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Free braille translation service and software.

Two resources on the Internet are designed to provide, free of charge to noncommercial users, braille embosser-ready documents translated into literary braille. RoboBraille, which is available to residents of the European Union, was funded by the eTEN European Community program, which was created to support the deployment of trans-European e-services in the public interest. RoboBraille is designed to convert HTML, Microsoft Word, and Rich Text Format files into plain text, translate them into braille, and return braille files to the requester by e-mail within two to three minutes. The files are returned in OctoBraille 1252 format, a braille adaptation of the standard Windows character set used in Western Europe that was developed by Synscenter Refsnaes. Individuals who are interested in using RoboBraille, which is currently in a pilot testing phase, may send their contact information by e-mail to <pilottest@robobraille. org>. For more infomation, contact: RoboBraille Consortium, Synscenter Refsnaes, Kystvejen 112, DK-4400, Kalundborg, Denmark; e-mail: <>; web site: <>.

Individuals in North America and the rest of the world may download WinTrans free for personal use. It is a Microsoft Windows interface created to allow indivduals to use the NFBTrans braille transcription program in a Windows rather than a DOS environment. The original NFBTrans program--which operates in DOS and was established as part of the National Information Access Center of the National Federation of the Blind to assist individuals in meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act information-access requirements--is designed to translate text files to contracted braille and to translate contracted braille files to text. WinTrans can be downloaded free from <>. For more information, contact: WinTrans; web site: <>.
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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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