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GUPP Technologies Named to 2007 'Pulver 100'.

IP-Centric Company Honored for Cutting-Edge VoWiFi/GSM Phreedom Phone

PENANG, Malaysia -- GUPP Technologies, Inc., the premier technology solution provider for Linux IP smart mobile communication and entertainment devices, today announced that it has been named to the 2007 "Pulver 100," the IP communications A general term for networks that use the IP protocol for voice (VoIP) and video traffic. See IP telephony.  industry's premier listing of privately held growth companies representing the future of the IP-voice and video communications ecosystem. GUPP Technologies, which launched its IP-centric smartphone "Phreedom" in February, is the only Asian company to make the list and has been recognized because of its innovative merging of traditional mobile wireless capabilities with IP-voice communication technology.

GUPP Technologies was founded in 2006 with the mission to introduce a mobile device that would enhance the consumer experience by solving frustrating frus·trate  
tr.v. frus·trat·ed, frus·trat·ing, frus·trates
a. To prevent from accomplishing a purpose or fulfilling a desire; thwart:
 and costly end-user pain points. Designed for consumers and cost-conscious businesses, GUPP's Phreedom is the world's first open, SIP-based, Voice over Wi-Fi Transmitting IP-based telephone calls (VoIP) over a Wi-Fi network. Voice over Wi-Fi (Vo-Fi) provides enhancements to the 802.11 standards for handling the real time environment of voice calls. With a single mode Vo-Fi phone, users can make calls only within a Wi-Fi hotspot.  (VoWiFi)/GSM mobile phone. GUPP's premier offering provides unparalleled freedom on-the-go and drastically reduced roaming charges for a lower phone bill. Phreedom provides added capabilities such as browsing the Internet, downloading music and sending and receiving e-mail, and when combined with VoIP, Wi-Fi and GSM technologies, Phreedom gives users the ultimate connection experience anytime, anywhere.

"Companies like GUPP Technologies, who are offering dual-mode phones See dual-mode handset.  to take advantage of the wide-spread adoption of VoIP infrastructure, are helping drive the consolidation of traditional and IP-based communications technologies Noun 1. communications technology - the activity of designing and constructing and maintaining communication systems
engineering, technology - the practical application of science to commerce or industry
," said Jeff Pulver Jeff Pulver is the Chairman and founder of, and a founder of the VoIP industry.

Pulver is the chief writer of what's referred to as "the Pulver Order", which was adopted in 2004 by the Federal Communications Commission as the first FCC ruling regarding internet
, founder and chairman of Pulvermedia. "As a result, we are pleased to name GUPP Technologies to this year's Pulver 100."

The Pulver 100 features private companies that impact the distribution of communications and entertainment with Internet technology. With the experience of the end user in mind, Pulver 100 companies come from a number of IP communications-related market segments, from open systems platforms for fixed mobile convergence Seamless switching between cellular and local networks for mobile users. The goal is to have a handset that switches automatically from the cellular network to the local, wireless Wi-Fi network when entering a building in order to save cellphone minutes.  to mobile wireless handset manufacturers, like GUPP Technologies.

"It is an honor to be recognized among the industry's best and brightest in the Pulver 100," said Sanjay Varma, CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  of GUPP Technologies. "GUPP was founded on the principle of offering innovative IP solutions for an increasingly converged mobile marketplace, and as adoption continues to grow, GUPP is well positioned to take advantage of the changing mobile marketplace."

About GUPP Technologies, Inc.

Co-founded by Sanjay Varma and Guy Tessens, GUPP Technologies, Inc. is a premier technology solution provider for Linux IP smart mobile communication and entertainment devices. GUPP combines elegant solutions, an outstanding user experience, and a unique focus on WiFi connectivity to produce dramatic cost savings in voice and data communications data communications, application of telecommunications technology to the problem of transmitting data, especially to, from, or between computers. In popular usage, it is said that data communications make it possible for one computer to "talk" with another. . GUPP Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Penang, Malaysia. For more information, please visit

About the Pulver 100

Originally introduced in 2002, the Pulver 100 features private companies that impact the distribution of communications and entertainment with Internet technology. These companies have substantial real-world deployments and enjoy significant growth rates Growth Rates

The compounded annualized rate of growth of a company's revenues, earnings, dividends, or other figures.

Remember, historically high growth rates don't always mean a high rate of growth looking into the future.
. The value chain characterized by the Pulver 100 differs from the vertically integrated model of the last century, focusing more on the direct interface to customers and consumers which has been brought about by the Internet. For additional details on the 2007 Pulver 100, please visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 9, 2007
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