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Nature Paper Reveals Epigenetic Cause for Mantling - a Devastating Epi-mutation Occurring in Cloned Elite Oil Palms. Sep 9, 2015 1090
Penarth-based EKF Diagnostics celebrates big rise in pre-tax profits. Sep 17, 2013 214
Kinexus Identifies Over 966,000 Phosphorylation Sites in the Human Proteome. Mar 6, 2013 853
Influence of resveratrol on rheumatoid fibroblast-like synoviocytes analysed with gene chip transcription. Glehr, Mathias; Fritsch-Breisach, Margherita; Lohberger, Birgit; Walzer, Sonja Maria; Moazedi-Fuerst Report Feb 15, 2013 7022
Transgenomic to Present at the Lazard Capital Markets 9th Annual Healthcare Conference. Conference news Nov 8, 2012 298
Illumina Announces Winners of MiSeq[R] Grant Program. Nov 7, 2012 553
Transgenomic to Present at the Craig-Hallum 3rd Annual Alpha Select Conference. Conference news Sep 18, 2012 304
United States : GSK to buy 8 million issued common shares of RESPONSE GENETICS. Sep 17, 2012 104
Pathway Genomics Adds Prominent Bioinformatics Experts to Scientific Advisory Board. Apr 24, 2012 584
Transgenomic to Present at the Maxim Group Growth Conference. Conference news Mar 19, 2012 257
Transgenomic to Present at the Oppenheimer 22nd Annual Healthcare Conference. Conference news Dec 7, 2011 214
Kennedy Krieger and Partek Incorporated Discover Novel Method to Reveal Genetic Relatedness Between Individuals. Nov 15, 2011 1060
Transgenomic to Present at the Craig-Hallum 2nd Annual Alpha Select Conference. Conference news Oct 4, 2011 264
Initial Data from Bio-Path Holdings' Phase I Clinical Trial Accepted for Presentation at American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting. Oct 4, 2011 770
Population structure, long-term connectivity, and effective size of mutton snapper (Lutijanus analis) in the Caribbean Sea and Florida Keys. Carson, Evan W.; Saillant, Eric; Renshaw, Mark A.; Cummings, Nancie J.; Gold, John R. Oct 1, 2011 9922
Genzyme Announces Winners of Patient Advocacy Leadership Awards. Aug 17, 2011 1141
Illumina and University of Oxford to Sequence 500 Whole Human Genomes for Rare Disease Research. Aug 3, 2011 786
University of Washington Department of Genome Sciences Joins Illumina Genome Network. Jun 29, 2011 567
The perfect formula: life sciences industry flourishing in Utah. Stewart, Heather Jun 1, 2011 903
Liver Cell Infusion Performed for First Time in the United States on Child With Life-Threatening Disorder. Apr 14, 2011 1077
Affymetrix Releases Axiom[TM] Genome-Wide CHB 1 Array. Apr 12, 2011 835
SG Biofuels Advances Jatropha Biotech Platform with Application of Genetic Markers to Reference Genome. Mar 14, 2011 422
Affymetrix[R] Launches Next-Generation microRNA Solution. Feb 28, 2011 889
Genzyme Recognizes International Rare Disease Day by Launching New Patient Advocacy Grant Program. Feb 28, 2011 747
New England Journal of Medicine Publishes Initial Data on Study Examining Impact of Personal Genomics. Jan 12, 2011 949
Griffin Securities, Inc. Announces Investment Opinion on Transgenomic, Inc. Jan 10, 2011 442
Illumina and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Announce Completed Genome for Endangered Tasmanian Devil. Sep 16, 2010 990 and a Portfolio of 318 'Genetic' Domain Names to be Auctioned Off at Domain Development Conference. Conference news Sep 14, 2010 688
Fibrocell Science, Inc. Names Biotechnology and Genetic Research Expert Stefan Gruenwald, M.D., Ph.D., to Scientific Advisory Board. Sep 7, 2010 863
IntegraGen Announces the Publication of the Results of a Study Assessing the Impact of a Combined Analysis of Four Genetic Variants on Autism Risk. May 12, 2010 603
Affymetrix Launches Axiom Genome-Wide ASI Array For Maximized Coverage of East Asian Populations. Apr 26, 2010 847
Genzyme Corp. Apr 26, 2010 352
Researchers at Signature Genomics Attribute Diverse Spectrum of Brain and Facial Anomalies to Genetic Regions Associated with Holoprosencephaly. Jan 25, 2010 518
Researchers at Signature Genomics Attribute Diverse Spectrum of Neurological Problems to Chromosome Abnormalities of Genetic Region Associated with Autism. Nov 23, 2009 511
