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Future bank branch?

Future Bank Branch?

The holding company of the Perry County Bank now owns a piece of Pulaski County following a $130,000 transaction. Perry County Bancshares recently bought 7.42 acres on Hwy. 10 next to the Robinson Elementary School.

Is the bank preparing for the approaching day when intercounty branching is allowed?

"To be honest with you, we haven't thought about it," answers Herby Branscum Jr., bank chairman. "We don't have any definite plans for the property really."

The sellers, Ronald and Idella Bailey, are carrying $109,000 of the purchase price in the form of a five-year note. They bought it for $59,000 (18 cents per SF) in September 1987.
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Title Annotation:RealDeals
Author:Waldon, George
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Nov 19, 1990
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