct 1, 2015 673
Carney's warning on climate change; ENVIRONMENT. Oct 1, 2015 526
Global Food Companies Unite On Climate Action. Oct 1, 2015 1706
Honeywell's Navigation, Aircraft Taxiing Technologies Help Tackle Climate Challenges. Sep 30, 2015 1118
Climate deal. Sep 30, 2015 242
Hip Hop Caucus Releases "HOME" a Documentary Film On Communities of Color Disproportionately Affected by Climate Change. Sep 30, 2015 610
Brazil,France : BRAZIL vows to minimize Greenhouse Gas Emissions further of PARIS deal. Sep 30, 2015 108
Canada : IMO only place for global debate on shipping and climate change, says IMO Secretary General. Sep 30, 2015 175
Vietnam: Mainstreaming Climate Change Mitigation into National infrastructure. Sep 30, 2015 515
CLIMATE CHANGE HEAT ON BANKS; CITYDESK For mortgage advice you can't afford to miss, follow Money Doctor Fergus Muirhead's series of special reports at Sep 30, 2015 137
Faith Leaders Answer Pope Francis' Call to Activate on Climate Change. Sep 29, 2015 738
Honeywell's New Supermarket Refrigerant Named R&D 100 Award Finalist. Sep 29, 2015 1110
Environment Minister chairs closing meeting on Lebanon contribution to fighting climate change. Sep 29, 2015 211
Indonesia's Rimba Raya REDD+ Project Retains Triple Gold Status for Climate, Community and Biodiversity Benefits. Sep 28, 2015 1306
Indonesia's Rimba Raya REDD+ Project Retains Triple Gold Status for Climate, Community and Biodiversity Benefits. Sep 28, 2015 1344
PS6bn for climate change victims. Sep 28, 2015 123
Al-Sisi, Ban discuss climate change, development. Sep 28, 2015 268
Marine predators take bite out of climate change. Sep 28, 2015 615
Finland : Reducing carbon footprint in an easy, flexible way. Sep 28, 2015 661
Fiji : New York meeting on promotion of SUVA declaration on Climate change. Sep 28, 2015 362
United Kingdom : Prime Minister urges fellow leaders to back climate change deal. Sep 28, 2015 638
United Kingdom : Finance boost to help protect developing countries from climate change. Sep 28, 2015 392
'Oil belongs in the soil', Cyprus environmental group says. Sep 27, 2015 257
Common Ground With China. Sep 27, 2015 445
Green banking and sustainability. Sep 27, 2015 929
Netherlands : ING supports UN push to tackle climate change and end poverty. Sep 27, 2015 294
Ban commends US-China announcement on climate change. Sep 26, 2015 213
China,United States : World Bank Group President Welcomes U.S.-China Joint Presidential Statement on Climate Change. Sep 26, 2015 165
Wales joins pledge to cut more emissions. Sep 25, 2015 552
Obama, Cameron discuss ISIL, Syria and climate change. Sep 25, 2015 127
Climate change policies will cost region jobs - MP. Sep 25, 2015 519
Climate change among top issues to be discussed during UN week: Fahmy. Sep 25, 2015 346
The Conscious Business NetworkTM Presents: Reversing Climate Change from the Ground Up. Sep 25, 2015 291
France : Airbus Perlan Mission II Glider Soars into History. Sep 25, 2015 616
Philippines : ADB to Double Annual Climate Financing to $6 Billion for Asia-Pacific by 2020. Sep 25, 2015 541
The clock has run out on climate change. Sep 24, 2015 354
Renewable incentives reduced; The Conservative Government has come under fire for a series of U-turns on renewable energy which opponents say will cost hundreds of North East jobs and slow the UK's progress to a low-carbon economy. PETER McCUSKER reports. Sep 24, 2015 1512
Pledge to cut more emissions than USA produces. Sep 24, 2015 514
USDA Funds New Pilot Project to Help Almond Growers Gain Greater Access to Greenhouse Gas Markets. Sep 24, 2015 953
Namibia: Concentrating Solar Power Technology Transfer for Electricity Generation in Namibia (NAM CSP TT). Sep 24, 2015 407
Scaling up community resilience to climate variability and climate change in Northern Namibia, with a special focus on women and children (SCORE). Sep 24, 2015 286
Capacity Building Program for Industrial Sector Emissions Under Development. Sep 24, 2015 254
Resilience through Enhanced Adaptation, Action-learning, and Partnership (REAAP). Sep 24, 2015 407
Austria : Nuclear Power Forms an Important Pillar of Many Countries Climate Change Mitigation Strategies. Sep 23, 2015 669
