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Free Software Learning Assessment Program for K-12 Offered for Parents.

EDUSS Offers Free Software and Affordable Learning Options for K-12 Education Improvement

DENVER -- As schools open again for children across the country, many parents are worried: is my child ready for the next grade level? Did summer brain-drain set in and how much has been forgotten? And, if the child was already struggling, perhaps in math or English - will the new teacher take the time to make sure my child is learning new concepts before moving on?

Summer brain-drain is a real problem for school-aged children, and their schools and teachers. According to the National Center for Summer Learning at Johns Hopkins University's School of Education, most students lose about two months of grade-level equivalency in math computation skills over the summer months. Research from the Center also shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer than on the same tests taken at the beginning of summer.

These concerns are what drive many parents to private tutors or expensive supplemental programs. But this year, with the recession still hanging on, it's tougher to provide this extra level of educational support, especially for middle-class households.

Recognizing these difficulties, EDUSS, (, an internationally-recognized provider of educational software for school and home, is offering free software: a downloadable assessment tool and educational package within the reach of any parent with access to a computer.

EDUSS software automatically identifies academic areas where the child is weak and sets up a learning schedule. Schools around the country are already using EDUSS software; now parents have access to it directly.

"We are passionate about education at EDUSS, and after years of working with schools in aiding their student assessments, we know that this software is something that will really help families at home, too," said Theo Scherman, founder of EDUSS. "The key to knowing if your child is going to do OK in school is knowing if they've learned all the skills their grade level is supposed to have, so they can move on without gaps. It's when kids have gaps that they fall further behind. So by offering the assessment program for free to parents, we believe we are potentially aiding thousands of youngsters to have a better school experience."

To accompany the gift of the assessment program, EDUSS educational software to tutor students in math, English and phonics (spelling and pronunciation), bringing a child up to grade-level in all areas, will be made available for only $19.99 per month, per child. If parents purchase the monthly program, the program will work step-by-step with the child to ensure they are ready for each new concept, bringing them up to grade level - and potentially beyond - at their own pace.

EDUSS provides a multidimensional approach to learning, offering online education for grades K-8 developed by educational experts. Parents can generate weekly activity reports to check on their child's progress and use the material to assist teachers in making sure their child catches up if necessary, and never falls behind.

"Schools love this product because it helps them save teacher time and assessment funds, and kids like the learning programs because they are fun and move at their own pace," said Scherman. "We don't see why parents can't participate in this as well, as they are the most aware of their own children's needs. We're really excited to help out by offering our assessment program gratis."

To access the free learning assessment software, parents need to contact EDUSS for a log-in at and click on the Free Assessment icon.


EDUSS is a dynamic international company and recognized leader in innovative educational solutions, with a mission to make a positive contribution in children's K-12 education. EDUSS strives to build practical educational systems that meet the needs of its customers and produce measurable results. EDUSS provides the tools to test, evaluate and teach children and adults with minimal human input, in a range of core educational and life-skills subjects. EDUSS' products include English (language arts), phonics, math, and foreign language. Their products are used in over 3,000 schools throughout the world, including the U.S., Australia, United Kingdom, Philippines, and South Africa.
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