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Increase in N.Wales sex hate crimes; Don't suffer in silence - police tsar. Mar 23, 2015 567
2nd gay group joins Boston St. Patrick's parade; Mayor's office rejoins event. Pratt, Mark Mar 14, 2015 602
Lesbihonest "gays," May Hariri's Instagram spelling mistake was autocorrect's fault! Mar 2, 2015 203
TROOPS OUT ...AND PROUD; Hundreds of forces gay and lesbians declare sexuality. Mar 1, 2015 408
Blow to UKIP as gay group leader quits. Feb 27, 2015 138
Ban conversion therapy. Feb 25, 2015 476
Hollywood celebrates his family are continuing the story, but Alan Turing's fight against injustice; As The Imitation Game wins an Oscar, campaigners say it's time to pardon gay people persecuted under homophobic laws of the past. Darren Devine reports. Feb 24, 2015 1591
New Group Brings Together Right and Left, Gays and Straights, to Fight Marriage Gap. Feb 23, 2015 813
Lessons in life chip away at ignorance; Primary schoolchildren in Birmingham are being taught gay and lesbian issues to protect against prejudice and discrimination following the extremist Trojan Horse scandal. The Mail's Education Correspondent EMMA MCKINNEY joined Year 5 pupils at Allens Croft School in Kings Heath. Jan 31, 2015 1018
Mormon leaders call for measures on rights of gays. McCombs, Brady; Zoll, Rachel Jan 28, 2015 468
Egypt aACAyhomosexuality case' acquittals upheld. Jan 27, 2015 338
Gay people have right to be happy. Editorial Jan 26, 2015 827
Satisfaction With Acceptance of Gay People Plateaus at 53%. Survey Jan 22, 2015 963
26 Egyptian men cleared of aACAydebauchery'. Jan 13, 2015 250
Justices should enter fray. Jan 12, 2015 441
Gay skinheads: negotiating a gay identity in a culture of traditional masculinity. Borgeson, Kevin; Valeri, Robin Report Jan 1, 2015 9239
Ramsis bath house arrests violation of 'privacy and human rights': EIPR. Dec 20, 2014 421
Gays are sinners for Sally Army. Dec 19, 2014 129
Egypt refers suspected homosexuals to trial. Dec 19, 2014 233
'Kill Gays For AIDS-Free Christmas,' 'AIDS: The Judgement Of God' YouTube Video Urges. Dec 4, 2014 383
'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Second-Half: Daryl Dixon Is Not Gay Plus Introduction Of A New Gay Character. Dec 2, 2014 353
School sorry after RE class gay slur; Homework complaints by parents. Nov 28, 2014 350 Launches Line of Gay & Lesbian Engagement & Wedding Rings Supporting LGBT Rights. Nov 28, 2014 549
ULSTER'S GAY HATE SHAME; Sharp rise in homophobic offences reported to PSNI; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 26, 2014 576
Munich Has Online Survey for Gay and Lesbian Travel Habits. Nov 19, 2014 671
Munich Has Online Survey for Gay and Lesbian Travel Habits. Nov 19, 2014 677
Pope Francis Betrays Catholic Conservatives With His Welcoming Of Gays And Lesbiansa[euro]"Group Says. Nov 5, 2014 355
EX-GER MARVIN: GAYS HAVE 'SPIRITUAL SICKNESS' OUTRAGE CLAIMS LABELLED ODIOUS Campaigners say former Ibrox star is distorting teachings of the Bible. Nov 3, 2014 481
Some homosexuals scorn Church. Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2014 255
Activists launch legal guide for homosexuals in Egypt. Oct 30, 2014 340
Southern Baptists tell pastors: hold line on gays. Zoll, Rachel Oct 29, 2014 847
Gay Community In Liberia Persecuted For Ebola; Church Leaders Call Virus 'Punishment' For Homosexuality. Oct 25, 2014 406
Pair dealt a lifetime ban on ministry to homosexuals. Oct 24, 2014 102
Ban on gays subject to seminary practice. Brief article Oct 24, 2014 106
