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Garden storage concealed in the side yard.

Garden storage concealed in the side yard

Every inch counts in a small garden, andthis one in Santa Monica, California, packs a lot of storage into very little space. Design and materials keep new structures consistent with old.

To create an uncluttered look, closets concealbarbecue equipment, the water heater, and garden tools; a step covers sprinkler valves; and a gate shields utility hookups from view.

The clear all-heart redwood used for thestorage areas, a small platform with steps, and new fence matches the house. Echoing the siding, vertical faces are roughsawn 1-by-10s and 1-by-3 battens, with surfaced 4-by-4 posts and 2-by-4 framing pieces. Redwood 2-by-4s cover landing and steps.

Landscape designer Chris Rosmini designedthe garden for Vita and Alex Brucker.

Photo: Stepped platform off kitchenmeets fence just 3 1/2 feet away, marks path change from brick to hexagonal pavers. Hinged panel in one redwood section (below) hides sprinkler valves. Boston ivy climbs fence; polygonum capitatum softens path's edges

Photo: Bifold doors latch with 1/2-inchdowels at top and bottom of hinged center (above) as well as along sides; this prevents buckling, provides snug closure. Two-part closet-- open at top but sheltered by overhang--holds barbecue and water heater

Photo: Hose reel, gas meter, and water pipes stayaccessible but hidden behind redwood gate
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Date:Feb 1, 1987
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