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Functional food ingredients directory: a listing of suppliers of functional food and beverage ingredients.

AHD International

Contact: Lori Davis

Telephone: 404-233-4022

Fax: 404-233-4041




Functional Food Ingredients: LuraLean, chia seeds, chia flour, chia meal, virgin coconut oil, coconut water, Luravida cranberry omega 3 oil

American International Chemical

Contact: Mark Robertson

Telephone: 800-238-0001

Fax: 508-872-1566



Functional Food Ingredients: Choline choline: see vitamin.

Organic compound related to vitamins in its activity. It is important in metabolism as a component of the lipids that make up cell membranes and of acetylcholine.
, vitamin D3, cranberry extract, Plerasan (beta-glucan), beta-carotene, lycopene lycopene /ly·co·pene/ (li´ko-pen) the red carotenoid pigment of tomatoes and various berries and fruits.

, omega 3, to-cotrienols

Archer Daniels Midland The Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), is a conglomeration based in Decatur, Illinois. ADMoperates more than 270 plants worldwide, where cereal grains and oilseeds are processed into numerous products used in food, beverage, nutraceutical, industrial and animal feed  Co.

Contact: Greg Dodson

Telephone: 800-510-2178

Fax: 217-451-4510

E-mail: nutrition@adm,com


Functional Food Ingredients: CardioAid plant sterols sterols (ster´ôlz), steroids having one or more hydroxyl groups and no carbonyl or carboxyl groups (e.g., cholesterol).
, natural source vitamin E, NovaSoy isoflavones isoflavones (īˑ·sō·flāˈ·vōnz), phytoestrogenic compounds found in various plants, including red clover and soy.


Contact: Max Motyka

Telephone: 800-222-0733; 586-774-9055




Functional Food Ingredients: DimaCal (dicalcium malate malate /ma·late/ (ma´lat) any salt of malic acid.

A salt or ester of malic acid.


a salt of malic acid.
), calcium citrate malate Calcium citrate malate is a water-soluble calcium supplement. It is the calcium salt of citric acid and malic acid. It is purported to be highly bioavailable.

Calcium citrate malate's bioavailability stems from its water-solubility and its method of dissolution.
, Calci-K, dimagnesium malate, Ferrochel (ferrous bisglycinate), mineral glycinate chelates

American Casein casein (kā`sēn), well-defined group of proteins found in milk, constituting about 80% of the proteins in cow's milk, but only 40% in human milk.  Company

Contact: Kathy Palait

Telephone: 609-387-3130

Fax: 609-387-7204



Functional Food Ingredients: Sodium caseinate, milk protein isolate, calcium caseinate, milk protein concentrate, potassium caseinate, whey protein hydrolysate hydrolysate /hy·drol·y·sate/ (hi-drol´i-sat) any compound produced by hydrolysis.

protein hydrolysate
, micellar casein hydrolyzed whey protein, edible acid casein, hvdrolvzed casein

American International Chemical

Contact: Mark Robertson

Telephone: 800-238-0001

Fax: 508-872-1566


Website: "

Functional Food Ingredimts: Soluble minerals, vitamins, choline salts, omega 3s, cranberry extract, Imunoglukan

Arista Industries

Contact: Mary Ann Siciliano

Telephone: 203-761-1009

Fax; 203-761-4980

E-maih maryann@

Functional Food Ingredients: Sodium caseinate, milk protein isolate, calcium caseinate, milk protein concentrate, potassium caseinate, whey protein hydrolysate, micellar casein hydrolyzed whey protein, edible acid casein, hydrolyzed casein

American International Chemical

Contact: Mark Robertson

Telephone: 800-238-0001




Functional Food Ingredients: Soluble minerals, vitamins, choline salts, omega 3s, cranberry extract, Imunoglukan