Colombia : Latin America is preparing for COP 21. Sep 23, 2015 296
Obama, Xi to discuss Iran, North Korea, climate change, global health issues. Sep 23, 2015 295
US, India focus on bilateral cooperation in security, business, climate change. Sep 22, 2015 243
EPA organizes climate change symposium at Expo Milan. Sep 22, 2015 194
France,Morocco : Call of Tangier for a united and strong action in favor of the climate. Sep 22, 2015 830
Benin - Integrated adaptation to the fight against the adverse effects of climate change on agricultural production and food security in Benin Programme (PANA1). Sep 22, 2015 254
Capacity Building Support to National Environment and Climate Change Fund (FONERWA). Sep 22, 2015 334
Green banking and sustainability. Sep 22, 2015 896
A primer on Gramsci, culture, and climate change. Harris, Dylan Sep 22, 2015 1980
Disconnecting the minerals-energy-climate dots. Bond, Patrick Sep 22, 2015 3409
Climate justice: uniting struggles across Latin America. Fischer-Hoffman, Cory Sep 22, 2015 3101
"Climate smart agriculture" is a dangerous hoax. Sep 22, 2015 1439
Climate change experts urge to add climate policies in governmental plans. Sep 21, 2015 409
Fiji : Prime ministers meet in London, discuss climate change, future talks on increased trade. Sep 21, 2015 285
United States : New Principles to Move on a Low Carbon Path, amid Growing Momentum for Carbon Pricing. Sep 21, 2015 680
PASSME: Air-sea gas exchange - PArameterization of the Sea-Surface Microlayer Effect. Sep 21, 2015 398
Trading Places. Sep 19, 2015 375
Third National Communication on Climate Change (TCN). Sep 19, 2015 348
Third National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (TNC). Sep 19, 2015 313
Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Measures Hydroelectric System Andean. Sep 19, 2015 193
France : Thales Alenia Space publishes a new book: "Climate Change & Satellites 2015 Knowledge for Action". Sep 19, 2015 532
United Kingdom : Aim high on climate change action. Sep 19, 2015 221
United Kingdom : EU agrees next steps to tackling climate change. Sep 19, 2015 242
Philippines : Opening Remarks of Secretary Balisacan during the Policy Forum and Research Symposium on Climate Change in the Philippines. Sep 19, 2015 527
United States : Ricardo Energy & Environment contributes to landmark Royal Society of Chemistry climate change review. Sep 19, 2015 400
Googling the Climate. Brief article Sep 19, 2015 265
Concern Trolling at Its Best. Sep 19, 2015 383
AUP organizes workshop on challenges of climate change. Sep 18, 2015 257
Armenia - Enabling Activities for the Preparation of Armenia%s Third National Communication to the UNFCCC. Sep 18, 2015 346
Fiji : Fiji and UNDP discuss climate change cooperation. Sep 18, 2015 228
United States : Continuing to Drive Growth in Solar Energy Across the Country. Sep 18, 2015 266
China's emissions to Peak Sooner. Sep 17, 2015 264
Three New Climate Change Index Series Launched by S&P Dow Jones Indices. Sep 17, 2015 1065
Philippines : NEDA to discuss impact of climate change on Philippine agriculture, economic growth. Sep 16, 2015 296
Int'l Day for Preservation of Ozone Layer today. Sep 16, 2015 196
Kouyialis among EU ministers to meet Pope on climate change. Sep 16, 2015 119
FirstCarbon Solutions and CDP Continue to Expand Global Partnership. Sep 15, 2015 816
Elsevier's International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control Publishes Special Issue on CO2 Capture and Storage ahead of 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP-21). Conference news Sep 15, 2015 1056
Elsevier's International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control Publishes Special Issue on CO2 Capture and Storage ahead of 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP-21). Conference news Sep 15, 2015 1060
West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change (WA-BiCC). Sep 14, 2015 482
Land Use Dynamics and Adapting to Climate Change in West Africa. Sep 14, 2015 521
United States : PG&E Applauds Passage of Senate Bill 350; Important Next Step to Address Climate Change. Sep 14, 2015 339
Monitoring and development of bmub-program "measures for adapting to climate change". Sep 13, 2015 364
