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Freshwater Initiative gets Coors' support.

Freshwater Initiative gets Coors' support

Coors Pure Water 2000 has become a corporate partner with the Conservation Fund and the National Geographic Society by providing a five-year, $50,000 commitment to the Freshwater Initiative, which is led by the National Geographic Society.

The overall goal of the Freshwater Initiative is to undertake research and education programs to increase understanding of freshwater quantity, quality and availability issues and to reinforce the need for protection and conservation of these resources.

The Conservation Fund, in partnership with the National Geographic Society, has completed Phase One of the program, which consisted of a series of workshops focusing on different perspectives of key freshwater issues. The program also developed a network of more than 100 water experts representing every region of the country. The individuals began the groundwork necessary to support a national, scientific effort to determine the condition of the nation's fresh water supply.

Phase Two will utilize the information from the workshops to develop coherent research and broad-based outreach programs. This phase, which will be implemented by the network of experts, seeks to establish specific educational programs and to provide information and recommendations to the nation's policy-makers and freshwater users. Coors Pure Water 2000 will help launch this phase. Starting this month, Coors will donate $10,000 each year to support Phase Two.
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Title Annotation:National Geographic Society-led freshwater conservation program; Coors Pure Water 2000 of Adolph Coors Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 12, 1991
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