SwitchGear Genomics Launches Novel High-Throughput Screening Products for Profiling Biological Pathway Regulation. Oct 14, 2009 422
Affymetrix Launches New Platform for Next-Generation Genotyping. Oct 14, 2009 672
Clinical Genomics Continues Collaborative Research With CSIRO. Oct 7, 2009 383
Baylor College of Medicine Expands Fleet of SOLiD[TM] Systems to Expand Cancer Studies and Other Complex Human Diseases. Oct 6, 2009 705
Hagens Berman Investigating Potential Securities Violations at Genzyme Corporation (GENZ) on Behalf of Investors. Aug 3, 2009 297
Response Genetics to Present New Data at the 13th World Conference on Lung Cancer Supporting the Use of Gene Expression to Help Personalize Cancer Therapy Selection. Conference news Jul 31, 2009 1095
MMRC Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative First to Sequence Complete Myeloma Genomes. Jul 27, 2009 835
Evidence for a New Genetic Link to Therapeutic Efficacy for Alzheimer's Disease. Jul 14, 2009 988
Rubicon Genomics Introduces PicoPlex Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification Kit for Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnostics and Stem Cell and Cancer Cell Research. Jun 30, 2009 576
Risks of Sharing Personal Genetic Information Online Need More Study, Stanford Bioethicists Say. Jun 5, 2009 773
Breast cancer action sues to end gene patenting. Jun 1, 2009 383
Response Genetics to Announce Bladder, Colon and Colorectal Cancer Results at the 2009 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting. Financial report May 28, 2009 1007
Genzyme and Isis Announce that Mipomersen Phase 3 Study in Patients with Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia Met Primary Endpoint. May 20, 2009 1643
Six New Genes Associated with Heart Attacks. Apr 22, 2009 1486
Spectrolinker provides high-speed crosslinking, "smart" processor. Apr 1, 2009 216
Translational Genomics Research Institute and Applied Biosystems Accelerate Use of Genomics Research for Medical Applications. Mar 9, 2009 1184
Complete Genomics Announces Collaboration With the Broad Institute to Conduct Human Sequencing Studies. Mar 3, 2009 340
European Authorities Approve Larger-Scale Production of Genzyme's Myozyme. Feb 26, 2009 725
SwitchGear Genomics Launches Industry's First Cost-Effective Research Tool for Screening Entire Nuclear Receptor and Hypoxia Pathways. Dec 11, 2008 382
Epeius Biotech Awarded Patents in Europe for Targeted Genetic Anti-Cancer Medicine. Dec 1, 2008 300
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Ramps Up Cancer Research by Expanding Its Fleet of SOLiD[TM] Systems From Applied Biosystems. Nov 17, 2008 1478
Protein Linked to Spinal Muscular Atrophy Identified. Oct 8, 2008 1320
The Genome Institute of Singapore Acquires Applied Biosystems Genomic Analysis Systems for Cancer Research. Sep 15, 2008 1365
Affymetrix Launches 3' IVT Express Kit for Faster, More Reliable Target Preparation. Sep 3, 2008 866
Celgene Corporation to Present at the NewsMakers in the Biotech Industry Conference. Conference news Sep 2, 2008 208
Applied Biosystems Expands Sequencing-based RNA Analysis Solutions Portfolio. Aug 26, 2008 1761
Genzyme and Isis Obtain Apolipoprotein B (apoB) Expression Antisense Modulation Patent. Jul 1, 2008 1108
Center for Inherited Disease Research Adds Affymetrix Platform for Large-Scale Genotyping Services. Jun 16, 2008 1053
Case Western Reserve University and TGen Select Affymetrix SNP Array 6.0 for Diabetes Study. Jun 9, 2008 892
Myriad Genetics obtains United States patent. Jun 1, 2008 119
23andMe Launches Consumer-Enabled Research Program to Actively Engage Individuals in Genetics Research. May 29, 2008 681
Response Genetics, Inc. to Announce Pancreatic, Colon and Gastric Cancer Results at the 2008 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting. Clinical report May 29, 2008 999
Dutton Associates Announces Investment Opinion: Znomics Rated Neutral In Update Coverage By Dutton Associates. May 19, 2008 431
Myriad Genetics obtains United States patent. May 1, 2008 119
Affymetrix Signs Agreement With Avesthagen Limited. Mar 24, 2008 911
