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Giant Tomatoes.

Giant Tomatoes

Marvin H. Meisner

Annedawn Publishing

PO Box 247, Norton Nor·ton   , Charles Eliot 1827-1908.

American educator, writer, and editor who founded the Nation (1865).
, MA 02766

9780975515310, $24.95

An ideal instruction guide for amateurs and professionals seeking to grow their tomatoes for size and yield, "Giant Tomatoes: Giant Yields, Giant Weights" takes the reader through the step-by-step intricacies of selecting tomato varieties, preparing the soil for planting, fertilizing, watering, pollinating, pruning pruning, the horticultural practice of cutting away an unwanted, unnecessary, or undesirable plant part, used most often on trees, shrubs, hedges, and woody vines. , and virtually every other aspect of successfully growing tomatoes for maximum yields and maximum size. Profusely pro·fuse  
1. Plentiful; copious.

2. Giving or given freely and abundantly; extravagant: were profuse in their compliments.
 illustrated throughout, "Giant Tomatoes" is enhanced with the inclusion of basic tomato recipes, a glossary A term used by Microsoft Word and adopted by other word processors for the list of shorthand, keyboard macros created by a particular user. See glossaries in this publication and The Computer Glossary. , a list of suppliers, information on germinating old tomato seeds, a bibliography bibliography. The listing of books is of ancient origin. Lists of clay tablets have been found at Nineveh and elsewhere; the library at Alexandria had subject lists of its books.  for further research, and so much more. Simply stated, "Giant Tomatoes" is an indispensable 'how to' reference for anyone wanting to consistently produce tomatoes of qualities that they can be truly proud of.
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Title Annotation:Giant Tomatoes: Giant Yields, Giant Weights
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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