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Gigantic Fall Comdex was 1700-dealer extravaganza.

Gigantic Fall Comdex Was 1700-Dealer Extravaganza Hordes of visitors flocked to Las Vegas for the 11th annual fall Comdex Show. Many of the 1700 vendors touted new networking or computer products.

Users concerned about electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from VDTs and other equipment followed with interest research done by NoRad of Santa Monica, Calif., measuring EMR from an array of computer monitors and protective screens.

Even the poorest protection was better than none at all, cutting volts/meter exposure by factors of two to 10. Cost of screens, which also reduce glare, is $100 to $150, but even the best only cut radiation from the front of a VDT, not the sides or top.

Several hot telecomm products were introduced.

Canon USA's Navigator is an integrated phone, answering machine, fax and PC. Its display screen serves as a touch-sensitive control panel. The size of a PC, it is IBM/XT compatible, and phone or fax can be used while word processing program is in progress.

Bell Atlantic introduced Thinx software, an intelligent graphics program for IBM PCs and compatibles. Running under Microsoft windows, it lets users work with images and data, having calculations run automatically as a plan or image is drawn. It works with Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and dBase.

Universal Data Systems hit the market with three new modems. All meet CCITT standards. They are a V.32/V.42, V.42bis, and a V.22/42.

The V.42 is the first 9.6 kb/s error correcting modem with CCITT V.42 compatibility. It utilizes both MNP 4 and LAP-M error correcting protocols.

Western Telematic, Irvine, Calif., introduced Lasernet model SP. It lets four serial and four parallel users share one parallel and one serial printer or plotter at same time. High-speed parallel ports boost data throughput.

CNet, San Jose, Calif., launched its CN2400, a 2400 baud modem. External, internal and "shirt pocket" sizes are available. CNet also offers a 9600 baud Group 3 internal PC fax card.

LanMark, Mississauga, Canada, brought out EasyNet NOS/2Plus, SMB compatible LAN for MS/PC DOS or OS/2 systems. It is 80% faster than earlier models and the SMB compatibility permits user access to SMB servers and LAN Manager.

GammaLink announced OS/2 end-user PC to fax software, supporting enhanced background transmission with multi-tasking capability.

Racore showed a host of Novell NetWare 386 compatible LAN products, including 4x16 Mb/s 802.5 token ring products, diskless and administrative LANstations, and LANpac II, billed as fastest LAN currently available for Novell Netware.

Archive Corp., Costa Mesa, Calif., has a 386 Xenix driver which allows IBM/AT and PS/2 compatible 80Mb tape drives to operate Xenix System V, versions 2.2.3 and 2.3.X. Archive also has 80Mb external tape backup subsystem for its ArchiveXL line.

C.Itoh entered the Ethernet LAN terminal market with its new CIT334ET mono and CIT344ET color graphics models. The CIT-X is a high-resolution mono terminal designed for X-Windows, increasingly popular with UNIX systems.

Proteon showed its high performance 4/16 Mb/s token ring products with integrated support for unshielded twisted pair. Products include first token ring adapter for 32-bit EISA bus, as well as high performance adapter for IBM PC AT and compatibles.

Gateway Communications brought out a new G/X25 Gateway 64. The X.25 unit provides LAN users with access to remote mini and mainframe computers through high-speed digital data or T1 circuits at speeds up to 64 kb/s.
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Title Annotation:Comdex/Fall trade show
Author:Harler, Curt
Publication:Communications News
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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