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Gay Entertainment Report: Death Comes To 'L Word'

The 'L Word' final season is upon us, and it's a killer.

'Showtime's' groundbreaking drama about a group of lesbian and bisexual women in Los Angeles Los Angeles (lôs ăn`jələs, lŏs, ăn`jəlēz'), city (1990 pop. 3,485,398), seat of Los Angeles co., S Calif.; inc. 1850.  as they struggle in their day-to-day lives surprised when it premiered in January 2004 by appealing to both gay and straight audiences.

The show arrived hot on the heels of 'Showtime's' hit gay series 'Queer As Folk'.

'L Word' was the first episodic drama to feature an all-lesbian cast. Additionally, over the years the show has addressed many difficult subjects affecting GLBT GLBT Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered  people, including gay civil rights, closeted clos·et·ed  
Being In a state of secrecy or cautious privacy.
 celebrities, depression, and transgender transgender or transgendered

For its final curtain call, creator Ilene Chaiken has turned to murder. In the first two minutes of the sixth season, the show's most conflicted character, Jenny Schecter (Mia Kirshner), is killed. But fans will need to watch the final eight episodes to find out the murderer's identity.

Speaking to The Futon Critic, Chaiken said the murder mystery sub-plot will “frame” the final season, but not overpower o·ver·pow·er  
tr.v. o·ver·pow·ered, o·ver·pow·er·ing, o·ver·pow·ers
1. To overcome or vanquish by superior force; subdue.

2. To affect so strongly as to make helpless or ineffective; overwhelm.


“We tease every show with another motive,” she said. “There's one character at the beginning of each show who comes forward with the motive of the moment. This would be my reason for killing Jenny.”

But an upcoming 'L Word' spinoff where Alice Pieszecki (played by Leisha Hailey) lands in prison for murder has left longtime fans scratching their heads. The new series, reportedly called 'The Farm', is set in a women's prison and includes both lesbian and straight characters.

“If the new show goes on the air, it will be connected to the Who-Killed-Jenny storyline,” Chaiken told 'Entertainment Weekly', “and I would say that that's what Alice is in prison for. I don't know Don't know (DK, DKed)

"Don't know the trade." A Street expression used whenever one party lacks knowledge of a trade or receives conflicting instructions from the other party.
 that she actually killed Jenny.”

Another surprise is the return of five former characters – Tim (Eric Mabius), Peggy Peabody (Holland Taylor), Marina (Karina Lombard), Ivan (Kelly Lynch) and lovable Carmen Carmen

throws over lover for another. [Fr. Lit.: Carmen; Fr. Opera: Bizet, Carmen, Westerman, 189–190]

See : Faithlessness


the cards repeatedly spell her death. [Fr.
 (Sarah Shahi) – in the final episode.

Jennifer Beals ('Flashdance') and Cybill Shepherd ('The Last Picture Show', 'Moonlighting') star in 'L Word'. Its final season premieres Sunday, January 18 at 9PM.

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