Arista Industries

Contact: Mary Ann Siciliano

Telephone: 203-761-1009

Fax: 203-761-4980



Functional Food Ingredients: Black currant seed oil (contains GLA omega 6); borage borage (bŏr`əj, bŭr`–), common name for the Boraginaceae, a family of widely distributed herbs and some tropical shrubs or trees characterized by rough or hairy stems, four-part fruits, and usually fragrant blossoms.  oil (contains GLA omega 6); evening primrose oil evening primrose oil

one of the few plant oils containing ?-linolenic acid. Obtained from seeds of Oenothera biennis, it is used for its anti-inflammatory effects in the treatment of skin diseases.
 (contains GLA omega 6); fish liver oils (contain vitamin A and D); flax seed oil (contains ALA omega 3); krill oil (contains omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants); omega 3 fatty acid fish oils; pomegranate oil (rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties); powder form oils (enables inclusion and stability in food, dairy and bakery products); salmon oil (contains omega 3 fatty acids)

Aroma New Zealand Ltd

Contact: Ben S. Winters

Telephone: 64-33899-005

Fax: 64-3899095



Functional Food Ingredients: Green lipped mussel powder, green lipped mussel oil, water soluble shark cartilage powder, oyster powder, abalone abalone (ăbəlō`nē), popular name in the United States for a univalve gastropod mollusk of the genus Haliotis, members of which are also called ear shells, or sea ears, as their shape resembles the human ear.  powder, fish protein powder, marine collagen powder, bovine trachea powder, sea cucumber powder

B&D Nutritional Ingredients

Contact: Michael Sodaro

Telephone: 800-546-6113; 760-597-0933

Fax: 760-597-9670

E-mail: m_sodaro@


Functional Food Ingredients: Betanat natural beta-carotene; CardioAid phytosterols; Enzogenol pine bark extract; EpiCor dried yeast fermenate complex; Fibersol-2 soluble dietary fiber; FloraGLO lutein lutein /lu·te·in/ (-in)
1. a lipochrome from the corpus luteum, fat cells, and egg yolk.

2. any lipochrome.

; Hawai'i Coffee Cherry; Novasoy soy isoflavones; ZeaGold natural zeaxanthin; vitamin E; natural vitamin E

BASF Corporation

Contact: David Suriani

Telephone: 800-527-9881

Fax: 973-245-6843



Functional Food Ingredients:Vitamins, beta-carotene (Lucarotin), lycopene (LycoVit), lutein, omega 3s (dry n-3)

Beijing Gingko gingko,
n Latin name:
Gingko biloba; parts used: leaves; uses: vascular insufficiency, antioxidant, circulation, cognitive enhancement, depression, headaches, tinnitus, altitude sickness, intermittent claudication; precautions: patients with

Contact: Chris Holland

Telephone: 828-302-0109

Fax: 949-266-5712



Functional Food Ingredients: Bilberry bilberry

Low-growing deciduous shrub (Vaccinium myrtillus) of the heath family, found in woods and on heaths, chiefly in hilly districts of Britain, northern Europe, and Asia. The stiff stems bear small egg-shaped leaves and small rosy flowers tinged with green.
 extract, fucoxanthin fu·co·xan·thin  
A brown carotenoid pigment, C40H60O6, found in brown algae.

[fuc(us) + xanth(o)- + -in.
, fucoidan, ginkgo biloba extract, licorice extracts, lingonberry lingonberry

Fruit of a small creeping plant (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) of the heath family, related to the blueberry and cranberry. Also known as cowberry, foxberry, and mountain or rock cranberry, the lingonberry is a wild plant used for jelly and juice by northern Europeans
 extract, mixed tocopherols, tocotrienols, cyanidin-3-glucoside, astaxanthin

BI Nutraceuticals

Contact: Walt Postelwait

Telephone: 310-669-2100

Fax: 310-637-3644



functional_food.php Functional Food Ingredients: Rossen-ria, psyllium psyllium /psyl·li·um/ (sil´e-um)
1. a plant of the genus Plantago.

2. the husk (psyllium husk) or seed (plantago or psyllium seed) of various species of Plantago
, green tea, ginkgo biloba extract, guarana guarana /gua·ra·na/ (gwah-rah´nah) [Tupi-Guarani] the Brazilian woody vine Paullinia cupana, or a dried paste prepared from its seeds which is used as a stimulant and tonic in folk medicine and for the treatment of headache in  seed powder/extract, senna tea, yerba mate extract, acai extract, tamarind tamarind (tăm`ərĭnd), tropical ornamental evergreen tree (Tamarindus indica) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), native to Africa and probably to Asia, but now widely grown in the tropics.  extract, goji berry extract


Contact: Fred Bemier

Telephone: 450-510-5599;


Fax: 450-510-6767



Functional Food Ingredients: Fish oil, evening primrose oil, borage oil, flax oil, pumpkin seed oil Pumpkin seed oil (Bučno olje in Slovenian, Kernöl or Kürbiskernöl in German, Bućino ulje or Bundevino ulje in Croatian) is a culinary specialty of eastern Slovenia (Styria and Prekmurje), south eastern Austria (Styria), northwestern  

BioNeutra Inc.

