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Fuji Heavy Industries to License Lithium Ion Capacity Technology to Nihon Micro Coating.

Tokyo, Japan, Feb 6, 2006 - (JCN) - Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru vehicles, announced on February 6 that it has signed a five-year agreement to license its lithium ion capacity technology to Nihon Micro Coating.

Under the license agreement, Nihon Micro Coating will nonexclusively be able to develop, prototype, manufacture, use, and market lithium ion capacitors based on FHI's capacity that uses its proprietary pre-doping technology to occlude lithium ions on a negative electrode to significantly increase the capacitor's energy density.

Known for its expertise in coating, Nihon Micro Coating has manufactured lithium ion capacitor electrodes for FHI since 2002.

Given that lithium ion capacitors will have potential to be deployed in hybrid vehicles and replace automobile lead batteries, as well as find applications in consumer devices and industrial equipment, Nihon Micro Coating will work on the manufacturing of capacitor cells and the commercially producing lithium ion capacitors. In the meantime, FHI will also work with other companies to further research lithium ion capacitors.

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Date:Feb 7, 2006
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