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Glittery or colorful stars ... just cut and fold paper plates.

Glittery or colorful stars ... just cut and fold paper plates Paper plates gain star status as light-weight ornaments. While we used plates in assorted sizes, almost any paper will do. You can enliven stars with glitter, felt-tip pens, or acrylic paints.

To assemble the ornaments, you'll need four paper plates for each star (light-weight plates are easiest to cut). Also have bobby pins (12 per star), scissors, and craft glue. Hang ornaments from loops of clear plastic thread.

Following the directions at right, fold, cut, and glue plates together. We give instructions for a simple 12-point star, but you can cut the four plate sections into other patterns; simply cut as you would for paper snowflakes.

Before you glue the plate segments together, clip with pins to make sure star is properly assembled; the last segment can be tricky.

If adding color, paint stars after assembly, since folding and pinning paper segments can cause paint to crack and chip.
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Title Annotation:Christmas decoration
Date:Dec 1, 1989
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