Contact: Jianhua Zhu

Telephone: 780-466-1481

Fax: 780-466-1490



Functional Food Ingredients: VitaSugar prebiotic prebiotic

nutrients that support growth and activity of bacteria, principally bifidobacteria, and resist absorption in the upper small intestine. Includes indigestible carbohydrates, inulins and lactulose.
 fiber; isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO) powder and syrup

Bio Serae Laboratoires S.A.S.

Contact: Xavier Benoist

Telephone: 33-4-68-7676-20

Fax: 33-4-68-7676-21



Functional Food Ingredients: Cacti-Nea soluble cactus fruit extract; NeOpuntia patented, dehydrated de·hy·drate  
v. de·hy·drat·ed, de·hy·drat·ing, de·hy·drates
1. To remove water from; make anhydrous.

2. To preserve by removing water from (vegetables, for example).
 cactus leaf powder; ID-alG brown seaweed extract; Vinitrox fruit extract rich in polyphenols; Osteol, bioactive milk proteins; Resveravine resveratrol res·ver·a·trol
A natural compound found in grapes, mulberries, peanuts, and other plants or food products, especially red wine, that may protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease by acting as an antioxidant, antimutagen, and

Bio-Botanica Inc.

Contact: Mark Sysler

Telephone: 631-231-5522*138

Fax: 631-231-7332



Functional Food Ingredients: ORAC Super 7 Blend; vitamin D3 liquid, ginger root extract; St. Johnsbread, SE; tamarind SE; aloe vera gel; ginseng root extract; yerba mate extract; blueberry leaf extract; superfruit extracts

California Natural Products

Contact: John Ashby

Telephone: 209-858-2525

Fax: 209-858-4076



Functional Food Ingredients: Natural rice syrups, natural rice syrup solids, organic rice syrups, organic rice syrup solids


Contact: Pam Stauffer

Telephone: 866-456-8872

Fax: 952-742-7573



Functional Food Ingredients: Coro-Wise plant sterols; Barliv barley betafiber; Oliggo-Fiber inulin inulin /in·u·lin/ (in´ul-in) a starch occurring in the rhizome of certain plants, yielding fructose on hydrolysis, and used in tests of renal function.

; Zerose erythritol erythritol

the sugar present in high concentration in the genital tract of the male and the pregnant female and enhances the growth of Brucella abortus, which preferentially utilizes erythritol.
; Truvia natural sweetener; Treha trehalose tre·ha·lose  
A sweet-tasting, crystalline disaccharide, C12H22O11, found in trehala and in many fungi.
; Xtend sucromalt; maltitol

Colloides Naturels International

Telephone: 908-707 9400

Fax: 908-707-9405



Functional Food Ingredients: Acaciagum; acacia fiber; soluble and insoluble fibers

Cyvex Nutrition

Contact: Matt Phillips

Telephone: 949-622-9030

Fax: 949-622-9033



Functional Food Ingredients: BioVin, BioVin Advanced, BioVin 20, Euro Black Currant, Q-Vida, BerryVin, PhytoTropic, Chirositol, PornActiv, AppleZin

Decas Botanical Synergies, LLC

Contact: Dan Souza

Telephone: 508-866-8506

Fax: 508-866-9020



Functional Food Ingredients: PACran, NutriCran 90, OmegaCran, Nutri-Cran organic DNP DNP
Deoxyribonucleoprotein; a complex of DNA and protein that usually yields DNA upon cell disruption and isolation.


 International Co. Inc.