The Gay And Lesbian Victory Fund Honors MWW With 2014 Corporate Leadership Award. Oct 23, 2014 888
23 cross-dressers, homosexuals held in Kuwait. Oct 21, 2014 193
Activists fury as bishops drop gesture to gay people. Oct 20, 2014 212
Vatican 2014 Final Synod Report: Gays Still 'Unwelcome' in Catholic Church, LGBT Thankful for First Step. Oct 20, 2014 404
Family synod waters down final report. Goodstein, Laurie; Povoledo, Elisabetta Oct 19, 2014 404
Vatican is watering down an overture to gays, with significantly colder tone. Winfield, Nicole Oct 17, 2014 534
Mia Freedman Compares Homosexuals with Paedophiles. Oct 17, 2014 385
Battle lines drawn by the church. Williamson, Dianne Oct 16, 2014 606
Parliament: Homosexuals not to be deprived of human rights in Kyrgyzstan because of their lifestyle. Oct 15, 2014 496
Conservative bishops move away from gay overture. Winfield, Nicole Oct 15, 2014 487
Defying Vatican, Dissident Catholic Priest to Bring Message Of Inclusion of Female Clergy, Homosexuals and the Divorced To National Press Club Newsmaker News Conference. Oct 15, 2014 347
Vatican signals easing in attitude toward gays. Winfield, Nicole Oct 14, 2014 1017
Vatican Hints Acceptance Of Homosexuals, Contraceptives, Divorce And Remarriage. Oct 14, 2014 475
MPs urge homosexuals not to "make a display" of their relationships. Oct 9, 2014 133
Pope Wants Frank Debate On Sex, Gays And Divorce. Oct 7, 2014 364
MC Residential Raises the Gay Pride Flags. Oct 1, 2014 326
DOING THEM PROUD. Editorial Sep 29, 2014 172
US churches feel beat of change: more diversity, more dancing. Grossman, Cathy Lynn Sep 26, 2014 467
Gay community exploring its options: Massey Knakal. Sep 24, 2014 225
Same-sex marriage video trial postponed. Sep 23, 2014 222
Journal file. Report Sep 22, 2014 2790
Iranian queers and laws: fighting for Freedom of Expression. Parsi, Arsham Sep 22, 2014 3218
'It's an important story that has to be told' ENTERTAINMENT 2 As heartwarming film Pride packs in cinema-goers across the nation, a stage show based on the real-life story is touring Wales. Kathryn Williams finds out more about it. Sep 20, 2014 729
'The Sims 4' Mods: Gay And Lesbian Pregnancy Now Available As Alternative To Adoption. Sep 19, 2014 421
Striking out for equality; PRIDE (15) .... PRIDE (15) ...... Sep 12, 2014 918
Striking out for equality TOP TEN FILMS TOP TEN FILMS. Sep 12, 2014 2059
Mining a usual seam. Sep 12, 2014 451
Mining a familiar seam; Movies. Sep 12, 2014 457
Mining an nother familiar seam; Movies. Sep 12, 2014 454
Striking out for equality. Sep 12, 2014 2019
Comedy's just the pits. Sep 12, 2014 478
Striking out for equality. Sep 12, 2014 1028
Love and Pride; When writer Stephen Beresford heard about an unlikely alliance between a gay and lesbian group and a South Wales mining community during the Miners' Strike, he was determined to share their remarkable story. He tells Rachel Mainwaring how proud he is of his latest British film, Pride. Sep 6, 2014 1264
Gays given green light for St Pat's. Sep 4, 2014 102
Latino Gay Pride a celebration for everyone. Reid, Ciara Sep 1, 2014 503
From Orange to rainbow - LGBT's the new colour of TV; After years of a gay drought on terrestial TV, Swansea's Russell T Davies has written a new series for Channel 4 - followed, it seems, by something of a network deluge. Jonathan Evans reports. Aug 25, 2014 749
Young gays abuse camp Corrie star. Aug 21, 2014 141
Discrimination and intolerance remains prevalent in Mexico, studies find. Navarro, Carlos Aug 20, 2014 1811
Judiciary Chief Refutes Claims on Iran Executing Homosexuals as Sheer Lie. Aug 11, 2014 483
