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For years, research has shown that comprehensive sexual education programs are better at preventing teen pregnancy and STIs than abstinence-only-until-marriage efforts. Now, educators can rely on new standards for teaching effective health education. The standards were designed in a cooperative effort by expert health education organizations and provide clear, age-appropriate guidelines for content on topics including sexuality, reproduction, puberty, STIs, and healthy relationships. Teachers will be able to provide students of all ages with information needed to develop into healthy and sexually responsible adults.

Good news for working moms everywhere! Federal law now requires most employers to provide women with a reasonable amount of break time and a secluded setting other than a bathroom for breastfeeding and/or pumping at work. Last year, after employees at a major retail store criticized a woman for breastfeeding in public, women on the West Coast organized a "nurse-in" in protest. The new law will protect the women's rights The effort to secure equal rights for women and to remove gender discrimination from laws, institutions, and behavioral patterns.

The women's rights movement began in the nineteenth century with the demand by some women reformers for the right to vote, known as suffrage, and
 to care for and feed their children.

In 2011, Governor Martin O'Malley (D-MD) approved the "Family Planning family planning

Use of measures designed to regulate the number and spacing of children within a family, largely to curb population growth and ensure each family’s access to limited resources.
 Works Act" for Maryland residents. This law expands eligibility for Medicaid services so more low-and moderate-income women can access affordable STI STI systolic time intervals.  testing, birth control, cancer screenings, and other preventive services. Democrat and Republican state legislators alike agreed that these services improve the health of women and their families, and make economic sense by saving tax-payer dollars that would be spent on treatment and social services social services
Noun, pl

welfare services provided by local authorities or a state agency for people with particular social needs

social services nplservicios mpl sociales 
. Let's hope the Federal government realizes that family planning and other preventive care services save both lives and money.
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Publication:Women's Health Activist
Date:Mar 1, 2012
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