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From the Editor-in-Chief.

In this issue we have eight articles addressing a variety of subjects of interest to today's managers. The topics relate to workplace violence, marketing to children on the Internet, employee trust in the virtual organization, consumer confidence in e-commerce, managing change on a different basis, strategic alliances and ethical responsibility, sexual harassment, and street registration of securities.

In the first article, Ginn and Henry advocate addressing workplace violence from a health management perspective as "essentially health promotion and wellness with an eye on the bottom line." In the second article, Joel J. Davis provides a useful guide to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The article's appendix lists each key COPPA criterion followed by COPPA requirements and the author's suggestions for compliance. Ariss, Nykodym, and Cole-Laramore conclude that monitoring employee behavior in the virtual organization cannot be done effectively. Instead, employers should aspire "to hire people who have high ethical standards and sound work habits."

In the fourth article, Peeples explores issues relating to confidence in e-commerce. In the fifth article, W. Sauser and L. Sauser explain that in today's environment change, like quality, should be viewed as a continuous process and not an isolated or one-time effort. Dahaub, in the sixth article, talks about ethical responsibility in today's complex technology-based structure of organizational alliances linked through telecommunications and computers. The seventh article, by Wendt and Slovakar, reports that retaliation is common in sexual harassment complaints. They point to the costs of defending against a charge of retaliation and warn organizations against taking measures that may be perceived as retaliatory. Finally, James, Bexley, and Maniam report the results of a survey of small banks regarding the effects on companies whose stocks are purchased and held in "street names." The authors warn that street registration can adversely affect the companies involved.

The timely theme of the 2003 business conference is "Trust, Responsibility, and Business." The conference will be held on April 10-13, 2003, and the call for papers and registration forms were mailed recently. In addition, the announcement is in this issue of the Journal (see pp. 32-33). You may also check SAM Web Site at We welcome any suggestions for discussants, session chairs, paper presenters, sponsors, or possible keynote speakers. Please make your hotel reservations early and plan to join us in Orlando, Florida, in April 2003. Our meetings are always educational and fun.

Moustafa H. Abdelsamad


SAM AMJ and President and CEO of SAM
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Publication:SAM Advanced Management Journal
Date:Sep 22, 2002
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