Hundreds turn out to environmental Planet Festival in park to tackle climate change. Sep 12, 2015 243
Consumer Watchdog Asks California Attorney General and US Attorneys to Investigate Oil Industry for Mail Fraud in Effort to Defeat Climate Change Legislation. Sep 11, 2015 624
Consultancy services for preparation of compliance report as per environmental clearance conditions and obtaining modified environmental clearance from ministry of environment, forest & climate change. Sep 11, 2015 132
Daikin Offers Worldwide Free Access to Patents for Equipment Using Next-Generation Refrigerant. Sep 10, 2015 759
City scores low in greenhouse emissions audit. Sep 9, 2015 463
New Civil Society Network Fighting Climate Change in the Arab World. Sep 9, 2015 420
Climate change impacts conference in MENA kicks off. Conference news Sep 9, 2015 169
Strengthening Climate Change Resilience in Urban India. Sep 9, 2015 298
Planning minister, French special envoy discuss climate change. Sep 7, 2015 220
Climate change, over exploitation decreasing water table. Sep 7, 2015 338
Update the national inventory of mangroves, conservation, mitigation and adaptation to climate change indigenous peoples and Afro-Honduran. Sep 7, 2015 185
Clean power plan delivers pain, omits gain. Hoar, William P. Sep 7, 2015 2836
Climate change, over exploitation decreasing water table. Sep 6, 2015 338
Climate change, over exploitation decreasing water table. Sep 6, 2015 338
World would warm to Gore. Sep 6, 2015 628
Frustration growing at snail's pace in UN climate talks. Sep 5, 2015 459
Where Does Climate Change Education Fit? Sep 5, 2015 495
Making of a documentary film on the debates around climate change from an indian perspective. Sep 5, 2015 129
Provision of Communications Specialist - Adaptation to Climate Change in West Africa Coastal Areas Project. Sep 5, 2015 170
Adaptation to Climate Change in Public Policy Reforms in Disaster Risk Management. Sep 5, 2015 135
Urgent Arctic Message. Sep 4, 2015 653
Victims of climate change. Sep 3, 2015 845
Led by Saudi Arabia, Persian Gulf oil countries resist tough climate agreement. Sep 3, 2015 1179
Adaptation to a climate change. Sep 3, 2015 171
WB offers to help Pakistan tackle climate change. Sep 3, 2015 482
Climate change could displace up to 0.25 billion people. Sep 2, 2015 1080
Hip Hop Caucus and Partners Launch Bus Tour To Organize Communities of Color Disproportionately Affected by Climate Change to Take Action. Sep 2, 2015 781
SCE to organize workshop on climate change and energy. Sep 2, 2015 316
Climate change challenges: LHC issues notices to ministries, departments. Sep 1, 2015 227
Adaptation can transform climate change challenges in opportunities: Experts. Sep 1, 2015 418
Obama: Receding Alaska glacier shows dangers of climate change \\. Sep 1, 2015 207
Furnishing of the visitor room in the office building of the eastern regional office, ministry of environment forest and climate change at chandrasekharpur, bhubaneswar, odisha. Sep 1, 2015 123
Woolly mammoth diet elucidates modern climate change. Lougheed, Tim Sep 1, 2015 409
Power couple: University of British Columbia chemical engineering professor David Wilkinson is scaling up his innovative clean energy technology--a coupled C[O.sub.2] and wastewater treatment process that creates high-value chemicals for the fracking and oil and gas industries. Staley, Roberta Sep 1, 2015 1983
HYDRALAB-PLUS: HYDRALAB+ Adapting to climate change. Aug 31, 2015 479
CAT claws Government over solar subsidies cut. Aug 31, 2015 548
First two projects of Africa Climate Change Fund approved. Aug 31, 2015 500
NASA Arctic Field Campaign to Examine Ecosystem Impacts of Changing Climate. Aug 31, 2015 980
Making water, sanitation sectors climate-resilient must for sustainable development, Climate Change secretary. Aug 31, 2015 682
Climate Change and Resiliency Roundtable. Discussion Aug 30, 2015 315
Obama previews trip to Alaska, discusses ways to address climate change. Aug 29, 2015 184
Carbon Tax Bill Introduced Into Assembly. Aug 28, 2015 491
Mali climate change adaptation activity. Aug 28, 2015 104