Anti-gay law 'null and void'. Aug 6, 2014 508
Gays and lesbians face CV bias study. Aug 6, 2014 466
JOBS: Gays and lesbians in Cyprus less likely to be called for interview. Aug 6, 2014 493
Online Homophobe Calls Out 'Demons' Aussie DJ Ruby Rose and Fiancee Phoebe Dahl, Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres not Spared. Aug 5, 2014 472
Netherlands : AkzoNobel spreads its colorful wings for Gay Pride. Jul 30, 2014 341
Gay pride revellers join Pink Trail. Jul 28, 2014 147
College seeks freedom to discriminate. Williamson, Dianne Jul 17, 2014 599
Gay people just the same as all of us; FEEDBACK. Jul 16, 2014 156
Gay people just the same as all of us; Views of Wales. Jul 16, 2014 156
Enas al Dughaidi dislikes "Saraya Abdeen," defends homosexuals and compliments Haifa Wehbe. Jul 15, 2014 377
What Nixon felt about gays revealed! Jul 12, 2014 174
Cory Allen Contemporary Art announces Pope Francis' World Cup Advice Inspires Spirit of True Fraternity Banner for Gay Pride. Jul 9, 2014 552
No reconciling the irreconcilable. Editorial Jul 4, 2014 800
The power of pride: being a gay or lesbian state lawmaker is now so common it's no longer an issue. Jacobson, Louis Jul 1, 2014 2100
Coming out Catholic. Essman, Jeffrey Jul 1, 2014 1287
'GAYS OK WITH JESUS'. Jun 30, 2014 112
Gay pride parades step off across the US. Jun 30, 2014 317
African bishops differ on anti-gay legislation. Jun 22, 2014 199
The City of Wilton Manors Celebrates Gay Pride Month with Annual Stonewall Pride Street Festival and Parade. Jun 18, 2014 652
Bulgarian Orthodox Church Condemns Sofia Gay Pride 2014. Jun 17, 2014 111
JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City Toasts Diversity Award With Special Package Just In Time For Gay Pride Festivities. Jun 12, 2014 1185
Jack'd Community Announces the Best and Worst Cities for Gay Pride. Jun 11, 2014 677
Shame on all Christians who let Gay Pride March go ahead. Jun 8, 2014 182
Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan. Yamaguchi, Mari Jun 6, 2014 322
Southwest Airlines Recognizes Gay Pride Month In June And All Year Long. Jun 6, 2014 1191
Our view: Gay parade a big success but hurdles remain to tolerance. Jun 3, 2014 437
Unlikely liaison tipped for cinema success. Jun 1, 2014 216
An examination of LGBT inmates in Turkey based on X/Turkey case by the European Court of Human Rights/Avrupa Insan Haklari Mahkemesi'nin X/Turkiye karari Temelinde Turkiye'de LGBT mahkumlara yonelik bir inceleme. Canveren, Onder; Ozeren, Emir Report Jun 1, 2014 8856
'This is a mortal sin' says anti-gay protester. May 31, 2014 357
Reel to Real: Portrayals and Perceptions of Gays in Hollywood Exhibition Opens June 6 at The Hollywood Museum. May 29, 2014 691
MINISTER OF HATE; PSNI probe 'satanic' Islam claim by preacher who also hit out at gays. May 22, 2014 505
New docu urges gays to give up homosexual sex to become Catholics. May 18, 2014 149
'Pride' events kick off. May 17, 2014 465
Gay pride parade irks Holy Synod. May 16, 2014 836
Discrimination of homosexuals and transsexuals is deeply rooted in the European culture. May 16, 2014 104
RACE HATE SHAME; Attacks surge by 31% with crimes against gays also up. May 9, 2014 374
National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals Offers Out to Innovate Scholarships. May 7, 2014 612
Gay Pride ticket sales roket as Katy B joins the top-class up. May 3, 2014 300
Walt Disney Co. announced it is pulling its funding of the Boy Scouts of America. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article May 1, 2014 122
How about a straight parade? [...]. Apr 17, 2014 158