Contact: Diana Chavez

Telephone: 562-207-9770

Fax: 562-207-9780



Functional Food Ingredients: Ascorbicacid, sodium ascorbate a·scor·bate
A salt of ascorbic acid.


a compound or derivative of ascorbic acid. See also sodium ascorbate.
, sucralose, betaine betaine /be·ta·ine/ (be´tah-en) the carboxylic acid derived by oxidation of choline; it acts as a transmethylating metabolic intermediate and is used in the treatment of homocystinuria. , taurine taurine /tau·rine/ (taw´ren) an oxidized sulfur-containing amine occurring conjugated in the bile, usually as cholyltaurine or chenodeoxycholyltaurine; it may also be a central nervous system neurotransmitter or neuromodulator. , aspartame aspartame: see sweetener, artificial.

Synthetic organic compound (a dipeptide) of phenylalanine and aspartic acid. It is 150–200 times as sweet as cane sugar and is used as a nonnutritive tabletop sweetener and in low-calorie
 powder, glucuronolactone, inositol inositol (ĭnō`sĭtōl): see vitamin.

The generic name for hexahydroxycyclohexanes, which are classified as carbohydrates.
, stevia Noun 1. stevia - any plant of the genus Stevia or the closely related genus Piqueria having glutinous foliage and white or purplish flowers; Central and South America
genus Stevia - genus of shrubs and herbs of tropical and warm Americas
, xylitol xylitol /xy·li·tol/ (zi´li-tol) a five-carbon sugar alcohol derived from xylose and as sweet as sucrose; used as a noncariogenic sweetener and also as a sugar substitute in diabetic diets.  

Dr. Paul Lohmann Inc.

Contact: Patrick Stano; Ralf Dieckhoff

Telephone: 631-851-8810

Fax: 631-851-8815



Functional Food Ingredients: Calcium Lactate Plus; calcium inulin granulate; LomaSalt premix premix

a finite mixture of nutritional supplements such as minerals and vitamins, usually combined with a carrier and ready for mixing with a total ration.
 salt replacer; beverage mineral premix blends; calcium fortification blends for dairy and soy products; micronized minerals for improved solubility and mouthfeel; microencapsulated microencapsulated Therapeutics adjective Surrounded by a thin layer of biodegradable substance–eg, a microsphere, as a means of protecting a drug or vaccine antigen from rapid breakdown, or of enhancing antigenic absorption and immune response thereto  iron and zinc mineral salts for improved taste; ferric ferric (fĕr`ĭk), iron in the +3 valence state.

See ferrous.
 and ferrous salts for iron fortification; calcium-magnesium citrate premix for liquid applications; triturations of trace minerals

Draco Natural Products, Inc.

Contact: Mike Irwin

Telephone: 408-287-7871

Fax: 408-287-8838



Functional Food Ingredients: Full Spectrum fruit and vegetable Phyto-Concentrates; Euphoria fruit; cilifruit; goji berry; yumberry; sea buckthorn; dragonfruit; organic medicinal mushroom extracts; action synergized custom formulas; organic pomegranate seed oil; Full Spectrum standardized organic green tea and white tea extract

Embria Health Sciences

Contact: Greg Thornton

Telephone: 515-963-9100

Fax: 515-964-9004



Functional Food Ingredients: EpiCor is non-toxic, free of contraindications, non-mutagenic and is GRAS--it is available as a fine powder (suitable for many food and beverage F&B is a common abbreviation in the United States and Commonwealth countries, including Hong Kong. F&B is typically the widely accepted abbreviation for "Food and Beverage," which is the sector/industry that specializes in the conceptualization, the making of, and delivery of foods.  applications); eXselen highly bioavailable organic selenium yeast (guarantees consistently high levels of selenomethionine)

Encore Fruit Marketing

Contact: Greg Kaiser

Telephone: 909-394-5640

Fax: 909-394-5646



Functional Food Ingredients: Goji berry products (puree, juice concentrate, organic); yumberry (juice concentrate); black currant (juice concentrate, puree); Roselle (hibiscus extract); acai (puree, freeze-dried powder); mangosteen mangosteen (mang`gəstēn'), the edible fruit of Garcinia mangostana, of the family Clusiaceae (Guttiferae), an evergreen tree native to SE Asia. The purple fruit is similar to an orange in size, thickness of the rind, and segmentation.  (puree, juice concentrate); mulberry (juice concentrate); agave (concentrate, organic); blueberry (puree, juice concentrate)

Enzymotec Ltd.