Scientists Call on President Obama to Include Tongass in Climate Change Talks. Aug 27, 2015 952
Pennsylvania Climate Impacts Assessment Report Shows Threats to Human Health, Water and Air Quality. Report Aug 27, 2015 775
Rwanda : Provision of finance to the Rwanda Fund for Climate Change and Environment. Aug 27, 2015 172
Programme on Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (ICCAS). Aug 27, 2015 456
Low-emission Capacity Building Project (LECB) / LECB Enhanced Support. Aug 27, 2015 329
French FM meets Ban to discuss climate problems. Aug 26, 2015 452
2015 Sentinel Award Finalists Announced, Featuring Topics of Campus Sexual Assault, PTSD, Autism, Climate Change and More. Aug 26, 2015 895
Third National Communication of Albania to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Aug 26, 2015 479
Symposium/Workshop on Planning a Collaborative Research, Development and Extension Program on Climate Change among APEC Member Economies. Aug 26, 2015 264
Strategies et technologies d attenuation et d adaptation aux changements climatiques au niveau communautaire en Tunisie (Strategies and technologies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change at the community level in Tunisia). Aug 26, 2015 179
Dangers of climate change are more visible than ever; Climate change is a clear and present danger, which involves moral and technical decisions, says ROBERT THORNILEY-WALKER. Aug 25, 2015 748
Landowners vital to climate change fight. Aug 25, 2015 159
Building a better future with cleaner bricks. Aug 25, 2015 397
Solar Energy for Electrification in Central Momi Villages, Hadibu District, Socotra, Yemen. Aug 24, 2015 493
Unsustainable water usage can imperil efforts for durable economic development: Secretary Climate Change. Aug 23, 2015 266
Climate change fuels war! Aug 22, 2015 227
Provision of determination of the impact of climate change. Aug 22, 2015 101
Climate change drove ice age die-offs: abrupt rises in temperature coincide with timing of extinctions. Sumner, Thomas Aug 22, 2015 429
California Climate Change Symposium Is Sold Out, but Live Webcast Available. Aug 21, 2015 671
Transforming the Charcoal Sector. Aug 21, 2015 259
Torrential rains, prolonged drought -- climate change causing more extreme weather. Aug 21, 2015 722
Study finds climate change makes California's drought worse. Aug 20, 2015 430
Project for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Mekong Delta in Ben Tre and Tra Vinh Provinces. Aug 20, 2015 292
GLO: Linking Science, Policy, Action SPA. Aug 20, 2015 351
Climate Scientists and Policy Leaders Gather for California Climate Change Symposium on August 24-25. Aug 19, 2015 532
Backstopping SDC Climate Change and Environment (CC&E) Network. Aug 19, 2015 251
Resilience to Climate Change Support to the thematic programme of the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery GFDRR RCC-GFDRR. Aug 19, 2015 432
Lobby of Parliament attracts thousands. Aug 18, 2015 478
U.S. EPA to propose rules to curb methane emissions from oil and gas sector -source. Aug 18, 2015 172
Obama Proposal Targets Methane Emissions. Aug 18, 2015 1042
Community-driven watershed management for climate change adaptation in Nicaragua. Aug 18, 2015 211
Community-driven watershed management for climate change adaptation. Aug 18, 2015 231
GESTOR 2: integrales Wassermanagement unter BerE-cksichtigung der Effekte des Klimawandels (GESTOR 2: integral water management taking into account the effects of climate change). Aug 17, 2015 432
Aire Limpio (Clean Air). Aug 17, 2015 308
Angewandte Forschung zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel (Applied research on adaptation to climate change). Aug 17, 2015 406
Study on the Support to the Process of Building Capacities of Local Self-Governments for the Implementation of Environment and Climate Change Legislation, 1st Phase. Aug 17, 2015 445
provision for Taking to scale tree-based ecosystem approaches that enhance food security, improve resilience to climate change and sequester carbon. Aug 17, 2015 419
Supporting small-scale farmers in South Africa, to become more seed, food and nutritionally secure and more resilient to climate change, through enhanced seed and food diversity and the application of local knowledge systems. Aug 14, 2015 228