Kuwait morals panel ready to assist homosexuals. Apr 7, 2014 483
Egypt court sentences four gays to prison. Apr 7, 2014 114
'Gaypril' arrives at the University of Kansas. Reid, Ciara Apr 1, 2014 745
Kuwait MP calls for raid on flats used by gays. Mar 31, 2014 426
Ugandan cleric defies law, ministers to gays. Muhumuza, Rodney Mar 30, 2014 550
Gays accept anti-gay-vows marcher. Mar 22, 2014 157
Unprotected sex and internalized homophobia. Thomas, Francois; Mience, Marie Cozette; Masson, Joanic; Bernoussi, Amal Essay Mar 22, 2014 3882
'A truly affirming and inspiring story - funny, honest moving' One of the most unlikely alliances of the 1984/85 miners' strike, when gay and lesbian people from London formed a group to back up the South Wales pit workers in their fight against Margaret Thatcher's colliery closure plans, has been turned into a star-studded movie, Pride, due to be in our cinemas later this year. Robin Turner reports. Mar 21, 2014 1245
'It's tangible proof of the huge power that working-class people have if they unite' One of the most unlikely alliances of the 1984-85 miners'strike, when gay and lesbian people from London formed a group to back up the South Wales pit workers in their fight against Margaret Thatcher's colliery closure plans, has been turned into a starstudded movie, Pride, due to be in our cinemas later this year. Robin Turner reports. Mar 21, 2014 1212
Prominent British Muslim leader says gays have an obligation to control their desires. Mar 21, 2014 102
Dr Naseem hits back in 'gay desires' storm. Mar 21, 2014 401
Parade fuss quiets down; Festivities go on despite disputes over gay marchers. Barr, Megan; Dibnik, Verena Mar 18, 2014 599
Gay issue means Irish eyes are not smiling in New York; STATESIDE. Mar 15, 2014 648
Former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank Reschedules Speaking Appearance at Holocaust Memorial Center for May 4. Mar 12, 2014 646
Storm of protest over Archbishop's anti-gay comments. Mar 9, 2014 651
Deal held up over gays marching in Pat's Day parade. Lavoie, Denise Mar 4, 2014 452
Disney ends funding to Scouts over gays policy. Mar 3, 2014 156
Boston easing ban on gays in St. Patrick's Day parade. Ngowi, Rodrique Mar 2, 2014 455
Marching to a different drum in New York. Dowd, Maureen Mar 1, 2014 867
Walsh joins NYC mayor to skip St. Pat's parade. Lavoie, Denise Feb 28, 2014 435
Catholic bishops differ sharply on anti-gay laws. Gibson, David Feb 28, 2014 990
Gay Pride director wins battle over word 'queer' Ex-Take That manager sued Birmingham club owner over use of word. Feb 27, 2014 656
10 gay individuals arrested by Jordanian authorities for holding a party. Brief article Feb 27, 2014 102
'Thank You Governor Jan Brewer for Vetoing': Infamous Arizona Anti-Gay Bill Goes Down [Latest Reactions]. Feb 27, 2014 534
Brewer wields veto pen. Feb 27, 2014 454
Ugandan president signs 'harsh' anti-gay bill. Feb 25, 2014 188
Gays Face Life Imprisonment Under Uganda's New Anti-Gay Law, Global Leaders Condemn New Decree. Feb 25, 2014 362
Harsh anti-gay measure becomes law; Move is likely to send Uganda's gay population further underground. Muhumuza, Rodney Feb 25, 2014 509
Ariz. governor urged to nix bill angering gays; Service could be refused on religious grounds. Christie, Bob; Tang, Terry Feb 22, 2014 785
Ugandan President to Sign Anti-Homosexuality Bill that Imposes 'Lifetime Jail' to Gay People. Feb 15, 2014 378
Do You Have the 'Gay Gene'? Chicago Scientists Discover Genetic Link to Homosexuality. Feb 14, 2014 314
Coke attracts gays ire over refusal to withdraw Sochi Olympics funding. Feb 8, 2014 110