Contact: Orly Farkash

Telephone: 972-747-7177-177

Fax: 972-74-7177-001



Functional Food Ingredients: Sharp PS, Sharp PS Silver, Sharp PS Gold, Sharp GPC, InFat, krill oil, crill

ESM Technologies, LLC

Contact: Chris Haynes

Telephone: 800-436-1890

Fax: 417-358-4954



Functional Food Ingredients: NEM (natural eggshell membrane); ESC (eggshell calcium)

Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd

Contact: Michael Morrissey

Telephone: 847-928-1913

Fax: 847-928-1606



Functional Food Ingredients: Lipids, dairy protein crisps; probiotics; ClearProtein whey protein isolates; whey protein hydrolysates; Power-Protein whey protein concentrates; prebiotics; SureProtein milk protein concentrates; colostrum colostrum /co·los·trum/ (kol-os´trum) the thin, yellow, milky fluid secreted by the mammary gland a few days before or after parturition.

; PowerPro-tein milk protein concentrates

Ganeden Biotech, Inc.

Contact: Mike Bush

Telephone: 440-229-5200

Fax: 440-229-5240



Functional Food Ingredients: Gane-denBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, (6086), a high-survivability probiotic that can be baked, boiled and frozen for use in many applications

Glanbia Nutritionals

Contact: Tim Harried

Telephone: 608-316-8526

Fax: 608-316-8504



Functional Food Ingredients: OptiSol functional whey International Fiber Corporation

Contact: Colleen Was

Telephone: 888-698-1936

Fax: 716-693-3528



Functional Food Ingredients: Powdered cellulose; white wheat fiber; bamboo fiber; oat fiber; sugar beet fiber; sugar cane fiber; custom blends

Hilmar Ingredients

Contact: Grace Harris

Telephone: 888-0300-4465;


Fax: 209-656-1184



Functional Food Ingredients: Hilmar 8010 instantized WPC; Hilmar 8200 gelling WPC; Hilmar 8360 instantized WPH; Hilmar 8370 bar texture WPH; Hilmar 9400 whey protein isolate; Hilmar 9410 instantized WPI; Hilmar 5110 refined lactose; Hilmar 5320 pharmaceutical lactose

InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.

Contact: Rob Worsena/

Heather Campbell

Telephone: 707-751-2800;


Fax: 707-751-2802



Functional Food Ingredients: Super CitriMax patented form of HCA HCA, See acid, hydroxycitric.
 bound to calcium and potassium; ChromeMate patented oxygen-coordinated chromium polynicotinate; UC-II patented undenatured type II collagen; OptiBeny proprietary multiple berry extract containing standardized levels of anthocyanins for optimum for antioxidant health; Op-tiZinc and L-OptiZinc patented forms of methionine-bound zinc

Kaneka Nutrients L.P.

Contact: Richard Weis

Telephone: 281-291-4471

Fax: 281-291-4470



Functional Food Ingredients: KanekaQ10; KanekaQ10 5% WS liquid; Kaneka Q+ Ubiquinol 5% WS powder (under development)

Kemin Health

Contact: Christopher Lindstrom

Telephone: 515-559-5388

Fax: 515-248-4000



Functional Food Ingredients:

FloraGLO lutein; Slendesta potato extract

Lesaffre Human Care

Contact: PhilValvo

Telephone: 887-677-7600

Fax: 414-615-4003



Functional Food Ingredients: Probiotic yeast (Lynside PRO SCB-Sac-charomyces cerevisiae var. boulardii); Red Star vegetarian support formula; mineral yeasts (selenium, zinc, chromium, manganese, copper, molybdenum); yeast components (yeast beta-glucan)

Lonza Inc.

Telephone: 800-365-8324

Fax: 201-696-3612



Functional Food Ingredients: Carnipure, FiberAid, ResistAid, niacin, niacinamide


Contact: Bill Redwood

Telephone: 973-882-0322

Fax: 973-882-0323



Functional Food Ingredients: Lyc-O-Mato, Lyc-0-Beta,Tomat-O-Red, Lyc-O-Lutein

MAK Wood, Inc.

