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Friday, October 5th

Festivus for the rest of us (abuse) for The Rest Of Us - (From the Macintosh slogan "The computer for the rest of us") 1. Used to describe a spiffy product whose affordability shames other comparable products, or (more often) used sarcastically to describe spiffy but very overpriced products.

! The New Yorker Festival is back, much to the moist-palmed excitement of elbow-patched tweedlebums everywhere and the camisole-clad lovelies who stalk them. You know the drill by now—you got your Junot Díaz, your Annie Proulx, your Jhumpa Lahari, your Miranda July—plus the humorist hu·mor·ist  
1. A person with a good sense of humor.

2. A performer or writer of humorous material.


a person who speaks or writes in a humorous way

 hybrids: Calvin Trillin takes hungry people around the neighborhood and white-haired fox Steve Martin—who loves the magazine so much he married a staffer—does some material. Tonight the magazine lopes into the Gramercy Park Hotel The Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City is a luxury hotel located at 2 Lexington Avenue, next to Gramercy Park, one of only a few private parks in the United States. Hotel history  for a plummy plum·my  
adj. plum·mi·er, plum·mi·est
a. Filled with plums.

b. Smelling or tasting of plums.

2. Choice; desirable: a plummy leading role; a plummy job.
 private party—open bar 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. for freelance poets! Next! Up at the still-shabbily-glamorous Ziegfeld theater, there’s a chance to see Ridley Scott’s classic Blade Runner. The movie, which is part of the whole New York Film Festival whoop-de-do, will play for two weeks, featuring Mr. Scott’s original cut. The movie is based on the Philip K. Dick Philip Kindred Dick (December 16 1928 – March 2 1982) was an American writer, mostly known for his works of science fiction. In addition to his dozens of published novels,[1]  novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, a.k.a. the most terrifying title of all time. Makes you wonder just what he was dreaming about, doesn’t it, Mrs. Roosevelt?

[New Yorker Festival, for schedule and tickets,; staff party, Gramercy Park Hotel, 2 Lexington Avenue, 9 p.m., by invitation only; 25th anniversary of Blade Runner, Ziegfeld theater,]
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Author:Sara Vilkomerson
Publication:The New York Observer
Date:Oct 2, 2007
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