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Ghent University Goes Into Production with New Oracle Database, Fully Migrated from IDMS by BluePhoenix Solutions.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands & HERZLIA, Israel -- The Automated BluePhoenix(TM) DBMSMigrator Solution Used to Provide the University With a Modern and Flexible IT Environment

BluePhoenix Solutions (Nasdaq:BPHX), the leader in Enterprise IT Modernization, today announced that Ghent University It is a relatively young university, founded 9 October 1817. The year before, king William I of the Netherlands had proclaimed the establishment of three universities in the Southern Netherlands.  went into production following a database application migration. The project involved migrating the university's non-relational IDMS See CA-IDMS and IDMSX.

1. (language, database) IDMS - A pictorial query language, an extension of Sequel2.

["A Management System for an Integrated Database of Pictures and Alphanumeric Data", G.Y. Tang, Computer Graphics Image Processing 16:270-286 (1981)].
 database to a new relational Oracle database, which provides the university with a much more flexible and standard IT environment for their Personnel and Payroll applications.

The highly complex project, performed using the BluePhoenix(TM) DBMSMigrator solution, was divided into two batch and online migration tasks. The first task included converting all Micro Focus COBOL COBOL: see programming language.
 in full Common Business-Oriented Language.

High-level computer programming language, one of the first widely used languages and for many years the most popular language in the business community.
 Batch programs A non-interactive (non-conversational) program such as a report listing or sort. See batch processing.  using IDMS DB on UNIX UNIX

Operating system for digital computers, developed by Ken Thompson of Bell Laboratories in 1969. It was initially designed for a single user (the name was a pun on the earlier operating system Multics).
 to Micro Focus COBOL Batch using Oracle DB. The second part included a highly complex conversion of all ADS dialogs using IDMS DB (UNIX) to Micro Focus COBOL Screen Section with Oracle DB. Following each migration, the applications were thoroughly tested and end-user transparency ensured in collaboration with the university's IT staff.

"By finalizing our transfer off IDMS and onto Oracle databases, we finally have a fully modernized system that is more dynamically available, offers a growth path for many years to come and is highly cost-effective," said Piet De Geest, Project Manager at Ghent University. "BluePhoenix has done a great job in executing this critical project. We have had no service disruptions or loss of data."

"This highly complex migration project brought every aspect of our team's technical expertise into play as our technology had to be highly customized to the university's unique IT environment," added Eliezer Harkavi, vice president Offshore Services and Delivery at BluePhoenix Solutions. "Our years of experience in managing and implementing large-scale migration projects are certainly in evidence here. With Ghent University, we are widening our customer base in the Benelux which includes, among others, major financial institutions such as Fortis Bank and Nationale Nederlanden."

About Ghent University

Founded in 1817, Ghent University is one of the leading institutions of higher education higher education

Study beyond the level of secondary education. Institutions of higher education include not only colleges and universities but also professional schools in such fields as law, theology, medicine, business, music, and art.
 and research in the Low Countries. With 26,000 students and 6,000 staff members, Ghent University is an open, committed and pluralistic plu·ral·is·tic  
1. Of or relating to social or philosophical pluralism.

2. Having multiple aspects or parts: "the idea that intelligence is a pluralistic quality that ...
 university with a broad international perspective.

About BluePhoenix Solutions

BluePhoenix Solutions (Nasdaq:BPHX), leads the IT Modernization market by developing unique solutions that enable companies to automate the process of modernizing and upgrading their mainframe and distributed IT infrastructure, thus quickly and cost-effectively extending the ROI (Return On Investment) The monetary benefits derived from having spent money on developing or revising a system. In the IT world, there are more ways to compute ROI than Carter has liver pills (and for those of you who never heard of that expression, it means a lot).  of their existing IT systems. The company's comprehensive suite of tools and services (including technology for Understanding, Presentment, Migration, Remediation and Redevelopment) reduces the cost of renovation and speeds up the renewal process. BluePhoenix has 12 offices throughout the world, including locations in the US, UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Australia and Israel.

The company's major shareholder is the Formula Group (Nasdaq:FORTY), an international Information Technology company principally engaged in providing software products, solutions, and services in various vertical markets.

For more information, please visit our web site at


1. A legal provision to reduce or eliminate liability as long as good faith is demonstrated.

2. A form of shark repellent implemented by a target company acquiring a business that is so poorly regulated that the target itself is less attractive.
: Certain statements contained in this release may be deemed forward-looking statements forward-looking statement

A projected financial statement based on management expectations. A forward-looking statement involves risks with regard to the accuracy of assumptions underlying the projections.
, with respect to plans, projections, or future performance of the Company, the occurrence of which involves certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual plans to differ materially from these statements. These risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to: market demand for the Company's tools, successful implementation of the Company's tools, competitive factors, the ability to manage the Company's growth, the ability to recruit and retrain re·train  
tr. & intr.v. re·trained, re·train·ing, re·trains
To train or undergo training again.

 additional software personnel, and the ability to develop new business lines.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 12, 2004
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