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Game show.

USE with articles indentified.

The statements are answers to questions (modeled after the TV show Jeopardy!). Students must answer in the form of a question.

DIVIDE the class into teams.

READ the statements.

CALL on the first team with a hand raised.

CORRECT ANSWER = 10 points

WRONG ANSWER = -10 points

(And another team may respond for the same chance to gain or lose 10 points.)


(1) Before this historical       What is the Industrial Revotution?
period, Americans bought
mostly generic non-brand

(2) An image of this fictional   Who is Betty Crocker?
female character appeared on
cake-mix packages for more
than six decades.

(3) During this period in the    What was the McCarty era?
1950s, the Cincinnati Reds
changed their name to the

(4) This tobacco company         What is Philip Morris?
changed its corporate name to
Altria following a rash of
lawsuits over smoking-retated

(5) This product's recipe was    What is CoCa-Cola?
changed in 1985 in one of the
greatest marketing blunders in


(1) In August, Repubticans       What is Tampa, Florida?
will nominate a candidate for
President at their national
convention in this city.

(2) Despite some signs that      What is 8 percent?
the economy is improving,
unemployment in the U.S.
remains stuck at about this

(3) Some experts believe this    What is Israel?
Middle Eastern country may
take military action against
Iran to keep it from producing
nuclear weapons.

(4) In June, the U.S. Supreme    What is the health-care
Court with rule on the
constitutionality of this law.

(5) This sport will make its     What is women's boxing?
debut as an Olympic event at
this summer's Games in London.
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