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 S. Corzine has announced the launch of the New Jersey Patent Bank, a new Web portal See portal.  designed to spur innovation in New Jersey and foster technology transfer between the state's academic and business communities.

"New Jersey's rich history of scientific research and discovery has had a profound impact on our state, our nation and our world," Governor Corzine said. "The Patent Bank gives users access to the wealth of cutting-edge research available all over the state, particularly in our academic and research institutions. This is the exactly the type of innovation we must encourage to remain competitive in the global economy."

The New Jersey Patent Bank is a user-generated, central clearinghouse clearinghouse

Institution established by firms engaged in similar activities to enable them to offset transactions with one another in order to limit payment settlements to net balances.
 for New Jersey-based patented technologies. Users can post any patent that is licensed or unlicensed in the state to market their intellectual property, as well as search for patents that match individual or business needs.

"Governor Corzine's Economic Growth Strategy places a high priority on encouraging innovation," said Jerry Zaro, chief of the Governor's Office of Economic Growth. "In addition to supporting economic growth in the state, the Patent Bank will create a potential source of revenue for the State's inventors and universities. It's a win-win for our innovators innovators

people who will try new things.

early innovators
important figures in the farming or client community because they are the leaders in the introduction of new techniques and management systems.
 and for New Jersey's economy."

In addition to highlighting the state's cutting-edge research and technologies and encouraging technology transfer between the academic and business communities, the New Jersey Patent Bank is designed to help new technologies find their way to commercial market. As innovations are developed, they can provide societal so·ci·e·tal  
Of or relating to the structure, organization, or functioning of society.

so·cie·tal·ly adv.

 benefits by making health and life quality improvements available to the public.

"The Patent Bank is an exciting and crucial first step in bringing together New Jersey's diverse entrepreneurial en·tre·pre·neur  
A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture.

[French, from Old French, from entreprendre, to undertake; see enterprise.
 community," said Dr. Peter R. Reczek, Executive Director of the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology. "By developing the tools necessary to foster technology business development, New Jersey can sustain its global leadership in innovation."

The Patent Bank was created in collaboration Working together on a project. See collaborative software.  with the Governor's Office of Economic Growth, the State of New Jersey's Office of Information Technology, the Commission on Higher Education Commission on Higher Education can refer to
  • Commission on Higher Education (Philippines) - Commission on Higher Education in Philippines
  • Commission on Higher Education (Thailand) - Commission on Higher Education in Thailand
 and the Commission on Science & Technology.

For more information, visit or call 609/777-0503.
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Date:Nov 1, 2009

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