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PlayTV turns your PlayStation 3 into a personal video recorder See DVR. : what the industry calls Sky+ boxes and the dear, departed TiVo. That means you can set it to record stuff from Freeview, which it does even when you're watching something else on TV, playing a game or using the Blu-Ray player. The electronic programme guide works beautifully and recordings look solid, even if they currently appear to suffer the occasional glitch A temporary or random hardware malfunction. It is possible that a bug in a program may cause the hardware to appear as if it had a glitch in it and vice versa. At times it can be extremely difficult to determine whether a problem lies within the hardware or the software. See glitch attack. . It's not all good news, though. The box itself is cheap and plasticky and the joypad controls make it desperately and frustratingly easy to skip back to the beginning of a show accidentally, although generally speaking they work pretty well. Undoubtedly, its killer application Killer Application

Killer application or "killer app" is a buzzword that describes a software application that surpasses all of its competitors.

The term is sometimes used to describe a type of software.
 is the ability to watch live TV or anything from your hard drive using your PSP (PlayStation Portable) See PlayStation.  wherever you are, whether that's in another room, on holiday, in a cafe or, in fact, anywhere that you can access a wi-fi network See wireless Ethernet and 802.11. . Suddenly the whole world is your sofa.

· PlayTV, £70

Sid Meier's Civilisation Revolution, Nintendo DS
“NDS” redirects here. For other uses, see NDS (disambiguation).
The Nintendo DS (sometimes abbreviated NDS or DS) is a handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo, which was released in 2004 in Canada, U.S., and Japan.

Compared with its illustrious forebears, Civilisation Revolution is a much smaller, less complex and more accessible game. Purists will, of course, already be reaching for the "worst episode ever" button on their over-clocked case-modded PCs, but for the rest of us (abuse) for The Rest Of Us - (From the Macintosh slogan "The computer for the rest of us") 1. Used to describe a spiffy product whose affordability shames other comparable products, or (more often) used sarcastically to describe spiffy but very overpriced products.

, this is the Civ that you can finish in a single day, thereby preventing it from affecting your work/relationships/revision quite as severely as it used to. Keeping the same format - namely to build a civilisation from prehistoric roots through to a range of victories from economic to scientific, notably for the latter launching an exploratory mission to Alpha Centauri - Revolution's chief differences are its massively simplified resource management and reluctance to let you get on and do scientific research without getting into fights with other players. Despite its screen size and overall lack of prettiness, the DS version actually manages to have a slightly clearer interface than the console remixes and tends towards even shorter completion times.

· 2K Games, £35
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Date:Sep 20, 2008
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