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Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory.

Where can you buy a jostaberry plantthat extremely hardy and fast-growing black currant-gooseberry hybrid that produces large, black fruit rich in vitamin C? Or maybe you're looking for 'Raja Puri', a very sweet variety of banana also known for its vigor and cold hardiness. And how could you ever again find that unusual 'Sops of Wine' apple you tasted in England a few years ago?

Help is at hand. Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory, recently published by Seed Savers Exchange, may be for you. It lists more than 4,000 varieties and species of berries, fruits, and nuts-and keys them to 248 nursery catalog sources (a few are wholesale only). If it is not listed in this book, you probably can't buy it.

Apples to blackberries, almonds to atemoya, and everything between

Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory is organized into five sections. The first includes varieties of deciduous tree fruits, such as apples, figs, and peaches. It is followed by sections on berries, nuts, tropicals and subtropicals (including citrus), and miscellaneous fruits covering everything from acerola cherry to Guadalupe palm. Most varieties and species listed are briefly described, with information on fruit size, shape, and flavor, and where they are best adapted.

Each of the nurseries listed in the front of the book is also described. Anyone who likes to scour garden catalogs is bound to find some new discoveries here.

Gleanings for Western gardeners

If you live in mild-winter climates of Arizona and California you'll certainly be interested in the more than 400 types of tropical and subtropical fruit listed, including cherimoya, citrus, guava, loquat, mango, and pepino. But you might also want to know about 'Flordaprince' peach. This very low chill variety produces highquality fruit even in desert heat.

Fruit lovers in northern California may want to investigate blueberry varieties, such as 'Blueray', that are reported to excel in marginal blueberry areas-especially bot climates.

Northwest gardeners may want to try one of the American hazelnut and European filbert hybrids, such as the filazel. You may also be interested in one of the 39 varieties of Asian pear listed.

To order Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory, send $19 (price includes postage) to Seed Savers Exchange, R.R. 3, Box 239, Decorah, Iowa 52101.
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Date:Oct 1, 1989
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