Using climate-smart agriculture practices to increase local food security and climate change adaption in the St. George Farming Community. Aug 14, 2015 346
Water, Waste and Climate Change. Aug 14, 2015 359
Graffiti clue to climate change; SCIENCE. Aug 14, 2015 140
GroundTruth announces $1 million project on climate change. Aug 14, 2015 812
Forests first defence line against climate risks: Mushahidullah. Aug 13, 2015 539
Climate change threatens 50 years of progress in global health, study says. Report Aug 13, 2015 620
Call for including water climate change in composite dialogue. Aug 13, 2015 248
Curative measures in forests damaged by climate change. Aug 13, 2015 165
Renforcement de capacite communautaire en gestion de l electrification Solaire d Itsamia Moheli COMORES (Community capacity building in management Solar electrification Itsamia Moheli Comoros). Aug 13, 2015 549
Solar panels popularization and installation in small towns of Zhytomyr region. Aug 13, 2015 266
MARmaED: MARine MAnagement and Ecosystem Dynamics under climate change. Aug 13, 2015 407
New climate lawsuit filed. Aug 13, 2015 637
Max Planck team on atmospheric mission. Aug 12, 2015 282
Pakistan to join contact group of climate change. Aug 12, 2015 175
Promotion of environmental protection and reslience of capacities of vulnerable families Cerca Carvajal face the vagaries and effects of climate change. Aug 11, 2015 175
Promoting Sustainable Forest Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in PNG taking into consideration the impact of Climate Change and REDD+ through policy dialogue and networking. Aug 11, 2015 363
Projet d Electrification Solaire de la localite d Idjikoundzi Dimani COMORES (Solar Electrification Project of the resort of Idjikoundzi Dimani COMORES). Aug 11, 2015 522
Support Project Five (5) village communities and Boffa prefectures Dubreka the resilience to climate change through the conservation and sustainable management of community forests. Aug 11, 2015 228
Sunvalley Solar Is Seeking for Partnerships to Implement its Patented Technology. Aug 11, 2015 744
Butterflies grounded by changing climate; They are the insects which help make a picture perfect summer's day. But worrying new research reveals that Britain's butteflies could be wiped within decades, reports John von Radowitz. Aug 11, 2015 527
Technical Assistance For Documentation And Systematization Process Of Plan Of Action Gender And Climate Change (pagcc) Of Peru. Aug 10, 2015 118
Climate Change. Aug 10, 2015 628
Local and institutional capacity development to monitor biodiversity response to climate change using Hogave Conservation Area, EHP, Papua New Guinea. Aug 8, 2015 182
Myanmar Climate Change Alliance. Aug 8, 2015 257
Local land based integrated approach to reduce vulnerability, climate change adaptation in the areas and hunger among Korku tribes. Aug 8, 2015 134
Managing the natural resources for the climate change impact adaptation. Aug 8, 2015 150
Manejo De La Micro Cuenca La Danta Y Aprovechamiento De Energia Solar En La Comunidad De Bonanza Dulce Nombrede Culmi, Olancho (MICRO Basin Management Tapir And Solar Energy Use In The Community Of Fresh Nombrede Bonanza CulmE[degrees], Olancho). Aug 8, 2015 476
Mini irrigation to alleviate the negative impacts of the effects of climate change on agricultural crops of farmers of La Haut Penville. Aug 8, 2015 142
Protect forests and people living there. Aug 8, 2015 743
Mushahidullah invited to global ministerial climate conference in Paris. Conference news Aug 7, 2015 356
Mushahidullah to attend ministerial climate conference in Paris. Conference news Aug 7, 2015 426
Gender and promotion of local technologies with low carbon emissions to mitigate the effects of climate change refugees and host populations in the district of Garoua-Boulai. Aug 7, 2015 318
Improving the livelihoods of Rural Farmers while using New Technology to adjust to climate change. Aug 7, 2015 159
Increasing Awareness of the Effects of Climate Change and Increasing Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change Impacts with Agricultural Base Practices in the Colihaut Community. Aug 7, 2015 116