VLAD IMPALED; PROTEST TEAM'S COLOURS DEFY GAY PROPAGANDA BAN Technical faults, world protest and mockery of facilities hit the Olympics. Feb 8, 2014 550
Sochi Games 2014: How Canada's 'A Little Gay' and Google's Doodle Stood-up to Russia's Anti-Gay Propaganda [Photos, Video]. Feb 8, 2014 359
Channel rebrands in gay pride colours. Feb 7, 2014 146
Gay protest beer brings no cheer FORVLADIMIR. Feb 6, 2014 322
UN Demands Opening of Catholic Church Archives on Child Sex Abuse, Criticises Church Teaching on Gays (VIDEOS). Feb 6, 2014 448
Cyprus to have its first Gay Pride parade. Feb 5, 2014 565
UK brewery launches anti-Putin beer to protest against Russia's stand on gays. Feb 5, 2014 166
COCA-Cola's Super Bowl advert featuring homosexuals to America's patriotic tune infuriates fans. Feb 4, 2014 131
Mufti of Kyrgyzstan denies information saying Spiritual Administration of Muslims called for killing gays. Feb 3, 2014 175
Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay Joins Gay Pride March, Describes Attitude of Some Officers Toward Gays, Corruption as Outdated. Feb 3, 2014 217
Gays harm society, endanger values of nations, says Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan. Jan 30, 2014 179
PlanetRomeo Gives 1,526 Russian Gays a Voice. Jan 29, 2014 620
PlanetRomeo Gives 1,526 Russian Gays a Voice. Jan 29, 2014 626
Ivory Coast: Mob attacks office of gay rights group. Corey-Boulet, Robbie Jan 28, 2014 508
Red Square-up; Sir Elton champions the plight of Russia's gays in defiance of Putin bid to woo him with praise. Jan 23, 2014 574
Red Square-up; Sir Elton gives Putin a Rocket Man over gay rights after Russian President praises him. Jan 23, 2014 574
Russian President Vladimir Putin Says He Can't Be Homophobic Because He Loves Elton John. Jan 21, 2014 416
These anti-gay Olympics are Putin's disgrace but they shame the whole world; TATCHELL RUSSIA ON THE RACK. Editorial Jan 19, 2014 763
New ways co-founder Fr. Nugent dies at 76. Fincher, Megan Obituary Jan 17, 2014 1344
Americans' Satisfaction With Economy Sours Most Since 2001; Public more satisfied on most other issues today than 13 years ago. Wilke, Joy; Newport, Frank Jan 16, 2014 1241
Gays as refugees in their own land. Jan 13, 2014 932
Victoria Premier Denis Napthine Erases at Launch of Melbourne's Annual Gay & Lesbian Midsumma Festival the Criminal Record of Men Convicted of Gay Sex. Jan 12, 2014 339
'Celebrity Big Brother': Boxer Evander Holyfield Compares Gays to Handicaps, Boy George Reacts. Jan 6, 2014 313
Coming out Christian: how faithful homosexuals are transforming our churches. Tushnet, Eve Jan 1, 2014 2224
God's unconditional love: Bull, Michelle. Jan 1, 2014 332
Statement of ownership: an autoethnography of living with HIV. Spieldenner, Andrew R. Report Jan 1, 2014 8909
Gay-related name-calling as a response to the violation of gender norms. Slaatten, Hilde; Gabrys, Leena Report Jan 1, 2014 2546
We pretend like sexuality doesn't exist: managing homophobia in Gaysian America. Han, Chong-suk; Proctor, Kristopher; Choi, Kyung-hee Report Jan 1, 2014 5753
Freedom of speech is debated; 'Duck Dynasty' flap engenders opinions. Russell, James F. Dec 29, 2013 1436
> Tipping point? Dec 27, 2013 439
Uganda passes law meaning life imprisonment for some homosexual acts. Dec 20, 2013 417
Phil Robertson Suspended from 'Duck Dynasty' for Anti-Gay Remarks. Dec 19, 2013 590
Transgender rights movement faces hurdles toward equality. Crary, David Dec 15, 2013 795
SC POOPS GAY PRIDE PARTY. Dec 12, 2013 335
