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General Services Administration.

Mr. David L. Bibb bibb  
1. Nautical A bracket on the mast of a ship to support the trestletrees.

2. A bibcock.

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, Deputy Administrator

(202) 501-1226 *

Mr. Edwin Fielder, Acting Chief of Staff

(202) 501-1216 *

Mr. G. Martin Wagner, Associate Administrator

Office of Government-wide Policy

(202) 501-8880 *

Ms. Donna D. Bennett, Commissioner

Federal Supply Service

(703) 605-5400 *


Mr. Jeffrey Thurston, Assistant Commissioner Office of Transportation and Property Management, Federal Supply Service

(703) 605-5600 *

Ms. Tauna T. Delmonico, Director

Travel and Transportation Management Division, Federal Supply Service

(703) 605-5607 *

Mr. James Fitzgerald James Edward FitzGerald (1818 - 1896) was a New Zealand politician. According to some historians, he should be considered the country's first Prime Minister, although a more conventional view is that neither he nor his successor (Thomas Forsaith) should properly be given that title. , Director

Audit Division, Federal Supply Service

(202) 501-3000 *

Ms. Rebecca A. Koses, Director

Contracting Division, Federal Supply Service

(703) 605-5606 *

The Administrator of General Services oversees a federal agency of about 13,000 people and an annual budget of approximately $16 billion.

Since 1949, GSA has housed federal workers and provided products and services to support the important work of government throughout the country. GSA affects almost $66 billion in financial transactions throughout the government.

The GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy is responsible for prescribing policies and procedures Policies and Procedures are a set of documents that describe an organization's policies for operation and the procedures necessary to fulfill the policies. They are often initiated because of some external requirement, such as environmental compliance or other governmental  pertaining per·tain  
intr.v. per·tained, per·tain·ing, per·tains
1. To have reference; relate: evidence that pertains to the accident.

 to government-wide travel and relocation allowances and entitlements for civilian Federal employees and transportation and traffic management.

GSA's Federal Supply Service makes available to Federal agencies a variety of commercial services programs which control and reduce Federal travel costs and encourage the economical and efficient movement of freight and household goods. GSA also contracts with commercial auditing firms to examine the government's transportation billings.


Travel Management

The government spends over $10 billion a year on official travel for its employees. FSS FSS Federal Supply Service (US General Services Administration)
FSS Flight Service Station
FSS Family Self-Sufficiency
FSS Fixed Satellite Service
FSS Forensic Science Service (Great Britain) 
 commercial travel management services programs (e.g., travel charge cards, travel consulting, travel agents, discounted City Pair fares, and lodging programs) provide participating agencies with a comprehensive approach to managing official travel.

Transportation Management

FSS has programs to take the worry out of moving a relocated employee's household goods and to provide an agency with standardized, cost-effective freight and transportation services. These programs have been revitalized re·vi·tal·ize  
tr.v. re·vi·tal·ized, re·vi·tal·iz·ing, re·vi·tal·iz·es
To impart new life or vigor to: plans to revitalize inner-city neighborhoods; tried to revitalize a flagging economy.
 with the fielding of Transportation Management Services Solution, an innovative web-based system. Once fully developed, TMSS TMSS Transportation Management Services Solution (US GSA)
TMSS Technical Manual Specifications & Standards (US DoD)
TMSS Trailer Mounted Support System (US DoD) 
 will allow customers to manage transportation from the time a shipment is booked until payment is made. FSS negotiates rates through the following programs:

* Centralized cen·tral·ize  
v. cen·tral·ized, cen·tral·iz·ing, cen·tral·iz·es
1. To draw into or toward a center; consolidate.

 Household Goods Traffic Management Program gives agencies an economical and efficient method of moving the household goods of employees relocating.

* Freight Management Program offers standardized Tenders of Service which establish a uniform basis for buying freight transportation.

* Relocation Services Relocation services or "employee relocation" includes a range of internal business processes that are engaged to transfer employees (and often their families) or entire departments of a business to a new work location.  provide total management and administration of the Government-wide employee relocation process.

* Domestic Delivery Services provide same, next, two and three business day door-to-door pickup and delivery of express small packages and heavyweight shipments.

Mr. Stephen A. Perry

Administrator, General Services Administration The General Services Administration (GSA) was established by section 101 of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (40 U.S.C.A. § 751). The GSA sets policy for and manages government property and records.  
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