Installation of the alternative energy sources in the settlements of internally displaced people in Lugansk region. Aug 7, 2015 243
Assessment of global climate change impacts on human health. Aug 7, 2015 256
C4T: Climate change across Cenozoic cooling steps reconstructed with clumped isotope thermometry. Aug 6, 2015 390
Empowering Santa Teresa, Solar Energy for a Village in Southern Belize. Aug 6, 2015 506
Enhancing Resilience of the Saqani Community to the adverse effects of climate change, through the strengthening of Food Security and Coastal Infrastructure. Aug 6, 2015 122
Enhancing the Resilience of Petite Martinique Fishers to the impacts of Climate Change, to protect livelihoods and improve food security. Aug 6, 2015 548
Essai pilote de la protection d un km (Ain Errimel) du littoral de Ghannouche (Pilot testing of the protection of a km (Ain Errimel) of coastline Ghannouche). Aug 6, 2015 428
Facilitating Sustainable Development through the Use of Alternative Energy Sources: A Solar-powered Campus Initiative. Aug 6, 2015 523
Achievable Climate Plan. Aug 6, 2015 604
Climate Pleas From Pope, Obama Fall Flat in Texas. Aug 5, 2015 1671
Obama's clean power plan. Aug 5, 2015 733
Flexible Fix To Climate Change. Aug 5, 2015 846
UN chief welcomes climate change plan unveiled by Obama. Aug 5, 2015 183
Minister urges unless rich countries to cut carbon emissions: Minister. Aug 5, 2015 413
Diminish factors that affect climate change. Aug 5, 2015 121
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a Aboussounou dans le departement de BONGOUANOU (Electrification solar community infrastructure to Aboussounou in the department Bongouanou). Aug 5, 2015 477
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a AGRINGOUA dans le departement de DAOUKRO (Electrification solar community infrastructure to AGRINGOUA in the department DAOUKRO). Aug 5, 2015 489
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a AKRINGOUA dans le departement de DAOUKRO (Electrification solar community infrastructure to AKRINGOUA in the department DAOUKRO). Aug 5, 2015 490
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a Bacatoklonou dans le departement de SIKENSI (Electrification solar community infrastructure to Bacatoklonou in the department Sikensi). Aug 5, 2015 485
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a Bodognoa dans le departement de GAGNOA (Electrification solar community infrastructure to Bodognoa in the department GAGNOA). Aug 5, 2015 497
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a Kafanadougou dans le departement de DALOA (Electrification solar community infrastructure to Kafanadougou in the department DALOA). Aug 5, 2015 479
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a KOTCHIMPO dans le departement d AGBOVILLE (Electrification solar community infrastructure to KOTCHIMPO in the department AGBOVILLE). Aug 5, 2015 488
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a Koucouedou dans le departement de DIVO (Electrification solar community infrastructure to Koucouedou in the department DIVO). Aug 5, 2015 486
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a Moussakro dans le departement d ABENGOUROU (Electrification solar community infrastructure to Moussakro in the department ABENGOUROU). Aug 5, 2015 483
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a NOUGOUA dans le departement de TIAPOUM, ABOISSO (Electrification solar community infrastructure to NOUGOUA in the department Tiapoum, Aboisso). Aug 5, 2015 485
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a PETIT GOZON dans le departement de Duekoue (Electrification solar community infrastructure in PETIT GOZON in the department of Duekoue). Aug 5, 2015 494
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a ZONLE 1 s/p BIAKELE, Biakale dans le departement de MAN (Electrification solar community infrastructure to ZONLE 1 s / p BIAKELE, Biakale in MAN department). Aug 5, 2015 485
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a Zougounou dans le departement de YAMOUSSOUKRO (Electrification solar community infrastructure to Zougounou in the department of Yamoussoukro). Aug 5, 2015 486
