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Memories of old cinemas in Birmingham. Have your say by visiting

I REMEMBER in the 70s going to the pictures for the matinee mat·i·nee or mat·i·née  
An entertainment, such as a dramatic performance or movie, presented in the daytime, usually in the afternoon.
. It took about three hours of the Saturday up so mom could go shopping.

I remember people used to clap and cheer before and after a film. People were more spirited in those days.


I WELL remember Saturday matinees at the Sutton Odeon O`de´on

n. 1. A kind of theater in ancient Greece, smaller than the dramatic theater and roofed over, in which poets and musicians submitted their works to the approval of the public, and contended for prizes; - hence, in modern usage, the
. I was the assistant manager there during the late-70s. I really enjoyed the great atmosphere the kids generated, it took me back to my own carefree days.


THOSE were the days. I can remember Perry Barr Perry Barr is an area in north Birmingham, England.

It is also a council constituency, managed by its own district committee. The constituency includes the smaller Perry Barr ward and the wards of Handsworth Wood, Lozells and East Handsworth, and Oscott.
 Odeon fondly. We used to pay a 'tanner' (six old pence) for the whole show. When it was your birthday, they used to send you a card that permitted you and a friend free entry.


WE used to go to the Rock, Capitol and Beaufort Cinemas. The Rock and Beaufort are long gone now. Don't know if the Capitol is still there.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 17, 2008
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