Baba Ramdev welcomes SC's verdict on Section 377. Dec 11, 2013 336
Help for city gay group. Dec 9, 2013 108
Archbishop joins gay service. Dec 5, 2013 216
Tops, bottoms, and versatiles: what straight views of penetrative preferences could mean for sexuality claims under Price Waterhouse. Ayres, Ian; Luedeman, Richard Dec 1, 2013 7270
In some states, gays fight for the right to get divorced. Mohr, Holbrook; Crary, David Dec 1, 2013 1365
Newham College Dance and Drama Lecturer: Gays are Like KKK Grooming Kids. Nov 28, 2013 310
Ecuador Clinics Use Rape and Torture to 'Cure' Gay People. Nov 24, 2013 446
Russia-gays issue to be fair game in Olympics coverage. Cohen, Rachel Nov 21, 2013 600
Gays Can Seek Asylum in EU. Nov 10, 2013 348
Methodists rule on gays. Nov 8, 2013 184
Frances' letter-writing revolution requires our involvement. Shine, Bob Nov 8, 2013 732
Senate OKs gay rights measure; Bars workplace discrimination. Cassata, Donna Nov 8, 2013 941
Bolster workplace equality. Nov 6, 2013 474
Dominic West to Play Homosexual Activist in Pride: Six Straight Film Actors Who Played Gay Characters. Nov 5, 2013 151
LoveConquersHate: Celebrities Don LGBT Rights T-Shirt in Support of Russia's Gay Community. Nov 4, 2013 216
Post-DOMA, Significantly More Lesbian and Gay Adults Wish to Avoid Jobs in States where Marriage Equality is Absent. Oct 24, 2013 5320
Ban on homosexuals working in Gulf countries 'just a proposal': Kuwaiti official. Oct 22, 2013 161
Police Fire Tear Gas at Anti-Gay Protesters During Montenegro Pride March. Oct 20, 2013 337
60 injured in Montenegro during gay pride march. Oct 20, 2013 104
Kuwait MPs lash out at Amnesty for questioning homosexuals ban. Oct 15, 2013 667
While filming a wave of depression hit me; fame Fit for. Oct 15, 2013 843
While filming a wave of depression hit me; Stephen Fry is back on our TV screens with Out There, a moving documentary about gay rights across the world. The well-loved presenter tells KEELEY BOLGER about the emotional challenges of the programme, and his suicide attempt while it was being filmed Fit for fame. Oct 15, 2013 803
RECORD tv; Gay pride and mad prejudice. Oct 14, 2013 872
Forthright talk as Francis gives interviews. Staff, Ncr Interview Oct 11, 2013 1125
Medical tests 'crazy'. Oct 10, 2013 607
Kuwait Gay Test: Video Condemns Kuwaiti Men as Closet Homosexuals and Hypocrites. Oct 10, 2013 347
Bulgarian Homosexuals Have to Keep Quiet. Oct 10, 2013 876
Qatar 2022: Gulf States 'Gay Tests' Trigger World Cup Boycott Call. Oct 8, 2013 551
Cavemen were Gay-Friendly Employing Homosexuals as the First Nannies. Oct 8, 2013 247
Kuwait to Conduct Gay Tests to 'Detect and Ban' Homosexuals from Entering Gulf Kingdom. Oct 7, 2013 322
Anti-gay outbreak. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 265
Gays use secret rings to infect others with HIV, says Pat Robertson. Oct 1, 2013 365
Gays travel long road for legal unions. Sep 29, 2013 1341
Gays More Deadly Than Tsunamis and Earthquakes, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh tells UN. Sep 27, 2013 318
Stephen Fry is Evil and Gays are Not Welcome Here, Says Russian Lawmaker. Sep 27, 2013 514
Italy pasta exec's comments on gays spur anger. Sep 27, 2013 114
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Celebrates 40th Anniversary at Los Angeles Fundraising Brunch. Sep 24, 2013 730
POPE: WE MUST STOP OBSESSING OVER GAYS; Pontiff leads fresh stance for Church. Sep 21, 2013 426
Barton: My gay pride over laces. Sep 21, 2013 207
Pope urges compassion over abortion and gays. Sep 21, 2013 353
6th Annual Bulgarian Gay Pride to March in Sofia. Sep 21, 2013 197
