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Genuine Draft moves into Puerto Rico.

Miller Brewing Co. officials last week announced that Miller Genuine Draft is now available in Puerto Rico.

In making the announcement, Thomas Waller, director of international operations for Miller, said that since its introduction in 1986, Genuine Draft has experienced "explosive growth."

"We're pleased to be able to offer this very popular and high-quality Product to beer drinkers in Puerto Rico," Waller said. " In the United States, Miller Genuine Draft has grown faster than any other premium brand.

Beer industry publications," Waller added, "have called Miller Genuine Draft, |Today's beer success story.' I'm confident that beer drinkers in Puerto Rico will agree that it is the best-tasting and most refreshing packaged draft beer available."

Genuine Draft, which available in both 12-oz. cans and 7-oz. and 12-oz. longneck bottles in Puerto Rico, is imported and distributed by Mendez and Co. In support of the brand's introduction, television, radio, print and outdoor advertising have been developed.
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Title Annotation:Miller Brewing Co.'s beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 28, 1992
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