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Louis Armstrong International Airport (504.464.0831) serves the New Orleans New Orleans (ôr`lēənz –lənz, ôrlēnz`), city (2006 pop. 187,525), coextensive with Orleans parish, SE La., between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain, 107 mi (172 km) by water from the river mouth; founded  region. Flights into and out of New Orleans are operating at or near capacity, so early reservations are strongly encouraged. When flying out of New Orleans, arrive at the airport two hours prior to your scheduled departure time. Staffing levels are reduced, causing delays in security procedures.

Taxis taxis (tăk`sĭs), movement of animals either toward or away from a stimulus, such as light (phototaxis), heat (thermotaxis), chemicals (chemotaxis), gravity (geotaxis), and touch (thigmotaxis). : A cab ride from the airport to the Central Business District (CBD (Component Based Development) Building applications with components (objects). See component software.

CBD - component based development
) for one or two persons is $28. For three or more persons, the fee is $12. per passenger. There may be an additional charge for extra baggage. Pick up is on the lower level, outside the baggage claim Noun 1. baggage claim - an area in an airport where arriving passengers can collect the luggage that has been carried in the hold of the aircraft
area - a part of a structure having some specific characteristic or function; "the spacious cooking area provided

Shuttle Service: The official shuttle transportation company serving the airport is Airport Shuttle An airport shuttle is a shuttle bus that transports airline passengers to and from a commercial airport. Passengers wait at the shuttle stop for the bus to arrive, and at appointed areas where shuttle pick-up and drop-off are allowed at the airport. . They are offering a $2.00 discount to ICE attendees. To place a shuttle reservation contact Airport Shuttle at 504.522.3500.


A variety of touring opportunities are available from Grey Line Tours. To review a description of tours offered and/or place tour reservations, visit


New Orleans has a subtropical sub·trop·i·cal  
Of, relating to, or being the geographic areas adjacent to the Tropics.


of the region lying between the tropics and temperate lands

 climate with temperatures in late October and early November ranging from 75[degrees]F (24[degrees]C) in the daytime to 55[degrees]F (13[degrees]C) in the evenings.

ICE Block Party

ICE attendees and exhibitors are invited to attend the ICE "Block Party" to be held on the Show floor from 5:00 to 7:00 pm on Wednesday evening. Once again we will kick off ICE activities with this exciting reception. Network and conduct business in a fun-filled atmosphere while sampling some "N'awlins" favorites. Topping off the evening will be the high energy sounds of one of our favorite bands.
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