Contact: Eric Baer

Telephone: 262-387-1200

Fax: 262-387-1400



Functional Food Ingredients: Enzymes; probiotics; water dispersible omega 3s; anti-microbial cranberry; anti-microbial carrot extract; fermented soy milk powder; long pepper extract; L-arabinose; grapefruit seed extract Grapefruit seed extract (GSE), also known as citrus seed extract, is a liquid derived from the seeds, pulp, and white membranes of grapefruit. While there has been no scientific demonstration of efficacy, this extract has been claimed by some practitioners of alternative ; lactoferrin lactoferrin
n an iron-binding protein found in the specific granules of neutrophils where it apparently exerts an antimicrobial activity by withholding iron from ingested bacteria and fungi.


Telephone: 800-662-6339;




Functional Food Ingredients: life's-DHA, a non-fish source of DHA DHA docosahexaenoic acid.
DHA, See acid, docosahexaenoic.
 omega 3; life'sARA, an omega 6 fatty acid

National Starch Food Innovation

Telephone: 866-961-6285 (NATL)



Functional Food Ingredients: Resistant starch; insoluble dietary fiber; soluble dietary fiber; gluten free starches; encapsulation ingredients

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc.

Contact: Thierry Houillon

Telephone: 450-687-2262

Fax: 450-687-2272



Functional Food Ingredients: Neptune Krill Oil (NKO)

Norland Products Inc.

Contact: Richard Norland

Telephone: 609-395-1966

Fax: 609-395-9006



Functional Food Ingredients: Hyrolyzed fish collagen, fish gelatin

NP Nutra

Contact: Bill Nichols

Telephone: 310-694-3031

Fax: 310-606-2069



Functional Food Ingredients: Acai, amla, aronia, camu camu, goji, maca, mangosteen, noni noni,
n See morinda.
, pomegranate, yumberry

NutraFood Nutrients, Inc.

Con tad: John Tobin

Telephone: 609-383-1112

Fax: 609-383-1097



Functional Food Ingredients: NutraFood Nutrients proprietary whole food vitamins and minerals


Contact: Craig Maclntyre

Telephone: 802-257-5345

Fax: 802-251-6981



Functional Food Ingredients: Essentra, MycoFusions, OptiNutrin, PureWay-C, Sensara, Wellberry

Ocean Nutrition Canada Ocean Nutrition Canada, a subsidiary of Clearwater Fine Foods, is the leading global supplier of Omega-3 EPA/DHA fatty acids. These acids are typically obtained through the oils of Sardines, Anchovy, and other oily fish.  Limited

Contact: Jon Getzinger

Telephone: 902-480-3214

Fax: 902-480-3199



Functional Food Ingredients: MEG-3 omega 3 EPA/DHA from fish oil

Ocean Spray ITG

Contact: Tom Jones

Telephone: 508-946-7606

Fax: 508-946-4594



Functional Food Ingredients: Sweetened dried cranberries, BerryFusions fruits, cranberry puree, cranberry powder, cranberry concentrate


Contact: Damon Dickinson

Telephone: 713-623-0060

Fax: 713-940-6111



Functional Food Ingredients: Fish oil, menhaden oil, omega 3 fatty acids, EPA EPA eicosapentaenoic acid.

eicosapentaenoic acid

EPA, See acid, eicosapentaenoic.


OmniActive Health Technologies

Contact: Hiren Doshi

Telephone: 866-588-3629

Fax: 877-588-3629



Functional Food Ingredients: Lutemax free lutein; Lutemax lutein esters; Curcumax turmeric turmeric: see ginger.

Perennial herbaceous plant (Curcuma longa; family Zingiberaceae), native to southern India and Indonesia. Its tuberous rhizomes have been used from antiquity as a condiment, as a textile dye, and medically as an
; CateKan green tea; capsicum capsicum /cap·si·cum/ (kap´si-kum) a plant of the genus Capsicum, the hot peppers, or the dried fruit derived from certain of its species (cayenne or red pepper), containing the active principle capsaicin; used as a ; ginger; celery; nutmeg; paprika; cassia cassia (kăsh`ə): see cinnamon; senna.

