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Girls in Pants.

GIRLS IN PANTS. (Sisterhood sisterhood: see monasticism.  of the Traveling Pants.)Ann Brashares. 2005. Read by Angela Goethals. 6 cds. 7.25 hrs. Listening Library. 0-307-20683-1. $45.00. Vinyl; plot, author, reader notes. JS*

From the KLIATT starred review of the hardcover book, January, 2005: "Fans of this delightful series will eagerly grab this third part. To recap: it concerns four friends, four families, linked by a lifetime of memories and also by a magical pair of pants In mathematics, a pair of pants is a simple two-dimensional surface resembling a pair of pants. In hyperbolic geometry, pairs of pants are sewn together, leg to leg, or leg to waist, to create Riemann surfaces of arbitrary genus.  that brings out the best in the girl wearing them. This third summer of the sisterhood is the summer after graduation, before the friends ... separate and go to college, so there is a bittersweet bittersweet, name for two unrelated plants, belonging to different families, both fall-fruiting woody vines sometimes cultivated for their decorative scarlet berries.  quality to the story...."

Reader Goethals has a light, flexible voice that seems ideal for recording the further exploits of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She keeps the action moving smoothly and incorporates male and female voices well. This is sure to please the Pants fans. Mary Purucker, Beverly Hills Beverly Hills, city (1990 pop. 31,971), Los Angeles co., S Calif., completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles; inc. 1914. The largely residential city is home to many motion-picture and television personalities.  PL, Beverly Hills, CA

J--Recommended for junior high school students. The contents are of particular interest to young adolescents and their teachers.

S--Recommended for senior high school students.

*--The asterisk (1) See Asterisk PBX.

(2) In programming, the asterisk or "star" symbol (*) means multiplication. For example, 10 * 7 means 10 multiplied by 7. The * is also a key on computer keypads for entering expressions using multiplication.
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Author:Purucker, Mary
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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