Pope: We cannot be obsessed with gays, abortion. Sep 20, 2013 661
Pope sharply faults church emphasis on abortion, gays. Winfield, Nicole; Zoll, Rachel Sep 20, 2013 535
Some spurn cautious take on Scouts' policy. McClory, Robert Essay Sep 13, 2013 1878
Plight of miner stirred me into fighting prejudice against gay people; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION... Sep 6, 2013 589
Archbishop of Canterbury Calls on Christians to Repent Over Their Treatment of Gays. Sep 1, 2013 240
Apostle Paul's writings defend homosexuals. Sep 1, 2013 324
Marriage is not the way forward for gay people. Aug 29, 2013 340
Ricky Martin says he bullied gay people as a kid. Aug 27, 2013 130
Kate Upton parties with gay people in NYC. Aug 24, 2013 109
ONE Condoms Launches Pride Design Contest; Consumer-Designed Condom Wrapper Celebrates Gay Pride. Aug 23, 2013 534
Civil rights belatedly includes gays. Zongker, Brett Aug 22, 2013 479
GLAAD finds movies lag behind TV in LGBT roles. Noveck, Jocelyn Aug 22, 2013 550
Andy Cohen refuses to host Miss Universe in Moscow over anti-gay laws. Aug 16, 2013 150
Government of Haiti rejects violence against members of the Gay and Lesbian community and pledges to vigorously prosecute perpetrators of hate crimes. Aug 15, 2013 278
The Beki Chronicles: Popular Philippine Gay Soap Opera Spawns My Husband's Lover Bill Punishing Same-Sex Adultery. Aug 8, 2013 486
Stephen Fry Calls on David Cameron to Boycott 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Over Anti-Gay Laws. Aug 7, 2013 602
Monty Panesar 'Urinated' on Brighton Nightclub Bouncers at Gay Pride. Aug 7, 2013 283
Gay pride celebrations in north a secret affair. Aug 7, 2013 316
Rock-star pope rocks Church. Aug 4, 2013 634
Topless Femen activists enter Russian embassy in Sweden to protest anti-gay law. Aug 2, 2013 154
POPE: WHO AM I TO JUDGE GAY PEOPLE? Pontiff calls for society's acceptance. Jul 30, 2013 357
POPE: WHO AM I TO JUDGE GAY PEOPLE? Pontiff calls for society's acceptance. Jul 30, 2013 354
Pope: Who am I to judge gay people? VATICAN PONTIFF REACHES OUT Homosexuals must not be marginalised by the Church, says Francis. Jul 30, 2013 515
Pope asks, 'Who am I to judge?'; Gay priests, women in church part of discussion on flight home. Winfield, Nicole Jul 30, 2013 565
Pope Francis Open to Homosexual Priests - but Not Gay Marriage. Jul 29, 2013 404
UN human rights office unveils gay-rights campaign. Crary, David Jul 27, 2013 385
Robert Mugabe Slams Barack Obama for Supporting Gay 'Pigs and Dogs'. Jul 24, 2013 370
Violent Protests Mar Montenegro's First Ever Gay Pride Parade. Jul 24, 2013 349
Christian B&B owner who banned gays sent me saucy texts behind his wife's back; STAB ATTACK VICTIM'S SHOCK CLAIMS OVER PREACHER; TURNED TO HIM FOR HELP AFTER VIOLENCE; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 21, 2013 1508
Christian B&B owner who banned gays sent me saucy texts behind his wife's back; STAB ATTACK VICTIM'S SHOCK CLAIMS OVER PREACHER TURNED TO HIM FOR HELP AFTER VIOLENCE. Jul 21, 2013 1520
State's bishops back Boy Scouts. Brief article Jul 19, 2013 145
Homosexuality not a mental disorder: Psychiatric Society. Jul 12, 2013 147
Sochi 2014 Olympics Unsafe For LGBT Community Under Russia's Anti-Gay Law, Activists Warn. Jul 4, 2013 628
GAY PRIDE BLESSING. Jun 30, 2013 123
Lady Gaga shows support for gay community at NYC rally. Jun 30, 2013 179
Paris marks Gay Pride, one month after first same-sex marriage. Jun 30, 2013 258
LGBT Community Celebrates Gay Pride in London Parade. Jun 29, 2013 322
