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Free Podcast of Quality Erotic Audio Content Helps Women Jump-Start Their Sex Drives; First to Offer MP3 Download of Original Audio Stories for Women.

LOS ANGELES -- EroticShiver (, the first erotic audio book store and online community for women, today announced that it has launched its first podcasts, which focus on helping women rediscover their lost or dormant sex drives. The free podcasts can be found on Apple iTunes, and

To access an EroticShiver sexy story, go to or directly to For the introduction to "Who Stole My Sex Drive?" -- a forthcoming book that recounts the humorous tale of one woman's journey to sexual re-discovery -- go to Apple iTunes under "Podcasts," or visit at

The innovative company is the first to fully exploit the surging popularity of Apple iPod and other portable media players in this fashion, by turning erotic stories into a library of professionally recorded audio files, offered in a range of styles, voices and scenarios. The stories are especially designed to help women re-ignite their passion by providing high-quality, female-focused erotic content that engages the mind and does not exploit women in any way.

Podcasts -- widely hailed as the newest online craze -- are audio files available online, usually for free, for people to download to their portable media players or their computers or to burn them to a CD so they can listen to them at any time. More than 22 million American adults own iPods or MP3 players, and more than 6 million adults have downloaded podcasts, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

"We're taking a revolutionary approach to delivering erotic content for women, so it just makes sense for us to jump on this incredible opportunity to get our stories out there," said Amanda Clarkson, founder of EroticShiver, a former personal trainer to women and author of the forthcoming book, "Who Stole My Sex Drive?" "Apple iPods and other MP3 players are selling like crazy, and podcasts have become the hottest new way to deliver audio content -- giving us a huge opportunity to connect with women everywhere. We want to help women make their sex lives vibrant again, and we strongly believe that audio content is uniquely effective -- it helps put women in the middle of some incredibly erotic fantasies, in the privacy and security of their own headphones."

EroticShiver offers an entire library of erotic audio stories through its website, Focusing on the experiential, rather than the visual, erotic audio stories are uniquely suited to meet a woman's need to engage the mind -- before the body -- to feel sexy.

About EroticShiver

Based in Los Angeles, and hailing originally from Australia, EroticShiver ( is an online audio book store and online community that provides women with a healthy, private and fun way to re-ignite their femininity and restore passion to their relationships. EroticShiver offers the first collection of professionally recorded erotic audio stories for iPods and other MP3 players -- especially designed to help women re-ignite their passion by providing high-quality, female-focused erotic content that engages the mind and does not exploit women in any way.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 4, 2005
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