Spice, also called Chinese cinnamon, consisting of the aromatic bark of the Cinnamomum cassia plant, of the laurel family.

Pacific Rainbow

Contact: Bill Fleet

Telephone: 888-331-2310

Fax: 724-646-3451



Functional Food Ingredients: Chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine HCL HCl

hydrochloric acid.
, glucosamine sulfate, xylitol, Celadrin, organic red yeast rice red yeast rice,
n See monascus.
, CoQ10, ascorbic acid, MSM MSM - Micronetics Standard MUMPS , inositol

Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc.

Contact: Mitch Skop

Telephone: 201-719-7414



Functional Food Ingredients: StarchLite, Lactium

Pizzey's Nutritionals

Contact: Mary Ekman

Telephone: 847-244-7133

Fax: 847-244-7155



Functional Food Ingredients: Functional flax

PL Thomas

Contact: Paula Nurnberger


Fax: 973-984-5666



Functional Food Ingredients: Kaneka QH CoQ10; Tomat-O-Red; Ganeden BC30 probiotic; MegaNatural BP grape seed extract Grape seed extract contains chemicals known as polyphenols, (including the subclass of proanthocyanidins), which are recognized to be effective polyphenol antioxidants. ; Vitiva rosemary; Inolens; Pomegranate P40p; Lipogen PS; Berry Dark blend

Polyphenolics, a division of Constellation Wines U.S., Inc.

Contact: Ronald Martin

Telephone: Telephone: 480-883-6716

Fax: 480-883-6717



Functional Food Ingredients: MegaNatural BP grape seed extract; MegaNatural Gold grape seed extract; MegaNatural GSKE grape pomace pomace

the residue of fruits after juice is extracted and contains skins, pips and stalks; refers usually to grapes. Used as animal feed but useful only if dried. Called also pulp, marc.
 extract; MegaNatural Rubired grape juice extract; MegaNatural red wine concentrate

Premium Ingredients International

Contact: Lisa Drawer

Telephone: 630-868-0300

Fax: 630-868-0344

E-mail: sales@premium

Website: www.premium

Functional Food Ingredients:Vitamin C; vitamin Bl; flavors (including organic freeze-dried juice powders); protein (rice and whey); L-isoleucine; L-Arginine; taurine; stevia (80-90%); DCP

Proprietary Nutritionals, Inc.

Contact: Dean Mosca

Telephone: 519-647-2071



Functional Food Ingredients: Benexia chia seed; Sytrinol Healthy Heart; Cran-Max cranberry concentrate; Bil-Max bilberry concentrate; Blue-Max blueberry concentrate; Cherry-Max cherry concentrate; Elder-Max elderberry elderberry,
n Latin names:
Sambucus nigra, Sambucus canadensis; parts used: buds, fruit; uses: common cold, toothaches, headaches, diaphoresis, hay fever, sinus infections, epidermal irritations, lacerations, liver disorders, inflammation;
 concentrate; Pom-Max pomegranate concentrate

RFI Ingredients

Contact: Jennifer Diliddo

Telephone: 845-358-8600

Fax: 845-358-9003



Functional Food Ingredients: SD/FD fruit and vegetable powders; cereal grasses; liquid tea extracts; Oxy-phyte apple; Oxyphyte grape skin, Oxyphyte grape seed; Oxyphyte green tea; Oxyphyte white tea; Oxyphyte Ultra Blend; Oxyphyte Heart Blend

Roquette America, Inc.

Contact: Kelley Liefer

Telephone: 630-463-9444

Fax: 630-339-2453



Functional Food Ingredients: Nutralys pea protein;

Nutriose soluble fiber

Sabinsa Corporation

Contact: Shaheen Majeed

Telephone: 801-465-8400

Fax: 801-465-8600

E-mail: shaheed Noun 1. shaheed - Arabic term for holy martyrs; applied by Palestinians to suicide bombers
Arabic, Arabic language - the Semitic language of the Arabs; spoken in a variety of dialects

martyr, sufferer - one who suffers for the sake of principle

Website: www.sabinsa.ccom

Functional Food Ingredients: Citrin K; Cococin; Selenium Select; Lactospore

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.