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires dans le village de SAGBOYA (V6) dans le departement de BUYO, SOUBRE (Electrification solar community infrastructure in the village of SAGBOYA (V6) in the department of BUYO, SOUBRE). Aug 5, 2015 501
Electrification solaire dans les villages de Pitike et Kablake, dans la region de grand bereby (Solar electrification in villages and Pitike Kablake in the large region Bereby). Aug 5, 2015 466
Obama climate plan derided by Republicans, hailed by green groups. Aug 4, 2015 552
Climate change: Obama unveils Clean Power Plan. Aug 4, 2015 175
Obama, Ban discuss Syria, Yemen, Libya, South Sudan, climate change. Aug 4, 2015 178
Climate change will cause the next revolutions in North Africa. Aug 3, 2015 918
UN chief welcomes Obama's "ambitious" climate change plan. Aug 3, 2015 142
Obama Unveils Climate Rules, With Texas-Wide Implications. Aug 3, 2015 1084
Hillary Joins Climate Battle. Aug 2, 2015 640
Utilities Hope Texas Plays Ball on Clean Air Plan. Aug 2, 2015 1861
Obama releases climate video ahead of clean power plan release. Aug 2, 2015 359
Climate change effects underestimated. Krisberg, Kim Aug 1, 2015 139
Philippine church takes lead on encyclical. Roewe, Brian Jul 31, 2015 1110
Saengtaewon national climate change research cryogenic freezer quote purchase announcements. Jul 31, 2015 102
Climate Change Warriors Project. Jul 31, 2015 156
No agnostics in the climate foxhole. Jul 31, 2015 770
BISP to enable its beneficiaries to face climate change risks: Marvi. Jul 31, 2015 442
BISP to enable beneficiaries to deal climate change risks: Marvi Memon. Jul 31, 2015 560
Union Pacific Reports Environmental Strategies and Goals in Annual CDP Disclosure. Jul 31, 2015 546
Small islands states challenge UN on climate change threat. Jul 30, 2015 156
New Book Highlights the Hidden Connection Between Food Waste, Hunger and Climate Change. Jul 30, 2015 1013
Climate change threatens 50 years of progress in global health: Study. Report Jul 30, 2015 200
Only 31% Pakistanis want climate change be addressed: Gallup Pakistan. Jul 30, 2015 123
Mozambique : Support to Climate Change Programme through the World Bank. Jul 30, 2015 103
Building coastal communities resilience to climate change impacts on water security. Jul 29, 2015 436
Climate Change Education and Biodiversity Assessment Torricelli Mountain Range PNG. Jul 29, 2015 311
New in TribTalk: Cisneros and Parker on Climate Change. Jul 28, 2015 116
Assessment of Community Resilience to Climate Change, Loss of biodiversity and Sustainable Management of Water and Land Resources for Livelihood Enterprise Development in the Black Volta Basin. Jul 28, 2015 491
Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a Medon dans le departement de SAN PEDRO (Electrification solar community infrastructure in Medon in the department SAN PEDRO). Jul 28, 2015 495
World must cut pollution to save marine life: Study. Jul 27, 2015 160
World needs transformative economic order to cope with climate risks: Mushahidullah. Jul 27, 2015 581
Kenya : Strengthening Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change in Kenya Plus (StARCK+). Jul 27, 2015 163
New system to help combat climate change in UAE. Jul 24, 2015 218
48317-002: Promoting Urban Climate Change Resilience in Selected Asian Cities - Developing Integrated Urban Development Plans in Selected DMC Cities Incorporating Urban Climate Change Resilience Principles (Subproject 1). Jul 23, 2015 436
Teaching old laws new tricks on climate front. Jul 23, 2015 790
Concerns increase in Cuba because of rising temperatures, drought, other effects of climate change. Vazquez, Daniel Jul 23, 2015 1145
First half of 2015 hottest six months on record: UN. Jul 22, 2015 557
First half of 2015 hottest six months on record: UN. Jul 22, 2015 557
Lobby of Parliament attracts thousands. Jul 22, 2015 478
Mayors gather at THEVATICAN to sign climate change declaration. Jul 22, 2015 152
Health and Climate Change. Jul 21, 2015 101
Consulting to help the municipalities Lardal and Larvik can adapt to climate change. Jul 20, 2015 126

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