Dutton Associates Announces Investment Opinion: Znomics Rated Neutral In Initiating Coverage By Dutton Associates. Mar 10, 2008 489
Affymetrix Simplifies Copy Number Data Analysis for Association and Cytogenetic Studies. Dec 17, 2007 1431
Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Announces Issuance of 25th U.S. Patent. Dec 11, 2007 423
Copernicus Receives Milestone Payment from Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics to Further Development of its Non-Viral Gene Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis. Dec 11, 2007 501
Myriad Genetics obtains United States patent. Dec 1, 2007 99
JMP(R) Genomics 3.1 Adds New DNA Analysis Tools. Nov 19, 2007 556
Odyssey Thera granted United States Patent for animal imaging. Nov 1, 2007 281
Oncolytics Biotech announces issuance of 25th patent. Nov 1, 2007 150
Nanosphere Announces FDA Clearance of Second Molecular Diagnostics Assay. Oct 16, 2007 301
Genetix Launches New Website. Website overview Sep 5, 2007 307
Celgene Corporation to Present at the NewsMakers in the Biotech Industry Conference. Conference news Aug 31, 2007 203
Affymetrix Arrays Used to Identify Gene Amplification Associated with Breast Cancer. Disease/Disorder overview Jun 5, 2007 1298
Vision Deficit in Retinitis Pigmentosa Mice Corrected with DNA Nanoparticles. Jun 4, 2007 460
MARGE..THE FIRST COW TO PRODUCE SKIMMED MILK (and her butter is spreadable). May 28, 2007 282
Low fat milk 'cash cow'. May 28, 2007 86
Affymetrix Sets New Standard in Genotyping With Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0. May 21, 2007 1451
Myriad Genetics Announces Third Quarter Fiscal 2007 Financial Results Conference Call Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. ET. Apr 24, 2007 213
Latest Affymetrix Microarray Offers New Users a Cost-effective and Easy-to-use Alternative for Gene-level Expression Profiling. Apr 3, 2007 1092
Avesthagen Launches AVESTAGENOME. Mar 28, 2007 792
X PRIZE Taps Marc Hodosh to Lead $10 Million Genomics Competition. Mar 13, 2007 464
CombiMatrix Molecular Diagnostics to Utilize Autism Probe Content from a Partnership with The Centre for Applied Genomics. Mar 7, 2007 861
Affymetrix Releases Its Most Comprehensive Single Array for Genetic Studies. Feb 20, 2007 1146
Copernicus to Receive Increased Support from Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics to Further Development of its Non-Viral Gene Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis. Feb 15, 2007 544
Elixir Pharmaceuticals and Siena Biotech S.p.A. Enter Agreement to Evaluate SIRT1 Inhibitors in Huntington's Disease. Feb 13, 2007 1026
Affymetrix Signs Three-Year Translational Medicine Agreement With Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. Jan 24, 2007 1040
Myriad Genetics Announces Second Quarter Fiscal 2007 Financial Results Conference Call. Jan 23, 2007 133
Affymetrix 500K Array Used to Generate First Copy Number Variation Map of the Human Genome. Nov 27, 2006 1374
Helicos BioSciences Hosts Initial Thought Leadership Bioinformatics Forum. Nov 16, 2006 501
Affymetrix 500K Array Used to Identify Memory Gene. Oct 19, 2006 895
First African American Genome Scan for Disease Genes Will Use Affymetrix 500K Arrays. Oct 9, 2006 1377
Celera Identifies FCAR Genetic Polymorphism Associated with Increased Risk for Myocardial Infarction. Clinical report Sep 28, 2006 1326
Affymetrix Control Program Advances Association Studies and Saves Researchers Time and Money; World's Largest Population Genetics Control Resource Will Provide Free Public Access to Genotype Data on More Than 12,000 Samples. Aug 2, 2006 1150
Interleukin Genetics Initiates Study of IL-1 Variations and Incidence of Early Stroke in Italian Population; Collaboration with Catholic University Seeks Genetic Link to Stroke at Young Age. Jun 19, 2006 803
CureDuchenne & Prosensa's Partnership Moves Forward, Results in Major Step Forward to Develop an Effective Therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. May 11, 2006 670
Myriad Genetics obtains United States patent. May 1, 2006 121

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