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Getting with the times.

Although we try to present both sides of the malt beverage industry fairly within the pages of Modern Brewery Age, some things come up once in a while that scream for a rebuttal. The article about the Indiana prosecutor found on this very page is just such a case.

Since the Beer Institute was unavailable for comment in the Associated Press story, I have taken it upon myself to put in our two cents.

After all is said and done, after all the blustering and posturing has grown tiresome to the few that bothered to listen in the first place, the simple fact remains that Prosecutor Jeffrey Modisett's views on beer marketer's advertising are a day late and a dollar short. For one thing, the Swedish Bikini Team has been faded out of the Stroh's advertising scheme since the beginning of the year. Additionally, several other major brewers have said they will begin market ingmore beer and less skin.

Brewers have also found that women are starting to make up a growing constituency for them in a more or less flat market. Realizing this, Mr. Prosecutor, why would brewers risk alienating a potentially lucrative market with advertising that might be offensive to them?

Mr. Modisett is a classic example of a big fish in a little pond trying desperately to grab some national attention. Get with the times, and go back to chasing the bad guys, Mr. Prosecutor, instead of trying to make a name for yourself.
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Title Annotation:reaction to Indiana Prosecutor Jeffrey Modisett's call for more restraint in beer advertising
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 22, 1992
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