Alec Baldwin Gay Slur: Actor Apologizes To Gay Group For Twitter Rant Against Daily Mail's George Stark, Says He's Not Homophobic. Jun 29, 2013 367
British Embassy in Paris Flies Rainbow Flag for Gay Pride March. Jun 29, 2013 210
Southwest Airlines recognises gay pride month in US. Jun 28, 2013 227
Google celebrates 'Gay Pride' with rainbow colored search box. Jun 27, 2013 202
Apostle Paul's Writings Defend Homosexuals, Says World-Famous Cryptographer and Biblical Researcher. Jun 26, 2013 1036
Southwest Airlines Recognizes Gay Pride Month And The Airline's Ongoing Commitment To The LGBT Community. Jun 26, 2013 908
US 'Gay Cure' Ministry Closes Down as Founder Alan Chambers Comes Out. Jun 22, 2013 494
Promoting forgiveness toward Christians by LGBTQ respondents using apology and perspective-taking. Jordan, Kayla; Worthington, Everett L., Jr.; Sutton, Geoffrey W. Report Jun 22, 2013 10303
GAY CURE GROUP DEFIANT AFTER 'GURU'S' APOLOGY; But call for 'therapy' to be banned. Jun 21, 2013 390
Acceptance of gays varies. Jun 21, 2013 169
Exodus International, Former Gay Conversion Therapy Group, Apologizes To Gay Community, Close Up Shop. Jun 20, 2013 323
Homosexuals In America Feel More Accepted: Study. Jun 15, 2013 299
Russian parliament overwhelmingly passes anti-gay bill. Jun 12, 2013 214
Bedlam Ensemble Presents "Walking the Dead" to Celebrate Gay Pride Month. Jun 3, 2013 332
Soderbergh swansong spotlights Liberace. May 23, 2013 658
The creator hates gays; VIEWS. May 23, 2013 150
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to Be Honored as Community Grand Marshal at LA PRIDE. May 23, 2013 854
Archie Comics' gay character Kevin Keller kisses boyfriend in new issue. May 21, 2013 169
Celebrate Gay Pride Month at Coralville Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. May 20, 2013 362
Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Catholics) Calls on Cardinal Francis George of Chicago to Reclaim God's radical inclusivity on Pentecost Sunday (May 19). May 19, 2013 355
Celebrate Gay Pride Month at Des Moines Marriott Downtown and Enjoy a Romantic Getaway for Two. May 16, 2013 514
Catholic bishop returns petitions to ousted gay man. May 10, 2013 375
Gujarati film on gays set for release. May 5, 2013 221
United Airlines Proudly Sponsors International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association Global Convention in Chicago. May 1, 2013 668
School policy pulled. Brief article Apr 26, 2013 145
Don't call it love, Dolan and Cordileone. Column Apr 26, 2013 1389
Cardinal: church could do better on gay outreach. Apr 12, 2013 350
S.African cardinal denies homophobia, says knows no gays. Apr 12, 2013 314
Amsterdam Gay Pride 2013. Apr 3, 2013 2033
Amsterdam Gay Pride 2013. Apr 3, 2013 2037
Web Porn Searches Mock Anti-Gay Laws in Muslim World and Africa. Mar 28, 2013 473
Scout council takes a stand; Letter to support gay rights. Mar 23, 2013 412
Courts rule gay bus advert ban as 'lawful'. Mar 22, 2013 274
John Boswell: posting historical landmarks at the leading edge of the culture wars. Cisneros, Jeffrey Mar 22, 2013 11153
Sociology. Mar 22, 2013 2292
Madonna urges Boy Scouts to lift ban on gays. Mar 18, 2013 119
Choosing between clashing identities. Perez-Lozano, Eloisa Mar 15, 2013 1886
Gay group in White House visit. Mar 14, 2013 128
Ayoon Wa Azan (The Limits of Personal Freedom). Column Mar 13, 2013 721
Adam Lambert to be Headline Performer at Miami Beach Gay Pride. Mar 12, 2013 936
PinkNews Founder Benjamin Cohen Links Treatment of Gays to Crucifixion. Mar 6, 2013 498

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