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 CHICAGO, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- General Instrument Corporation (NYSE: GIC) and DSC Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DIGI) today announced their intention to work together to create a next generation video and telephony system for the global interactive multimedia marketplace. The companies said they have signed a letter of intent to jointly develop and market an interactive broadband video, voice and data hybrid fiber/coax system that integrates the three services into a unified communications infrastructure.
 Hensley E. West, DSC senior vice president, North American sales, said, "Cable system operators, local telephone companies and other service providers are joining forces to improve the range and quality of services to the home. The DSC and GI team will offer them an integrated solution that combines the latest in cable and fiber optic technology."
 West went on to add, "The DSC and GI hybrid fiber/coax solution will be a timely and important enhancement to the DSC Litespan(R) and Starspan(R) SONET digital loop carrier system, the market's leading vehicle for bringing fiber into the loop. The hybrid fiber/coax solution is a key element in making next generation multimedia information services and video readily available."
 Hal M. Krisbergh, president of GI's Broadband Communications Division, hailed the new teaming as a sign that "we can effectively address end-user needs and meet those needs in an efficient, economical way to facilitate the flow of information. This planned alliance will help pave the long-awaited digital superhighway by using both GI and DSC technology."
 "Further, by capitalizing upon the resources of our companies, we will be able to deliver this system in a timely manner," said Krisbergh. "GI's vast experience in cable television fits well with DSC's recognized expertise in fiber-in-the-loop technology. Between us, we will provide integrated product solutions to these markets in a time-frame well ahead of industry predictions made as recently as six months ago."
 This system will be presented Dec. 1-3 at the Western Cable TV show in Anaheim, Calif. The presentation will show how service providers can offer cost-effectively a range of broadband services to the home, including cable television, video-on-demand, basic telephony, video telephony, as well as interactive services.
 DSC's position in the telephony marketplace with its Next Generation Digital Loop Carrier and fiber-in-the-loop products such as the Litespan-2000 and Starspan fits well with GI's digital compression via DigiCipher(R) and its addressable cable television products. In addition, GI has pioneered work with hybrid fiber/coaxial cable networks that brings broadband transport within easy reach of digital switches.
 General Instrument Corporation is a world leader in broadband transmission, distribution and access control technologies for cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcasting applications, as well as in discrete power rectifying components. GI recently consolidated its Jerrold Communications and VideoCipher Divisions into the Broadband Communications Division. Separately, GI has joined with the other all-digital proponents for the U.S. HDTV standard in a "Grand Alliance" that will share technology and potential future royalties.
 DSC Communications Corporation is a leading designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of digital switching, transmission, access and private network system products for the worldwide telecommunications marketplace.
 Litespan and Starspan are registered trademarks of DSC Communications Corporation.
 DigiCipher and VideoCipher are registered trademarks of General Instrument Corporation.
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 /CONTACT: Jim Barthold of General Instrument Corporation, 215-956-6448, or Terry Adams of DSC Communications Corporation, 214-519-4358/

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