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Gina Adair had wild sex with 28 men while Johnny was in prison; NEW BOOK REVEALS THE SECRET, KINKY PRIVATE LIFE OF LOYALIST TERROR LEADER.


TERROR boss Johnny Adair's wife, Gina, confessed to having sex with 28 men during one of Johnny's stints in jail. And the loyalist killer allegedly forced her to have an HIV test before he set up home with her.

Gina, then Adair's girlfriend, told him about the men she'd slept with and detailed their sex games to him.

In a new book, Mad Dog: The Rise and Fall of Johnny Adair and 'C' Company, Gina is alleged to be a sex-mad, party-goer and drug user who loved kinky sex.

Authors Hugh Jordan and David Lister claim she also had an abortion after falling pregnant to one of her many lovers.

For years, Adair and Gina Crossan had a volatile, and sometimes violent, on-off relationship.They met as teenagers. She was just 14, three years his junior, when they began dating.

Like Adair, she was a skinhead, with just a tiny tuft of hair at the front of her shaved head. For the next two decades they had an often bizarre and unconventional courtship.

They continually broke off their relationship, took other lovers but were always drawn back together.

During one split up in the early 90s, Gina began drinking heavily and taking drugs. According to the book, she got into debt and owed money to UDA men, who took her income support book to ensure she paid them back.

She had a string of affairs and then began seeing a man from the Mount Vernon area of north Belfast.

Gina taunted Adair by boasting about the size of his manhood and describing their sex games.

She told Johnny how her new man poured candle wax on her and also ran a knife down her back, slicing her.

Gina went from party to party and began to hang out with a young neighbour from Hazelfield Street who worked as a prostitute and sold cannabis.

This woman looked after Gina's daughter Chloe whenever Gina stayed over with her boyfriend.

Johnny was furious when he found out and eventually the woman, and a brother, on the run from jail, who was staying with her, were attacked and run out of the Shankill by Adair's henchmen.

When they were a couple, Gina and Johnny spoke "kinky filth" to each other on the phone, a Northern Ireland prison official told the authors.

"He wasn't like you or me. There was nothing normal about his sexual relationships," he revealed.

Johnny was regularly monitored in jail having phone sex with Gina. One official called him a "sexual deviant".

He said Gina would read out lists of people she had slept with and taunt Adair by revealing initimate details about what she had done with them.

Johnny only got annoyed if she said any of them were better endowed than him.

Between 95 and 97 Adair was constantly breaking up with Gina and patching things up again.

In 1995, after making up with her, he broke up with her again when he discovered she was pregnant.

According to Winkie Dodds, who had taken over as UDA brigadier in Belfast, Adair told him to give her pounds 500 for an abortion. She told everyone she was going to England to see her sister.

The book claims that, by early 1997, Adair was obsessed with the fact his children didn't have his name. He kept begging Gina to change their name to Adair.

She continually refused, saying she'd only do this if he was prepared to marry her.

He eventually relented and, after an on-off 17-year relationship, Adair married Gina Crossan in the Maze prison on February 21 1997.

Despite her wild past and many lovers, Gina dressed as a traditional virgin bride in full length white and was collected from her home in Manor Court in the Oldpark in a limousine.

Top UDA "C" company and west Belfast members attended and the reception was in a prison portacabin.

There were no speeches but there was smuggled vodka, music from a ghetto blaster and Johnny and Gina danced to Tina Turner's Simply the Best.

In jail, Adair ran a drugs racket and Gina was a courier for him - using their baby son for cover.

A pal said: "All the prisoners went to church on a Sunday and thats when the drugs and money were passed over.

"Gina always visited Johnny on a Sunday and she would take the baby with her.

"She would put the money down the child's nappy and take it out. I thought it was a total disgrace. But she was also taking drugs into jail the same way - down Jay's nappy."

When Adair was released from prison, the couple got their first home together - a 3 bedroomed semi in Boundary Way, west Belfast.

Jobless Adair, was given the house by the Housing Executive but was able to spend thousands refurbishing the property - installing oil heating, knocking down an internal wall and buying lavish furnishings.

But he soon became restless and thought often of his girlfriend Jackie Robinson. He began, claim the authors, to regret marrying Gina.

Then one day, after hearing who one of her many lovers was when he was in jail, Adair forced his wife to go for an HIV test.

A few months later, on Christmas eve, the couple had a huge drunken row after Adair had one of Gina's boyfriends beaten up.

She challenged him about Jackie Robinson, held a knife to him and threatened to cut his penis off.

On Christmas morning, Adair took his revenge. He beat Gina, took their young son, Jay, and left the house to spend Christmas with his lover, Jackie.

The couple are now apart again - forced apart by Johnny's reimprisonment and the collapse of his west Belfast empire following last year's bitter internal UDA feud.

Gina fled to Bolton but it's claimed she occasionaly risks her life to return to Belfast to visit her husband in prison.

Mad Dog: The Rise and Fall of Johnny Adair and 'C' Company by David Lister and Hugh Jordan is published by Mainstream pounds 15.99


ODD COUPLE: Johnny and Gina Adair...lovers since their teens, but fidelity in the Adair family is apparently for the dogs; WRITING ON THE WALL: The book that exposes Adair
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 12, 2003
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