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A CARGO ship carrying more than 2,800 brand new cars sank after colliding with another vessel in the fogbound English Channel English Channel, Fr. La Manche [the sleeve], arm of the Atlantic Ocean, c.350 (560 km) long, between France and Great Britain. It is 112 mi (180 km) wide at its west entrance, between Land's End, England, and Ushant, France. Its greatest width, c. .

The Tricolor tricolor

describes a coat color of dogs and cats which has orange and black patches (similar to the tortoiseshell) but has in addition patches of white hair; see tortoiseshell.
, a Norwegianregistered car carrier, collided with the Kariba, a container ship, 30 miles east of Ramsgate.

The cargo was made up of 2,862 top-of-the-range BMWs, Volvos and Saabs.

Some were to be unloaded in Southampton for sale in British showrooms before the Tricolor was to sail on to the US with the rest of the cargo, said Per Ronnevig, spokesman for shipping firm Wilhelmsen Lines Wilhelmsen Lines (OSE: WWI) is a publicly owned Norwegian shipping company. The company was founded in T√łnsberg October 1 1861 by Morten Wilhelm Wilhelmsen.

In 1999, Wilhelmsen Lines and Swedish Wallenius Lines agreed to form a joint operating company for their activities

The estimated value of the ship itself is pounds 25.1 million and the cargo between pounds 25 and pounds 31 million.

The Tricolor had picked up its cargo in Zebrugge, Belgium and was on its way to Southampton when it collided with the Kariba, a Bahamas-registered ship at about 1.30am yesterday, in thick fog east of Ramsgate, Kent.

The Tricolor, weighing nearly 50,000 tonnes, began to list and sank within an hour and a half.

A spokesman for Dover Coastguard said the crew of the Tricolor were forced to abandon ship.

They were picked up and taken to Dunkirk, and coastguards in France reported all the men 'safe and sound'.

The Kariba, which was severely damaged, was heading for Antwerp in Belgium .

Dover Coastguard said a Belgian warship warship, any ship built or armed for naval combat. The forerunners of the modern warship were the men-of-war of the 18th and early 19th cent., such as the ship of the line, frigate, corvette, sloop of war (see sloop), brig, and cutter.  was now in the area helping the French coastguard to deal with the incident.

A spokesman for the French coastguard said the Tricolor was resting on the bottom of the sea, but as the tide was low the boat was only partially submerged.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Dec 15, 2002
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