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Futuristic technology at Eden Vale.

Futuristic Technology at Eden Vale

Eden Vale's Minsterley factory in Shropshire became the UK's largest producer of retail fromage frais when their new 5.5m. [pounds] facility began producing Munch Bunch Pot Shots eight months ago.

At the moment fromage frais is experiencing a higher growth rate than any other area of the fresh chilled dairy products market. Eden Vale calculate that in 1989 the fromage frais market grew 70 percent in value to 45 m. [pounds] and is anticipated to be worth 67.5m. [pounds] by the end of this year. The investment in the Minsterley factory is testimony to the significance of this dynamic market.

Tom Chadwick, the factory manager explains, "There are three methods of separating curds and whey in the making of fromage frais - the traditional method of using cheese cloths, the conventional second generation technology using a mechanical centrifuge (operated by virtually all Europe's producers) and third generation technology using membrane filters, or ultrafiltration.

After the installation and study of pilot facilities, Eden Vale chose an ultrafiltration plant to manufacture the fromage frais base. Further than that, a decision was taken to install a two-stage plant, which is believed to be the first of its kind in the world."

The ultrafiltration plant offers a 10 percent improved yield efficiency, a flexible process capacity from a two speed plant and the capability to produce a range of different products.

The two stage ultrafiltration plant requires minimal maintenance and is environmentally friendly, providing energy savings and low noise levels.

In recognition of Minsterley's achievements in economising power, Eden Vale has just been awarded the 1990 Advanced Technology Award from Midland Electricity's Power for Efficiency and Productivity annual competition.

The Minsterley factory is now producing Munch Bunch Pot Shots, Apres Ski and Diet Ski fromage frais, together with Eden Vale's latest product launch, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles fromage frais.

PHOTO : Ultra filtration equipment installed at Minsterley for fromage frais production
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Date:Oct 1, 1990
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