Contact: Barry Meltzer

Telephone: 510-770-1215 xlll

Fax: 510-770-9021



Functional Food Ingredients: Psyllium husk, burdock burdock (bûr`däk), common name of any plant of the genus Arctium of the family Asteraceae (aster family), coarse biennials indigenous to temperate Eurasia and mostly weedy in North America.  root, ginger root, barley grass, cinnamon, chamomile chamomile or camomile (both: kăm`əmīl', –mēl') [Gr.,=ground apple], name for various related plants of the family Asteraceae (aster family), especially the perennial Anthemis nobilis, , peppermint leaf, hibiscus, yerba mate, pau'd arco

Sensus America, Inc

Contact: Carol Brown; Fred Kaper

Telephone: 646-452-6143


Functional Food Ingredients: Prebiotic Frutalose; sweet liquid chicory chicory (chĭk`ərē) or succory (sŭk`ərē), Mediterannean herb (Cichorium intybus  root fiber; prebiotic Frutafit inulin powders

Seppic, Inc.

Contact: Marie-Eve Koziol

Telephone: 973-882-5597

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Functional Food Ingredients: Provinols 955 wine polyphenols; Extramel microgranules SOD-rich extract for tablets, capsules, powders; Extramel D SOD-rich extract for liquids and dairy products; Prolivols olive fruit extract; Givocal high bio-availability calcium; Givomag high bioavailability magnesium

Solbar Industries Ltd.

Contact: Greg Horn

Telephone: 847-459-1400

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Functional Food Ingredients: Solpro 910 soy protein isolate (for healthy snacks and vegetarian meals); Solpro 957 low sodium soy protein isolate (for dry blended beverages); Solpro 958 low viscosity soy protein isolate (for ready-to-drink beverages); Solpro 940 soy protein isolate (for nutrition bars and ready-to-eat cereals)

Soy Labs

Contact: Ryan Schmidt

Telephone: 707-421-8123

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Functional Food Ingredients: Lunasin XP; Lunasoy; Albumasoy; functional soy protein; func-tional soy complex; functional soy powder; functional soy peptides; all ingredients suitable for the manufacture of health supplements, functional foods, soyfoods and beverages, and cosmeceuticals

SunOpta Ingredients

Telephone: 781-276-5141

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Functional Food Ingredients: Oat fiber; soy fiber;

stabilized oat, com and wheat bran; barley betaglucan; fiber blends

Terry Laboratories, Inc.

Contact: David Nelson

Telephone: 321-259-1630

Fax: 321-242-0625



Functional Food Ingredients: Aloe vera gels, extracts,

concentrates and powders; shea butter

Virginia Dare

Telephone: 718-788-1776

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Functional Food Ingredients: Flavors, masking agents, vanilla, tea extracts

Wild Flavors, Inc.

Contact: Heather Biehl

Telephone: 888-WILD-FLAVORS

Fax: 859-342-3610



Functional Food Ingredients: CoQIO, conjugated linoleic acid Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) refers to a family of many isomers of linoleic acid (at least 13 are reported), which are found primarily in the meat and dairy products of ruminants. As implied by the name, the double bonds of CLAs are conjugated. , phytosterols, Maxlmmune, OligoFlex, tea polyphenols (green, white, red, black), lutein esters, acai extract, cranberry extract, stevia

Xsto Solutions, LLC

Contact: Francis Foley/Dan Murray

Telephone: 973-975-4224; 678-445-3535

Fax: 678-445-3611



Functional Food Ingredients: Omega H20 soluble omegas from Virun; EPA and DHA specialty products; D-Ribose from Bioenergy, beta-carotene (dry and oil forms); lutein (dry and oil forms); lycopene (dry and oil forms)


Contact: Sander Krupski

Telephone: 281-419-6050

Fax: 281-419-6049



Functional Food Ingredients: Vitamin E, CoQIO, beta-carotene, astaxanthin, canthaxanthin, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, vitamin A, biotin biotin: see vitamin; coenzyme.

Organic compound, part of the vitamin B complex, essential for growth and well-being in animals and some microorganisms.

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Biowall Foods Co., Ltd. is the leading pharmaceutical enterprise in China, which is dedicated to planting, promotion, sales of organic Chinese medicinal materials, fungus and seasoning, located in Sichuan province China.

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