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From The Circle of Days.

From The Circle of Days

   Lord, we offer thanks and praise
      For the circle of our days.

   Praise For radiant brother sun
      who makes the hours around us run.

   For sister moon, and for the stars,
      Brilliant, precious, always ours.

   Praise For brothers wind and air,
      Serene or cloudy, foul or fair.

   For sister water, dear and chaste,
      useful, humble, good to taste.

   For fire, our brother, strong and bright,
      whose joy illuminates the night.

   Praise for our sister, mother earth,
      Who cares for each of us from birth.

Based on "Canticle of the Sun" by Saint Francis of Assisi

Art by Katie Flindall

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Author:Lindbergh, Reeve
Publication:Highlights for Children
Article Type:Poem
Date:Nov 1, 2009
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